5 Best Wand Scanners – Handheld Quick Scanners

Best Wand ScannersA wand scanner is an excellent handheld device that you can carry along for a quick and easy scan. Here we will review the 5 best wand scanners that you can get today.

You can make use of this useful scanner practically anywhere, in public libraries, courtrooms or wherever you need to scan your documents right on the spot.

It can be of much use to mobile professionals like a salesman for scanning quick memos, receipts, or contracts.

How it Works?

The scanner has a detector array: a set of tiny light sensors formed in a line, when you slide the scanner over a surface, the light sensors illuminate the area, and the scanner captures the details like points of light.

The roller on the scanner touches the surface to scan the length of the surface over which it is passed, allowing the scanner to scale the image correctly.

An electronic circuitry changes the light signals into color or grey-scale signals. It assigns a value to every color combination signals and stores the information as digital data that is transferred to an SD card.

You can learn about the How Does a Wand Scanner Work Here

List of Best Wand Scanners

We have chosen these Wand scanners for your convenience.

  1. Vupoint ST470 – Two In one Scanner
  2. MUNBYN WiFi Portable Scanner – Advanced
  3. Aibecy Scanner – Affortable
  4. VuPoint ST415 – Basic
  5. MUNBYN Upgrade 2.0 Portable Wireless Handheld Document Scanner – The Upgraded One

Short Reviews of the Selected Scanners

Lets have a look at some of their salient features.

1. Vupoint ST470 – The Best Wand Scanner Overall – Most Reviews and Liked

Vupoint’s Magic wand is a portable, efficient, and versatile scanner that makes your life easy.

It can scan, store, and organize your documents or old photos, or anything you like to scan. You can scan carpets, any floral patterns, photos, receipts, or virtually anything with a flat surface.

It’s powerful Polymer rechargeable battery can last up to 400 scans if fully charged. The magic wand is compatible with both Mac and Windows; you can also store the files in SD card if you are out and about.

Magic Wand has 1.5 inches LCD screen for viewing the scanning results to ensure you have captured the right image before you leave the premises. It features PaperPort 14, which is a useful software for organizing your documents. The scanner allows variable resolution setting.

You can store the scanning results up to 900 dpi to ensure the best scanning results. The Magic Wand includes a docking station for manual scanning motion and allows a single sheet auto-feed for increased accuracy.

The maximum scanning resolution can be as high as 1200 dpi when the portable scanner is docked in the base. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and convenient. No doubt, a good solution for your scanning needs if you are always out.

If you want to get one  without thinking too much, then this is definitely one of the best wand scanners in the market.

2. MUNBYN WiFi Portable Scanner – Advanced Option

MUBBYN WiFi is an easy to use handheld scanner. Just switch on the scan button and start moving it over the paper.

With its portable size, you can easily carry it around with you.

The scanner suits the businessmen, students, lawyers, or anyone who want a quick scan of documents.

The scanner has a built-in real-time scanning detector to avoid image distortion.

It can scan a page within 3 seconds which is fast and time-saving. With its built-in OCR, you can turn the JPEG images into text files for easy editing and reading.

The scanner has a wide scanning range, and it corresponds to various size papers, photos, receipts, posters, magazines or anything you want to scan. It features a 16 GB built-in SD card for storing data.

For better results, the scanner allows you three resolution choices. You can store a normal document with low resolution, saving space, and opt for as high as 1050 × 1050 dpi for scanning photos or other colored documents.

It’s a great option for all those who need a scanning device while they are on the go.

3. Portable Handheld Wand Scanner – Affordable

Aibecy’s handheld scanner is a compact device that can accompany you everywhere for a quick and easy scan.

The high-resolution scanner is for both A4 documents and photos and gives excellent results. It is easy to carry around with its portable size and lightweight design.

The scanner features a built-in scanning detector that provides clear results, with no distortion of images.

The powerful device can support SD card up to 32 GB and can store large capacity files. You can choose your required resolution depending on the scanning document from three resolution choices, 300dpi, 600dpi, and 900dpi.

You can store the scanned files both as JPEG files or PDFs. The wand scanner can be connected to your system through a USB drive.

It supports both Windows and Mac systems. Its system automatically turns off the device if not used within 3 minutes saving energy.

With indicating lights, you can speed up or slow down the scanning process. Green is for slow scanning and red for a quick scan. No doubt it’s a useful device to carry around in almost all fields.

If you are looking for an affordable handheld scanner that can get the work done, then this is definitely one of the best wand scanners for you.

4. VuPoint Solutions ST415 – Basic

ST415 is another option of Wand Scanners by Vuoint.

This eco-friendly device can scan as many documents, images, magazines, newspapers, and many more as you like.

You can keep saving the documents in an SD card, and later transfer those files to your computer.

Files can be saved in both PDFs and JPEG formats. No need to keep bulky scanners at home when you can carry this portable and light weighted scanner anywhere with you.

With its fast speed, the scanner can capture image 8.27” wide and 98” long in 3 seconds. Scanning speed can vary with the resolution you choose to for scanning the image. You can scan documents or images in three resolution.

The OCR technology can be used while scanning text documents and you can convert your scanned results into editable text files.

Connect your ST415 to the computer for transferring files. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows system. ST415 is a useful device that you can take to the library, school, office, or practically anywhere.

5. UPGRADE2.0 Handheld Document Scanner by MUNBYN – Upgraded Option

Its an upgraded version by MUNBYN. You can scan the documents by gently sliding the scanner over the paper.

Keep it with you in university, offices, or even if you are a door to door marketer.

Just put it over the surface of any paper, photo, magazine, or a book, and roll it over once.

Its efficient system will capture all information on the page with even minute details. With its portable size you can easily keep it in a bag, or even your laptop bag.

A small size does not affect its function at all, and the scanning results are nothing less than perfect. Being a Wand scanner it is excellent for genealogy work, or if you want to scan old family pictures etc. It can be used for restoring thousands of old pictures easily.

Images or documents can be saved in three different resolutions.

The scanner uses two A4 batteries, and its automatic system turns off the device when not in use for 3 minutes.



Some Advantages of Wand Scanners

Some of the advantages of the best wand scanners are:

  • The ability to bring the scanner to the document instead of vice versa is of great value.
  • It makes taking notes in the library easy especially at some libraries where they lend you books only for a few hours. You can easily scan through the books and make your own e-books.
  • It is great for scanning old, worn out documents and photos that you can’t risk putting into the feeder.
  • A great way to keep a record of anything you fancy on your way if you are a traveler or likes to move around a lot.
  • They are generally affordable devices.
  • Good for scanning documents or pictures in bulk.

Some Disadvantages of a Wand Scanner

Some of the disadvantages include:

  • You need to be really careful while sliding for a thorough scan. It can leave dark blotches or blurred image if you are too quick.
  •  It has a short reading zone; You need to place it right over the object for scanning. However, some of the scanners has improved distance range.
  • They are very slow compared to the high speed scanners, therefore, if you have to scan documents in bulk, then this may not be a great option.

Some  Software and Technologies That Help with Wand Scanner

Following software and technologies are important considerations for the best wand scanners.


PaperPort is important software to scan, store, share, and organize your documents. It turns the images you captured through a scanner into high-quality searchable PDF files.



Optical Character Recognition is an essential technology for scanning documents. Some of best wand scanners do come with OCR technology.

OCR enables you to convert different scanned documents into actually text documents. Otherwise, they are just images captured through your scanner. It’s an important software especially if you are looking to make your own notes or eBooks.

It can convert your files into readable editable, and searchable data. OCR singles out characters on an image and put them into words enabling you to access the text in any file.