5 Best Sheetfed Scanners | For Home, Business and Office Use

Best Sheetfed ScannersA sheet fed scanner is an imaging system that scans thin paper sheets. When you need scanning jobs done in a jiffy, you need a scanner that can scan really fast. That is where the best sheetfed scanners become critical.

Whether you are striving to go paperless, or you just have a bunch of documents that need quick scanning on a regular basis, they are the way to go.

These are mostly used for the purpose of scanning work documents and loose sheets. They are not preferred when scanning compiled books or other hardcover objects.

Some features that sheet fed scanners should possess include high speed, support for duplex capabilities, high duty cycle rating, high feeding capacity and weight and size of paper that it can handle.

List of Best Sheetfed Scanners

  1. Brother ADS1000W – Recommended Mid Range Sheet Fed Scanner -Duplex and Wireless
  2. HP Scanject Pro 2000 – Single Pass Sheet-feed Scanner
  3. Epson Workforce ES-50 – Budget Portable Sheet-fed Document Scanner
  4. Epson WorkForce ES-400 – Color Duplex Scanner With Auto Document Feeder
  5. Xerox DocuMate 3220 – Premium Sheetfed and Flatbed Scanner

Features That You Need to Understand

It is important that you understand all the important features that define the best sheetfed scanners. Here they are:

For starters, they are not as versatile as the all in one scanner, copier and printer machines. They are specialized in the sense that they are built for speed.

The speed of sheet fed scanners is determined by the number of sheets that can be scanned within a minute. Depending on amount of work, it is important to work with high-speed sheet fed scanners.

Duplex capability is a feature that enables a scanner to scan both sides of a sheet of paper automatically. If the feature is not present, you need to manually turn and reinsert the paper.

Duty cycle rating is the percentage of time that a sheet fed scanner can be operated in relation to the percentage of time that it should be idle. Duty cycle is a specification that is important when determining the best scanner. A higher rating is favorable.
The choice of sheet fed scanner also depends on the thickness and weight of sheets of paper. It is important to know the weight and size of papers that can be supported by the scanner which you need.

Other features include the feeding capacity, light source, resolution and scan mode.

The following video shows a demonstration of a sample sheet-feed scanner.

Short Reviews

The following are a short reviews of the selected best sheetfed scanners.

1. Brother ADS1000W – Recommended Mid Range Sheet Fed Scanner -Duplex and Wireless

Brother ADS1000WBrother ADS-1000W scanner is a duplex scanner that scans both one-sided and two-sided papers at a very high speed or up to 16ppm/32ipm for both color and grayscale images. It scans double-sided materials with one pass, hence making it a high performance sheet fed scanner.

The scanner provides for both wireless network and USB connectivity, unlike the other sheet fed scanners described below. Thus, the scanner can be operated efficiently within a local network. It is easy to use and provides one-touch scanning functionality.

The scanner has a paper capacity of 20-sheet automatic document feeder. Therefore, multiple sheets of paper can be scanned at once instead of placing a single sheet of paper to be scanned.

The scanner produces very high quality output of optical resolution (600 by 600 dpi) and interpolated resolution (1200 by 1200dpi). Brother AD1000W scanner can be used to scan various documents and objects ranging from business cards, transaction documents, papers and photographs. Other important features include automatic image rotation and de-skew support.

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2. HP Scanject Pro 2000 – Single Pass Sheet-feed Scanner

HP Scanject Pro 2000This is a one-pass duplex scanner that attempts to reduce the limitation of wastage of time associated with the common two-sided scanners. It captures the entire data image within a single pass, hence saving more time.

The scanner scans documents at the rate of 30ppm/60ipm for both color and grayscale at 300dpi. The scanner has a very high duty cycle and it is therefore recommended to users who scan up to 2000 pages per day.

Hp Scanject pro 2000 scanner is easy to use since it scans with single touch. The scanner has built-in OCR that enables it to capture text and output searchable PDF documents. HP Scanject pro 2000 allows you to create profiles to enhance workflows as well as to capture and upload documents to online storage systems such as Google drive and Dropbox.

The scanner is compact and designed to be operated in rooms with limited spaces. Besides, the scanner produces high quality files and images. The HP scan application is easy to use and it makes it easy to capture, edit, find and store a wide range of documents.

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3. Epson Workforce ES-50 – Budget Portable Sheet-fed Document Scanner

Epson Workforce ES-50Epson ES-50 sheetfed scanner is a small and light-weight scanner that is highly portable and easy to transport and install. It is designed to operate in rooms with little spaces, where there is access to USB sockets, PC and laptops. The scanner is designed to use USB connections hence the reason for its portability.

This scanner is simple to use due to its effective organization. Anyone can use it since it provides easy and understandable guidelines on how to use. You can save the scanned files in different formats such as PDF, tiff and jpg. The scanner has a relatively high duty cycle rating. This is because it has auto feeding and CIS sensor features hence high scanning speed and reduced warm up time. The scanner can scan at the speed of 5.5 seconds/page.

The scanner is highly flexible due to its ability to scan different forms of documents and graphics. This feature makes it a reliable scanner model it can be used to scan relatively thick documents of size 35-270gsm and relatively long documents of up to 1.8 m.

Not all of us can afford industry standard sheetfed scanners, some of us have a budget to consider. If you are one of those, then this is the best sheetfed scanners for you.

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4. Epson WorkForce ES-400 – Color Duplex Scanner With Auto Document Feeder

Epson WorkForce ES-400Workforce ES-400 scanner is a relatively fast and easy to use scanner that has duplex scanning functionality. It can scan both sides of sheets of paper at the rate of 35 pages per minute or 70 impressions per minute.

The scanner has 50-page automatic document feeder that can allow you to stack documents and scan them all at once. Workforce ES-400 can also scan thick objects such as business cards, transaction documents and other long-page documents.

The scanner also has a built-in OCR that allows you to scan searchable PDF files as well and other editable files. You can also scan and send the documents to online storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

The scanner is compatible with many devices and operating systems. On purchase, the scanner is packaged with TWAIN driver that enables it to work with most document management systems. The scanner can be used for both home and work office purposes.

If you are looking for a popular item, then this one of the best sheetfed scanners that fits the description.

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5. Xerox DocuMate 3220 – Premium Sheetfed and Flatbed Scanner

Xerox DocuMate 3220Xerox Documate 3220 scanner is a simplex and duplex scanner that consists of a glass surface to contain a sheet of paper, book or any other object. Its simplex and duplex capability enables it to scan sheets of paper on both sides automatically. The scanner is mainly used by individuals or small offices or work groups within a firm.

The scanner is easy to install and scans papers at a high speed of 200dpi. Xerox DocuMate 3220 is the fastest scanner in its class. The scanner outputs both colored and grayscale documents. Color output is 13ppm/26ipd while grayscale output is 23ppm/46ipm.

The scanner can create searchable PDF files from scanned documents. These are PDF files whose text can be searched using the search text field functionality in PDF reader; a capability that gets provided by application of the scanner OCR to recognize text.

The scanner has a high duty cycle rating since capability of scanning approximately 1500 pages per day.

The scanner also has builtin VRS technology to support image enhancement. It has an optical resolution of 600dpi, which explains its high quality of output.

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FAQ/Buying Guide

This FAQ sections should help you find you way through the best sheetfed scanners. The idea here is that different setups have different needs for their sheetfed scanners.

What is the Best Sheetfed Scanner for Home use?

The best sheetfed scanner for home use should be compact, lightweight and cost-effective. It should also be able to produce high quality files at a relatively high speed. Besides, it should also be able to have high duty cycle rating as well as functionalities such as producing searchable PDF documents.

The best choices are Xerox DocuMate 3220, Epson Workforce ES-50 and Epson WorkForce ES-400. Such scanners should also be easy to set up, use and transport. You can also choose a scanner that can output both colored and black-and-white documents.

What About for Office Use? Which is a Great Option?

When choosing the printer for a small business, you should consider the fact that you will have to produce scanned files at a very fast rate. Besides, your scanner may need to have additional functionalities to enable you serve more clients easily within a small environment.

For example, Brother ADS1000W scanner would best suit your business to enable you scan documents within a local network. It is also fast and easy to use. Such scanner should also possible have OCR which will enable it to scan text and output editable documents.

Which of These Work with Windows 10?

The best sheetfed scanners for such a scenario is one which has the necessary updated drivers and software applications to be used on the operating system.

For example, the HP Scanject Pro 2000 s1 Sheet-feed OCR Scanner is known to be packaged with a disk for the necessary drivers for Windows. Once you install the drivers, you can find the HP scan software that enables you to manage the documents. Other scanners include Brother ADS1000W and Epson Workforce ES-50 scanners. The scanners should also be portable and have connectivity properties for USB or Wireless.

What is the Best Portable SheetFed Scanner?

The best portable scanner is the Brother ADS1000W. It is designed to be compact and also has both wireless network and USB connectivity properties. Such feature makes it easy to connect to devices over the local network that it is designed to be operated. It is light-weight and therefore easy to carry from one location to another.

Epson Workforce ES-50 is also an obvious choice for portability. It is one of the cheapest sheet fed document scanners in the market with the most portable design profile.