5 Best Scanners with WiFi Reviewed

A few decades ago, many offices were crammed with documents inside filing cabinets. This made working difficult, especially when one needed to retrieve a certain file.

However, scanning came and did away with the need to stock many papers. Through scanning, it was possible to digitize and store documents and retrieve them more easily.

To work efficiently, better tools are being developed; and now, we have wireless scanners that use a variety of wireless technologies. These devices allow workgroups to share a scanner and at the same time, reduce office clutter from cabling.

In this article, we will look at some of the best scanners with WiFi currently for your wireless scanning needs.

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How to Archive Photos with Scanner

Scanning and archiving your photos will help protect them from the elements as well as make them more accessible.

You will no longer have to go hunting for old photo albums when you need to look at the pictures. Additionally, archiving photos also makes them more shareable and easier to organize.

With a scanner, you can easily digitize photos. Granted, it will take a lot of time and effort on your part but a good scanner will reduce your workload greatly.

Archiving photos is not complicated. You will first need to select a scanner. A good scanner can give great results and is advisable for very detailed photographs. Additionally, a fast scanner will greatly reduce the time spent working.

You will also need to pre-configure the scanner with your preferred image output settings. This can be the output image file format, saturation and whether the image should be colored or monochromatic.

Once the photos are scanned and digitized, they become more portable. The scanned images need to be stored on your PC or a hard disk etc. It is also a good idea to back them up as a means of recovery when something goes wrong.

List of Best Scanners with WiFi in 2021

We have selected the following as having the best balance between speed, affordability and functionality.

  1. 1
    Brother ADS-2700W – High-speed ADF scanner
  2. 2
    Brother ADS 1700W – A compact midrange scanner with an ADF
  3. 3
    Epson FastFoto FF-680W – A high-speed photo scanner
  4. 4
    CZUR ET18 Pro – A wide format scanner with auto-flattening feature
  5. 5
    Doxie Go SE – A portable battery-powered scanner

Short Reviews of the Selected Scanners

1. Brother ADS-2700W – High-Speed ADF Scanner

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Brother Wireless High-Speed Desktop Document...
  • VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY: The Brother Wireless...
  • 2. 8″ COLOR TOUCHSCREEN: The LCD display...

The Brother ADS-2700W is a high-speed Scanner. Its single-pass duplexing ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) lets it scan two-sided documents in just one pass.

The ADF of this device has a 50-sheet capacity. Its closed competitor, the Epson ES-500W also has a 50-sheet ADF, however it lacks an LCD screen for navigation.

The ADF is very beneficial, especially for busy offices where manually placing single documents onto the scanner isn’t an option.

The device has a 3000-page daily duty cycle. Compared to the Epson ES-500W which only has a daily duty cycle of 1000 pages, the ADS-2700W can scan 2000 more documents before any issues with the quality of pictures or the scanner’s operations start to arise.

The scanner has a maximum scanning resolution of 600 dpi. This means that the device is capable of producing very detailed output.

Networked scanners are ideal for sharing in an office. This in mind, the ADS-2700W supports connection via Ethernet and USB. Additionally, you can connect through WIFI.

The device has a maximum scanning speed of 35 ppm (pages per minute) for simplex scans and 70 ipm (impressions per minute) for duplex scans. IPM is a measure of speed used for duplex scanners and it is usually twice the value of ppm.

On the downside, the device does not come with a setup disk out of the box and the 2.8-inch touch screen is rather small.

All in all, if you want to go straight for the most recommended office scanner, then this is one of the best scanners with WiFi.

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Dimensions and Weight
  • 0 x 11.5 x 5.7 Inches (HxWxD)
  • 8 Pounds

  • 2. Brother ADS 1700W – A Compact Midrange Scanner with an ADF

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    Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W,...
    • EASY-TO-USE AND SAVES TIMES - 2.8” color...

    This is a compact scanner that also manages to cram in an ADF. It is also a midrange device meaning it comes with a mid-range price tag.

    Unlike the ADS-2700W which has a 50-sheet capacity ADF, the ADS 1700W comes with a 20-sheet ADF. However, the ADS 1700W is much smaller and significantly lighter. The ADF makes it easier to work with the device as it can automatically scan both one-sided and two-sided documents.

    The device supports duplex scanning, letting you scan single-paged documents at 25 ppm or double-sided documents at 50 ipm.

    The device has a rated daily duty cycle of 1000 scans. While this is low compared to the Brother ADS-2700W, it outperforms most other portable scanners since many have a duty cycle of 500 scans per day.

    The scanner has a 600 dpi (Dots per inch) resolution. A 600-dpi scanner produces really good quality output. A 300-dpi scanner is good enough for images but anything more than 600 will only make the file size bigger but without any significant increase in image quality.

    You can connect it to a local area network via WIFI. Additionally, you can use USB to connect to other devices. The device also lets you scan files directly to USB storage devices. This choice lets you eliminate the need for having a computer or a phone to scan.

    In the end, if you need a rather affordable and compact option for your office, then this is among the best Scanner with WiFi on the market.

    Dimensions and Weight
  • 3 x 11.8 x 4.1 Inches (HxWxD)
  • 7 Pounds

  • 3. Epson FastFoto FF-680W – A High-Speed Photo Scanner

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    Epson FastFoto FF-680W Wireless High-Speed...
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    The FastFoto FF-680W by Epson is a device that has been geared towards photo scanning. It does this at a high speed while still keeping your photos intact by making use of built-in mechanisms to prevent damage to photos.

    The device has an ADF that is used to feed documents to the scanner automatically. Its ADF can take 100 sheets of paper or 36 photos and it supports single pass Duplex scanning.

    It is a versatile machine that is great for home and office use. It is capable of scanning different sized documents. The feeder has adjustable plastic guides that can fit different photo sizes. These prevent the photos from getting damaged during the scanning process.

    The device can scan photos with 300 dpi resolution for sharing and 600 dpi for archiving. The flexible scanning options make sharing and archiving of scanned photos easier as you get different file sizes. Smaller file sizes are much easier and faster to share.

    The FastFoto FF-680W is one of the fastest personal scanners in the market. It does 1 photo per second at 300 dpi and one document every three seconds at 600 dpi.

    Despite all its good features, this device is a bit expensive. Also, compared to the Epson FastFoto FF640 that came before it, this device is a little slower at photo scanning. However, unlike the previous model, it supports WIFI and USB connections. These let you print from many different kinds of devices.

    Basically, if you have a ton of photos that need scanning or if you run a photo studio, then this is among the best scanners with WiFi.

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    Dimensions and Weight
  • 9 x 11.7 x 6.7 Inches (HxWxD)
  • 2 Pounds

  • 4. CZUR ET18 Pro – A Wide Format Scanner with Auto-Flattening feature

    CZUR ET18 Pro Professional Document Scanner,...
    • 📖【Patented Flattening Curved Book Page...
    • 📖【Searchable Documents】Powered by...
    • 📖【High Quality Imaging】18MP HD camera,...
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    The CZUR ET18 pro is a unique-looking scanner that uses an 18 MP CMOS Sony camera to scan documents. The device is capable of scanning wide format documents up to A3 size and it can do that at a remarkable speed.

    This is basically called an overhead / book scanner. While it can scan perfectly, its scanning technique is rather different as compared to sheetfed or flatbed scanners.

    This particular scanner uses a patented technology that automatically flattens an image acquired from a curved scanned surface like an open book. This lets the scanned documents appear natural by reducing page warping.

    The device has what is known as auto-scan technology. This lets you scan multiple-paged documents very easily just by turning the pages.

    The printer comes with the option of scanning by triggering a foot pedal. This will also engage the scanner. That said, a user needs to be present to manage the scanning.

    All things considered; this is a fast scanner. It can scan a single page in just 2 seconds. To put this into perspective, it would take this device about 10 minutes to scan a 300-page book.

    Additionally, the device supports both WIFI and USB connections and you get 10 GB worth of cloud storage for your pictures.

    A big disadvantage is that the device’s operation can be affected by environmental lighting.

    In short, if you need a scanner for a library, archive, or for book scanning needs, then this is among the best scanners with WiFi in the market.

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    Dimensions and Weight
  • 64 x 1.08 x 17.44 Inches
  • 25 Pounds

  • 5. Doxie Go SE – A Portable Battery-Powered Scanner

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    The Doxie Go SE is a portable scanner. This is made so mostly by its size and weight. It can be operated from a battery and due to its limited size, there’s only a manual feed. In other words, no ADF.

    This device can be taken anywhere. It is meant for scanning on the go and you won’t even need to connect it to a PC to get it to work.

    It has a rechargeable battery that lets you scan from just about anywhere. The battery has a reasonable capacity. According to the rated figure, you can scan 400 pages with one full charge.

    It is not a fast scanner. But this can be attributed to the fact that it’s a manual-feed device. Nevertheless, in about 8 seconds you can scan a full document with up to 600 dpi in resolution.

    The device has an internal storage that lets you store up to 4000 pages. This is thanks to the included 8 GB SD card. Once full, however, you will have to transfer the images to one of your devices for storage.

    The Doxie Go SE supports connections through WIFI and a micro USB cable. This lets you connect and share scans with different devices.

    Being small comes with its downsides. The Doxie can not scan thick documents. Fortunately though, it can scan normal A4/Letter sized sheets, business cards and receipts.

    So basically, if you are looking for a rather affordable a compact standalone scanner that does not need a computer to operate, then this is certainly among the best scanners with WiFi.

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    Dimensions and Weight
  • 2 x 2.2 x 1.8 Inches
  • 8 Pounds

  • Conclusion

    Here we had a look at some of the best scanners with WiFi in the market right. The aim of this article was to show you the many different types of WiFi scanners available in the market.

    The 5 scanners mentioned above are all from different categories. For example, we have mentioned ADF scanner, portable scanner with rechargeable battery, an overhear scanner etc.

    We have also made it certain that the listed products are the best of their type. We have judged that by their price tag, functions, expert reviews as well as customer reviews.

    We hope that this article would have provided you with an in depth look at the WiFi scanners available in the market.