5 Best Handheld Wand Scanners (Reviews & Guide 2022)

A wand scanner is an excellent handheld device that you can carry along for a quick and easy scan. Here we will review the 5 best wand scanners that you can get today.

You can make use of these useful scanners practically anywhere, in public libraries, courtrooms or wherever you need to scan your documents right on the spot.

It can be of much use to mobile professionals like a salesman for scanning quick memos, receipts, or contracts.

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How it Works?

The scanner has a detector array: a set of tiny light sensors formed in a line, when you slide the scanner over a surface, the light sensors illuminate the area, and the scanner captures the details like points of light.

The roller on the scanner touches the surface to scan the length of the surface over which it is passed, allowing the scanner to scale the image correctly.

An electronic circuitry changes the light signals into color or grey-scale signals. It assigns a value to every color combination signals and stores the information as digital data that is transferred to an SD card.

You can learn about the How Does a Wand Scanner Work Here

List of Best Wand Scanners in 2021

We have chosen these Wand scanners for your convenience.

  1. 1
    Vupoint ST470 – The Best Wand Scanner Overall – Most Reviews and Liked
  2. 2
    MUNBYN Document Scanner – Wand Scanner with WiFi
  3. 3
    Aibecy Wand Scanner – Affordable Wand Scanner
  4. 4
    VuPoint ST415 – Affordable High Quality Scanner
  5. 5
    Doxie Flip – Peculiar Flatbed / Wand Scanner

Short Reviews of the Selected Scanners

Lets have a look at some of their salient features.

1. Vupoint ST470 – The Best Wand Scanner Overall – Most Reviews and Liked

Vupoint’s ST470 is perhaps the most famous wand scanner available in the market right now. Sure, this may be the one of the more expensive option as well, but given its features, its price point is rightly justified.

For starters, this is a 2-in-1 wand scanner. While it can perform perfectly well as a handheld scanner, once it is docked on its docking station, it can even act as a manual sheet fed scanner.

Therefore, you can insert a sheet for automatic scanning just as you would insert a dollar into a vending machine. Again, this is only possible with the device docked.

The wand scanner itself is also quite decent. It offers a max DPI of 1050. While this is not as great as flatbed scanners, compared to ADF scanners, it is actually quite great.

You must also note that when docked, the max DPI of the scanner reaches 1200. For those of you who are unaware, a higher DPI means you can make bigger image enlargements. Higher DPI = higher pixel density.

In addition to that, the scanner comes with plenty of convenient features including a rechargeable battery with support of upto 400 scans per charge.

The package also includes 8 GB of SD card. With an internal memory through the SD card, you don’t need to connect this scanner to a computer. It can work perfectly well as a standalone device.

To transfer the images and documents from the scanner, you can use the USD docking station or use the SD card.

The maximum supported SD card storage is 32 GB. With this you can scan, store, and organize your documents or old photos, or anything you like to scan. You can scan carpets, any floral patterns, photos, receipts, or virtually anything with a flat surface.

The 1.5″ screen, albeit small, provides a quick preview of your scanned files/object.

This scanner can support any document with an 8.5″ width and as long as 125″ in length. Therefore, you can scan rolls of paper if your hands are steady enough.

All in all, if you want to go straight for the most recommended product, then this is definitely the best wand scanners in the market.

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2. MUNBYN Document Scanner – Wand Scanner with WiFi

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If you want a high quality wand scanner with WiFi connectivity option, then this is one of the best wand scanners there is.

Since Wand Scanners are standalone devices and do not require a computer interface, it only makes sense if they have a WiFi transfer ability.

As such, with this, you can transfer all your files and photos without having to connect with a USB cable or transfer via the SD card.

The scanner comes with a 16 GB SD card. It can scan in either PDF or JPEF format with a max DPI of 1050 which is average for most wand scanners.

Secondly, it comes with all the useful software such as OCR as well as an LCD screen to preview your scans.

While this may not have the sheetfed mechanism as the Vupoint ST470 above, its WiFi connectivity makes it an awesome deal.

Therefore, if portability is what you seek, then we highly recommend this option.

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3. Aibecy Wand Scanner – Affordable Wand Scanner

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If you want get your hands on the most affordable choice, then we recommend this as one of the best wand scanners.

One of the most lucrative feature of this scanner is that despite being very cheap to procure, it is a WiFi enabled scanner. On top of that, it supports a large 32 GB of SD card.

It does have a few drawbacks though, it has a maximum DPI of 900 only and an SD card does not come with the package.

Furthermore, the scanner does not have a built in rechargeable battery. Instead it takes two AA sizes battery which are also not included with the package.

Finally, it also lacks a colored LCD screen for previewing your scans.

Despite all this, we still think that having a WiFi enabled scanner at such a low price point is highly respectable.

4. VuPoint ST415 – Affordable High Quality Scanner

ST415 is an affordable option by VuPoint solution. As compared to the Vupoint ST470 seen above, it costs low, but also lacks in a few features.

Regardless, if you are tight on budget and if you are looking for a simple handheld scanner, then we recommend this as one of the best wand scanners in the market.

For starters, as compared to the Vupoint ST470 it lacks a docking station and therefore, it does not have the 2-in-1 option of manual feed scanning. Secondly, while the Vupoint ST470 has a max DPI of 1200, this has a max DPI of 900.

Finally, while the Vupoint ST470 could scan rolls upto 125″ in length, this can only scan upto 98″ in length – which is still quite decent.

So basically, ST415 is the dumbed down version of the ST470.

Another important point to note is that this requires 2 x AA batteries to operates. The ST470, on the other hand, comes with a built in rechargeable battery.

The package comes with 8 GB of SD cardbatteriescover and other goodies. The LCD screen on this scanner is not capable of showing the preview of your scans.

All in all, this is a scanner that would interest those who are looking for a cheap yet effective wand scanner. Since VuPoint holds a distinctive respect in the wand scanner market, this budget scanner is worth the mention.

5. Doxie Flip – Peculiar Flatbed / Wand Scanner

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This is one of the most unique scanners in the market. This pocket sized flatbed scanner can only scan upto A6 (4″x5″) in size which is the normal size of a photo.

Therefore, while this is not a document scanner, it is an excellent companion if you like to travel a lot.

The reason why we have selected this among the best wand scanners is because this is a two in one machine. You see the white lid on top of the scanner is detachable.

Once detached, this scanner can be placed on literally any surface. All you have to do then is press the scan button and this scanner will scan that surface for you just like a wand scanner.

The scanner itself is a light weight flatbed scanner that is battery operated and can work standalone.

It comes with a 4G SD card slot and therefore, there is no need to connect this scanner to a computer for scanning.

Unfortunately, though there are a few drawbacks. Other than its limited scanning size, this scanner is expensive. On top of that it only has a max DPI of 600.

Nevertheless, Doxie is a highly respectable brand known for making high quality products. If you are an avid photographer, the A6 sized flatbed and the wand scanner in this will surely appeal to you.

In case if you want to scan larger documents, it comes with EasyStitch software. So basically, you would be required to scan multiple section of a larger image, the scanner will then automatically “stitch” or combine the scans to form the original picture.

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Some Advantages of Wand Scanners

Some of the advantages of the best wand scanners are:

  • The ability to bring the scanner to the document instead of vice versa is of great value.
  • It makes taking notes in the library easy especially at some libraries where they lend you books only for a few hours. You can easily scan through the books and make your own e-books.
  • It is great for scanning old, worn out documents and photos that you can’t risk putting into the feeder.
  • A great way to keep a record of anything you fancy on your way if you are a traveler or likes to move around a lot.
  • They are generally affordable devices.
  • Good for scanning documents or pictures in bulk.

Some Disadvantages of a Wand Scanner

Some of the disadvantages include:

  • You need to be really careful while sliding for a thorough scan. It can leave dark blotches or blurred image if you are too quick.
  • It has a short reading zone; You need to place it right over the object for scanning. However, some of the scanners has improved distance range.
  • They are very slow compared to the high speed scanners, therefore, if you have to scan documents in bulk, then this may not be a great option.

Software and Technologies That Help with Wand Scanners

Following software and technologies are important considerations for the best wand scanners.


PaperPort is important software to scan, store, share, and organize your documents. It turns the images you captured through a scanner into high-quality searchable PDF files.



Optical Character Recognition is an essential technology for scanning documents. Some of best wand scanners do come with OCR technology.

OCR enables you to convert different scanned documents into actually text documents. Otherwise, they are just images captured through your scanner. It’s an important software especially if you are looking to make your own notes or eBooks.

It can convert your files into readable editable, and searchable data. OCR singles out characters on an image and put them into words enabling you to access the text in any file.


In this article we had a look at the best wand scanners in the market. Generally speaking wand scanners are affordable devices.

While they do not produce the most detailed of images, they are great for portability and convenience.

If you find yourself always on the go for work purposes, then we recommend these as an essential investment.

We also saw that some are more unique than others. For example, the VuPoint ST470 is a unique scanner that doubles as a manual sheetfed scanner when docked.

Similarly we saw the Doxie Flip which is a portable flatbed scanner that doubles as a wand scanner.