5 Best Scanners For Polaroid Pictures: Reviewed & Compared

The instant gratification of holding your photo in hand is the essence of Polaroid photography.

But in this digital age it is only half fun if you can’t share these instant photos on your social media. Creating a digital copy of your Polaroid photos is a common practice, and for that you need a scanner.

Scanning Polaroids has several benefits. Not only can you back them up with a digital copy, you can also easily share them online with your friends and family.

In this article we have selected some of the best scanners for Polaroids. But first, let’s take a look at how to scan a Polaroid photo.

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How to Scan a Polaroid

There are different ways of scanning a Polaroid. You can use your smartphone for that purpose too. These modern-day mobiles come with a Polaroid app that can help you to create a digital copy of your photo.

Scanning with a smartphone is not only tricky but tiresome too. You need to place your photo on a contrast object, keep it in a right angle, take the shot from the right distance; there are too many ifs and buts involve in this procedure, and still you can get light reflections on photo that can blur the results.

Use of a Scanner

A scanner allows you to create a digital copy of your precious memories in less time and gives excellent results. Both sheet-fed and flatbed scanners can be used for this purpose. Here are a few things you need in your scanner if you want to buy it for scanning your Polaroid photos.

  • Size
    If you want to scan Polaroid photo instantly then, a portable and mobile scanner is more ideal for the job.
  • Power Options
    You can’t have an electric plug everywhere, so it should be chargeable or better if it is battery powered.
  • Resolution
    You don’t need a very high resolution if you are only going to share these images. A 300 or 600 dpi is enough for online sharing.
  • Sheet-fed
    You can choose a sheet-fed option if you are looking to scan photos in a batch.

List of The Best Scanners for Polaroids

We have selected the following as the best scanners for Polaroids.

  1. 1
    Doxie Flip – Portable Battery Operated Flatbed Scanner
  2. 2
    Plustek Ephoto Z300 – Easy to Use Manual Sheetfed Scanner
  3. 3
    Epson Perfection V39 – Budget Flatbed Scanner
  4. 4
    Vupoint ST470 – Wand Scanner
  5. 5
    Epson Workforce ES-60W – Portable Sheetfed Scanner with WiFi

5 Best Scanners For Polaroid Pictures Reviewed

Let’s look at these selected scanners in detail.

1. Doxie Flip – Portable Battery Operated Flatbed Scanner

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Doxie Flip is a mobile scanner that can be considered as one of the best scanners for Polaroids. It comes in a size of a book that makes it perfect to be used when you are on the go.

It maximum scanning size 4×6″ (A6) which literally makes this perfect for A6 sized Polaroid photos. Of course, given it small size, you would not be able to use it for normal A4/Letter sized document scans.

Its compact size and lightweight makes it ideal for carrying around. It will digitize your Polaroid photo anywhere you like in a very convenient way.

The battery-powered scanner does not even need a power connection. That makes it even more suitable for Polaroids.

The scanner is specially designed for photos, sketches, and keepsakes. Its removable lid allows you to place anything on its surface for a quick and effective scan.

The scanner features a smart, transparent scanning window that is perfect for scanning books, photos, or even old photo albums.

Doxie Flip can help you scan your Polaroids and organize them too. It makes important sharing or sharing the photos easy.

The scanner comes with the option of Auto-stitch too which is a big boon for all photographers. It allows you to scan a larger photo in parts and later join it together with auto-stitching.

Doxie Flip is a basic scanner for sharing some quick Polaroids on the go. It does not allow you any fancy editing or file formats. It provides an average level of resolution. 600 dpi is probably too much for online sharing, but it is certainly not for photo enthusiasts or professionals who want to play around more with their photographs.

Overall, it’s a perfect fit for your Polaroids and gives quick scans to your instant photos.

2. Plustek Ephoto Z300 – Easy to Use Manual Sheetfed Scanner

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Here are other great options for scanning Polaroid photos. Those who need multiple scans at a time need a sheet-fed scanner, and Plustek Ephoto Z300 is a good choice.

The scanner comes with a quick and easy solution for scanning your photos. It offers great speed for scanning photos as compared to a flatbed scanner. It takes 2 seconds to scan a 4×6 photo that means you no longer need to sit with your scanner whole day for scanning few photographs.

The best thing about this scanner is that it is specially designed for scanning some quick photos. It uses special soft roller that keeps your original pictures undamaged.

Z300 features a high-quality CCD lens inside the captures the essence of your photos, transferring the exact colors and even minute details.

The scanner offers some quick photo editing options, as well. You can make these photos more colorful or restore some faded photos. Its smart software automatically detects paper size, auto-rotate, or crop blank area. That makes your Polaroids look perfect for online sharing.

Z300 supports versatile photo size, and you can feed Polaroids, cards, and up to 8”×11.5” size of paper, card, or photos.

It can help you scan your documents as well and comes with an OCR technology for recognizing text files. It can scan letters and up to A4 size of papers.

The scanner offers a USB connection and is very reasonably priced, especially if we consider all those photo editing options.

The downside we can mention is it is not as portable as Doxie Flip. But overall, it offers better options for scanning photos. It is certainly one of the best scanners for Polaroids.

3. Epson Perfection V39 – Budget Flatbed Scanner

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Epson is a reliable name when it comes to photo scanning. V39 is not an exception and offers great features for scanning some quick digital copies of your Polaroids.

The sleek scanner makes scanning, restoring, or sharing photos a breeze. It’s a flatbed scanner that is excellent for capturing the true colors of your photos.

Both Doxie Flip and Z300 offer good resolution only if you want to archive or share your photos. But if you want to create enlargements you need better resolution. V39 offers 4800 dpi which is great for creating some dynamic scans that can be enlarged without losing its quality.

Epson V39 offers easy solution for storing or sharing your photos.  You can directly save the scans to any cloud service of your choice.

Its simple user interface makes it more convenient for scanning, especially for non-professionals. Easy to use buttons allow you to scan, store, or send the scans easily.

The scanner is very budget-friendly. Its low price makes it more prominent for those who have a small budget. It does not offer any wireless connection.

The few concerns we have are the lack of durability. It is also noisier than our other options, and the scanning process also takes some time. But all these downsides are expected considering its low price. Overall, it is one of the best scanners for Polaroids for those who want a budget-friendly option.

4. Vupoint ST470 – Wand Scanner

Vupoint ST470 is a great option for those who need a mobile scanner that is easy to carry around. Its small size makes it ideal, especially if you are always on the go. Just pack it with your things, and rest is easy.

The chargeable batteries make it more convenient for everyday use. It comes with a carrying case that helps when you are traveling.

It’s a wand scanner that works as a sheet-fed when in the dock. The docking station also charges the scanner for non-stop use.  The scanner offers 1200 dpi resolution that is good for online sharing or archiving.

The scanner can be used for both photos and documents. It is capable of scanning receipts, business cards, single pages, or photos with equal efficiency.

It saves the scanned images in the SD card that later you can transfer to your mobile or any cloud service. It features a 1.5-inch digital screen that gives you a preview of your scanned image. You can ensure the image is captured the way you want it.

Vupoint ST470 is a basic wand scanner that may not offer fancy editing or enhancing options for photos, but it is perfect for carrying around. Its feeder is also not very powerful and may jam if you feed too many photos at a time.

Its reasonable price is also a big advantage. It is budget friendly though not more than V39.  Overall, it is great for some quick scans and may be considered as one of the best scanners for Polaroids.

5. Epson Workforce ES-60W – Portable Sheetfed Scanner with WiFi

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Here is another good option from Epson for on-the-go scanning. It is a portable scanner that you can take anywhere easily. It’s lightweight and portability options make it one of the best scanners for Polaroids.

ES-60W is a sheet-fed scanner that makes it more suitable if you have a lot of photos to scan. It offers reasonable speed and can scan a photo in 4 seconds.

A great advantage of this scanner is its connectivity options. It offers both USB and Wireless connection. ES-60W comes with a built-in Wi-Fi connection that is very convenient for transferring files from anywhere in house or office to your system.

The Scanner can switch between a USB to WiFi whenever its quick sensors detect connectivity signals. Its digital display mentions both wireless signals and battery usage.

The scanner features Epson’s SmartScan technology that makes it easy for you to scan, review, and save. The scanner can be used for both taking some quick scans for photos and documents. Its built-in OCR technology saves the text files as PDFs. You can scan the documents or photos to any cloud service or local destination.

The scanner is not a single pass feeder, which means it cannot capture both sides of your photos or documents, and you have to flip the document if you want to scan the other side. The drawback is negligible if you are only buying it for Polaroids. Overall it’s a basic scanner at a reasonable price.


Here we looked at some of the best scanners for Polaroids. We looked at both sheetfed, wand, as well as flatbed scanners.

The good news is that to scan Polaroid, you don’t really need a robust and high end scanner like the ones used for 8mm film to capture the details.

As such, you will notice that almost all of the scanners listed above were budget scanners.