5 Best Slide Scanners – Digitizing Negative Films

Best Slide ScannersSlide scanners are special scanners that are designed to digitize photographs.

If you are a dedicated photographer, or a hobbyist with a lot of negatives, films or slides, then you must need one of the best slide scanners for giving an electronic life to your photos.

A slide scanner does the job without compromising the quality of your pictures and creates sharp and detailed images that are easy to store, share, and edit.

How Does a Slide Scanner Works?

Slide scanners are dedicated scanners that can deal with any type of photographs. From paper print to the 35mm films, medium format to the slides, these specialized scanners can handle all types of negatives.

A slide scanner works with CCD rays with one or two camera lens and a LED light.

LED lights illuminate the negatives. CCD rays are the concentrated narrow beams that are passed over the surface of negatives or slides. It records all the image details, color contrast and intensity from the negatives.

Later the scanner converts this information as digital data.

Not only a slide scanner copies the image, but it is equipped with all necessary software and technology for tweaking, editing, and enhancing the image. Thus the image quality is not only the same as original but far better and superior in quality.

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Best Slide Scanners

We have chosen following scanners as best slide scanners.

  1. Epson Perfection V600 – The Advanced Option
  2. KODAK SCANZA Slide Scanner – The Basic One
  3. Epson Perfection V370 – The Convenient One
  4. Wolverine Titan – The Affordable Option
  5. Epson Perfection V850 – – Expensive – Justifiable for Professionals

Short Reviews of the Selected Slide Scanners

Let’s look at some of the details of these selected scanners.

1. Epson Perfection V600- The Advanced Option 

Epson Perfection V600 brings quality and versatility to your studio. It delivers outstanding results of photos, films, and slides.

With 6400 x 9600 dpi, your scanning results are nothing less than perfection.

Its built-in transparency unit can handle slides, films, medium format, panoramic films, and negatives.

Epson V600 comes with complete photo restoration options to improve your scanning results.

It features ICE technology for removing tears, creases, and dust from the surface of films and negatives. Editing is done without losing any details from the photo. Its Photo Fix option restores the faded colors with one touch.

V600 speed up the scanning process with its ReadyScan LED technology. The scanner requires no warm-up time and produces your desired results in no time.

Besides being a dedicated slide scanner, V600 brings versatility in your life and you can scan documents, receipts, invoices, or any paper with it. With customized buttons, you can store the scanned photographs or documents to any folder or cloud service.

Epson V600 is a great option for those who love scanning photographs and need a scanner that can cater their all scanning needs.

If you looking for an all rounder scanners that is capable of more than just scanning films, then this is one of the best films scanners. It is affordable and versatile.

2. KODAK SCANZA Slide Scanner- The Basic One

Kodak Scanza is a dedicated slide scanner that converts your film to digital photographs in a snap.

It comes with adaptors that can deal with all sorts of negatives or films like 35mm films, 110, 126, or super 8 negatives.

Its 14-megapixel sensors capture the image in HD clarity.

With a large and bright LED screen, you can view the photo and adjust the color contrasts or brightness conveniently.

A user-friendly interface makes your job easy. The scanner provides on-screen instructions for helping you choose the right adapter for your films or slides.

You can store all scanned photographs to SD card. Photos can be projected on your TV screens too, and it can also be used as a projector. Kodak Scanza is an affordable option for reliving some old memories.

Though the scans are good quality, but it is not a professional option for creating enlargements or high-resolution images.

If you looking for a famous and a highly specialized scanners, then this is one of the best films scanners.

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3. Epson Perfection V370 – The Convenient One

V370 is another versatile option from Epson. It can scan photos, 35mm slides and films with equal ease.

High-Quality digital files have exceptional clarity and detail.

The scanned photographs can be enlarged without affecting the quality of the picture.

Captured images are stored in your preferred cloud storage or folder for easy sharing or distribution.

The multi-tasking scanner can handle not only photographs but offers the same perfection for your documents. Its glass panel can handle oversized documents, prints, or artworks.

It offers Photo Fix option for restoring the faded colors of photographs with just a click. It’s easy to use buttons allow you to create PDFs or email the scans with one touch. Epson V370 is a good option for those who want one scanner for their all needs.

This is among the best slide scanners for those who want the functionality of a flatbed scanner at an affordable price tag.

4. Wolverine Titan Film to Digital Converter- The Affordable Option

Wolverine Titan is another dedicated converter for digitizing your old negatives or films.

It comes with adapters for handling your slides, 35mm films, regular or super 8 mm films, or negatives.

A large 4.3” LED screen allows you to view the photos before sending the data to the SD card.

The whole process of digitizing is easy and free of hassle. View the digital results on screen and press the button. It simply transfers the digital files to a USB port. It does not require to install any drivers or software

Easily connect it to your PC for offloading files or view on TV. The converter comes with a cleaning brush for removing the dust from your old negatives.

Wolverine Titan works well for individuals who like to convert their old films and negatives into digital files.

5. Epson Perfection V850 – Expensive – Justifiable for Professionals

Epson Perfection V850 is an option for professionals who need advanced scanners for their studios.

It offers 6400 dpi for scanning high-resolution pictures with excellent quality. 4.0 Dmax allows you to capture even minute details from slides and negatives that other regular scanners might overlook.

Its dual lens scanning ensures extraordinary results.

The scanner comes with two sets of film holders for greater productivity. Prepare the next set, while one is being processed.

It includes LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast SE Plus software to control highlights, shadows, gradations, selective and global color, sharpening, descreening and scaling.

You can restore faded colors, correct backlights, or remove dust digitally.

Its dual lens system automatically places the optimum lens in the optical path and select the suitable resolution depending on the media being scanned.

Epson Pro V850 is an advanced option for professional scans of your old films, photographs, and slides.

This is an expensive machine. However, if you are a professional running a studio, then this is not just among the best slide scanners in the market, but an overall awesome scanner.

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Flatbed or Slide Scanner

One might think why need a slide scanner if a flatbed scanner can be used for the same purpose.

Flatbed scanners are not dedicated scanners for photographs and therefore may not produce professional results like slide scanners. They are not designed to scan slides, films, and negatives.

They also involve too much manual work and are not convenient if you have a stack of old pictures to digitize.

Slide scanners, on the other hand, are designed to meet these particular needs.

Nowadays some flatbed scanners are coming with advanced options for photographs like Epson V600 or V800.

These are special scanners that are also versatile enough to deal with other scanning needs without compromising the quality of your photos.

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Things to Consider while Choosing Among the Best Slide Scanners

Being a dedicated scanner for photographs, your requirements from your best slide scanner would not be the same as from any other regular scanner. Consider these points while choosing a slide scanner.


Having a feeder allows you to digitize many photos or negatives at a time. It will save time and effort. Look for a feeder if you have to deal with a lot of old stacks.


An average scanner offers about 600 dpi, which is fine for normal photographs and documents.

Slide scanners should offer better resolution. High-resolution pictures can create enlargements with more sharp images and less noise. Ideally, a slide scanner should offer you options from medium to high resolution for saving pictures. As you don’t need to create a high-resolution picture if all you need to do is to share online or create archives.

Dynamic Range

This is where a slide scanner distinguishes itself from a regular scanner. Dynamic range determines your slide scanner’s ability to capture details from a negative.

With good dynamic range, even minute details and shadows are captured which can be lost in a normal or average scanner.

What is Dynamic Range?

Scanning to Cloud Storage

It will save your hard disk from jamming your system. Online storage is excellent for storing pictures.

These services allow you to add tags like the place, time, person, or an event. Retrieving a specific photograph becomes easy with the help of these tags.


Speed matters if you require to scan a lot of old films and negatives.

Image Enhancement and Editing Tools

The best slide scanners offer all you need to edit or enhance your images. You don’t need subscribing expensive online tools for creating perfect photographs.

Old negatives and films can get creases, lines, dust, or other stains that can destroy the quality of pictures if removed with nonprofessional tools.

Editing is performed on a very basic scanning level, and thus no important information or detail is lost in the process. With old pictures, negatives, and slides, you sure need better editing and enhancement tools.

Don’t Settle on Less

This is important while selecting among the best slide scanners for you. If you require a specialized scanner, it will definitely cost more.

Settling for less will leave you with average quality photographs that you can create with any other regular scanner.

So make a smart decision based on your objectives. Buying Slide scanners can cost much, but the quality of scans and convenience it offers worth every penny spend.