5 Best Single Pass Duplex Scanners Reviewed

To put it in simple words, the best single pass duplex scanners scan both sides of the page in a single go.

It’s a type of Automatic document feeder that is capable of capturing both sides of a document simultaneously.

Automatic document feeder are considered efficient and convenient due to their ability to reduce the manual work involved in your scanning experience.

They can process a batch of 20-50 documents automatically.

The other type of duplex scanning as supposed to single pass is the reversing mechanism. While reversing mechanism can also scan both sides, it takes much longer.

In this article we will only look at the best single pass duplex scanners currently. We will look at many different types of scanners here.

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List of Best Single Pass Duplex Scanners in 2021

Here we have compiled a list of the best single pass duplex scanners in the market.

  1. 1
    Brother ADS-2200 – High Speed Single Pass Duplex Scanner
  2. 2
    Epson WorkForce ES-500W– High Speed Scanner with WiFi
  3. 3
    Brother Wireless  ADS-1700W  – Portable Duplex Scanner
  4. 4
    Epson DS-1630 – Flatbed with ADF
  5. 5
    Epson Workforce WF-7710 – AIO Multi Function Printer + Duplex Scanner

Short Reviews of the Selected

Let’s have a look at some of the salient features of each one.

1. Brother ADS-2200 – High Speed Single Pass Duplex Scanner

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Brother High-Speed Desktop Document Scanner,...
  • Two-sided scanning: The Brother Image center...
  • 50-sheet-capacity auto document feeder: Scan...
  • Multiple scan destinations: Scan quickly and...
  • Image-optimization features: This desktop...

Brother ADS-2200 will definitely be the most obvious choice for many. Whether you want a scanner for your office or for personal use, this will definitely make your life easier.

This is a sheetfed scanner with a single pass duplex scanning mechanism. Basically, unlike the flatbed scanners, this can only scan loose sheets, business cards, envelopes etc.

As such it sports a 50 Sheet Automatic Document Feeder and has a scanning speed of 35 pages per minute.

This is fairly fast compared to an average scanner and amazingly fast when you compare this to an average flatbed scanner.

A scanner like this would only make sense if you have a huge scanning volume.

Besides that, it also has several other great features like a robust OCR for creating editable text files out of scans as well as USB thumb drive support.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a cheap scanner when compared to conventional flatbed scanners. It also lacks WiFi – but that is something most scanners lack at this price range.

All in all, if you need a fast, dedicated sheetfed option for large volume scanning, then this is the best single pass duplex scanner in our opinion.

2. Epson WorkForce ES-500W – High Speed Scanner with WiFi

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Epson WorkForce ES-500W Wireless Color Duplex...
  • Wirelessly scan to your smartphone, tablet or...
  • Get organized in a snap : scan up to 35...
  • Easily scan stacks of paper : robust 50 page...
  • Powerful software included : easy scanning...

If you want a high speed sheetfed scanner like the Brother ADS-2200 above, but you also want the WiFi capability, then this scanner stands out the most.

WiFi capability is an excellent feature for scanners especially if you work in an office group. With WiFi scanning, you can scan directly to you particular PC in a work-group without manually connecting your PC to the scanner via the USB.

It is also great for personal use since you can place the scanner whereever you want and even carry it around with you to scan documents in, perhaps, your attic.

On top of the WiFi interfacing, it also supports WiFi Direct as well as NFC. With this you can scan directly to your mobile devices like cell phones or tablets.

Other than that, like the the Brother ADS-2200 above, this too features a 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder with a speed of 35 pages per minute.

Again, sheetfed scanners have a limitation that they can only scan loose sheets and cards. Unlike with the flatbed, you cannot scan irregular objects or bound books.

Unfortunately, it does not support scanning to thumb drive or SD card.

Basically, Epson WorkForce ES-500W is a robust WiFi enabled option for those who are looking for the best single pass duplex scanner with high speed and more network connectivity options.

3. Brother Wireless ADS-1700W – Portable Duplex Scanner

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Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W,...
  • EASY-TO-USE AND SAVES TIMES - 2.8” color...

Brother ADS-1700W is basically a single pass duplex scanner for those who demand portability.

This is a compact scanner that you can easily carry around with you in your backpack. It also occupies very little physical space on your desk space and thus can make your workspace less cluttered.

It is NOT the fastest scanner around nor the cheapest, however, the portability feature makes it shine among the rest.

It has a scanning speed of 25 pages per minute with double sided scanning. It also has a small and a rather convenient 20 page automatic document feeder.

Besides its compactness, this scanner is loaded with other useful features.

For starters, it offers WiFi which in itself is a highly lucrative feature. On top of that, not only does it support scanning to mobile devices, it also has support for scanning to thumb drives.

Finally, compared to the previously two scanners mentioned here, it even has a convenient touch screen with GUI for ease of use.

The only downside to this scanner is that despite being a portable scanner, it is NOT battery operated. You have to have it connected to your computer or a power source.

In the end, if portability is what you seek, then this option stands out as the best single pass duplex scanner for personal and office use.

4. Epson DS-1630 – Flatbed With ADF

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Epson DS-1630 Document Scanner: 25ppm, TWAIN...
  • Versatile scanning: auto-duplex scanning...
  • Scan stacks of documents up to 25 ppm:...
  • 3-year limited warranty: includes Advance...
  • Seamless compatibility: includes TWAIN and...

We highly recommend this scanner for both your personal as well as office use. This is one of the most versatile scanners in the market. Why?

Epson DS-1630 offers both a flatbed as well as a sheetfed ADF scanner.

The ADF scanner has a 50 sheet capacity with single pass duplex scanning as at a speed of the 25 pages per minute.

While you can use the ADF for loose sheets, cards and stacks of documents, you can use the flatbed for books, odd and delicate documents.

The added functionality of a flatbed scanner is an excellent feature for artists and photographers as well who cannot risk damaging their masterpieces via the ADF – ADF CAN sometimes JAM!

Besides that, for a versatile scanner, not only is it budget friendly, it also has one of the best OCR software.

Unfortunately, it is lacking in terms of connectivity. While it does offer Ethernet, it lacks WiFi as well as Thumb Drive support.

All in all, Epson DS-1630 is a rare flatbed ADF specimen and thanks to it versatility it could well be the best single pass duplex scanner for many.

5. Epson Workforce WF-7710 – AIO Multi Function Printer + Duplex Scanner

WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format Color...
  • Storage Dimensions: 22.3" W x 19.1" D x 13.4"...
  • Epson all-in-one printer can print, scan,...
  • PrecisionCore technology lets you create...
  • 250-sheet paper tray can also hold up to 20...

The idea behind this machine is simple: why only get a scanner, when you can get a scanner AND a printer at a much cheaper price tag?

This device is loaded with specs!

The scanner alone is an ADF with a capacity of 35 sheets and it can scan with a single pass both sides.

Beyond that, the scanner is a wide format scanner and thus can scan up to A3/Tabloid sized sheets.

Moreover, it has one of the most robust connectivity options including WiFi, WiFi Direct for direct printing via mobile devicesand Ethernet.

The printer is fairly great as well. While the printing operating cost is rather high, it is still a feature worth having. Plus, it can support printing of large format 13″ by 19″ sheets – which is rare even for standard printers.

Finally as an AIO device, it also includes a Fax machine. You must note that NOT ALL AIO printers feature a fax machine.

All in all, if you came here looking for an AIO device, then this certainly should be on top of your list.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Benefits of Single-Pass ADFs

Some benefits of the best single pass duplex scanners are as follows:

High-speed scanners

These are high-speed scanners designed to handle the workflow of large offices.

Reduce the manual work involve

Single-pass documents work automatically, even for capturing both sides of documents and does not require any staff to supervise the scanning process. It saves times and can work unattended.

Great for old documents

Some old documents, receipts, or books have very crumbly pages, and you can’t risk putting them into feeder again and again for scanning both sides.

Captures the Notes On the Back of Photos

If you are up to scanning very old family photographs, then single-pass document feeder is an excellent choice.

These types of photos have some little notes, dates, names or other such memorable text that are part of the photo and are equally valuable. Single-pass documents save these notes, dates, or names and thus your memories are preserved forever.

Who Can Benefit from Single-Pass ADFs?

The best single pass duplex scanners are more suitable for workplaces with high scanning needs. Hospitals, law-firms, banks, sale offices, and other such offices can make use of single-pass ADF.

These are useful especially if your work involves creating eBooks from books or magazines. You can feed the pages and let the scanner process these pages on its own.

What Software Should My Single-Pass ADF have?

Single-Pass ADFs are used mainly for handling a large number of documents. It should definitely have OCR technology for converting your scanned results into editable and searchable text files.

Without OCR, your scanned documents will only be non-editable PDF or image files.

Other document managing software and applications like Paperport and PageManager can help you manage your workflow more efficiently.


Here we looked at the best single pass duplex scanners. The key thing to note here that the single pass mechanism comes in may types of scanners.

You can find this mechanism in sheetfed scanners like the Brother ADS-2200 and Epson WorkForce ES-500W.

You can also find this on portable scanners like the Brother ADS-1700W.

In addition to that, this mechanism is also avaliable on various other types of scanners like flatbed with adf i.e Epson DS-1630 and AIO printers like the Epson Workforce WF-7710.

The device you choose will depend upon what you value the most i.e speed, portability or versatility.

How expensive a device is depends on the amount of features it has. For example a WiFi capable scanner will be almost always more expensive than its Non WiFi counterpart.