5 Best Scanners for Old Pictures | Digitize Old Photos

Best Scanners for Old PicturesOld pictures are nothing less than a treasure for many of us. Storing them in digital form is the best way to preserve them. If you want to preserve them, you most certainly need the best scanners for old pictures.

They may be worn out with time, with ripped sides and scratches from careless folding. The plastic cover of the album tends to stick with the picture over time, fading their colors forever.

What are the Benefits of Scanning Old Pictures?

Even if you like to shoot with film cameras and want to keep albums of your photos, storing them in electronic form has too many benefits like:

  • Pictures are saved forever. You can create back up for your data so that even if you delete them accidentally, you can find them through back up.
  • Pictures are better organized. If you have hundreds of old picture then finding one particular can become a time-consuming and hectic chore.
  • Pictures can be revitalized with better color contrast, shadows, and sharpness.
  • Easily share them with other family members or even through your social media platforms.

List of Best Scanners for Old Pictures

We have chosen following scanners for you.

  1. Plustek Photo Scanner ePhotoZ300 – Recommended Scanner for Old Pictures.
  2. Epson Perfection V550 – The Basic One
  3. Epson Perfection V600 – The Versatile One
  4. Doxie Flip – The Portable One
  5. Avision Is15 – The Affordable One

Brief Reviews

1. Plustek Photo Scanner ePhotoZ300 – Recommended Scanner for Old Pictures

ePhotoZ300 is an excellent scanner to scan your old pictures and bring them back to life. Speed is the most desirable factor if you have a large stack of old pictures to digitize.

The scanner takes almost 2 sec to scan and a 4×6 photo. That simply means you can get done with about 3,000 photos in just an afternoon.

ePhotoZ300 is specifically designed to scan old pictures. It uses a special roller to protect your old worn out pictures. The scanner features a high-quality CCD sensor. CCD sensor allows highest production of color images and its optical detection makes photo scanning and editing easy.

You might have folded pictures in your stack that have too many creases, where the surface can easily be scratched or peeled off. The scanner features an easy to feed special soft roller to avoid any damage to your precious pictures. Its special material protects your old photos from scratches.

ePhotoZ300 is a versatile scanner that supports any size of the picture. Its special software requires no presorting of any kind; it will auto-crop the blank areas.

With many wonderful tools of editing you don’t have to use any other software for editing pictures, you can adjust contrasts, sharpness, or exposure of pictures through easy to use buttons. Scanned images can be stored in any file format. No doubt, this definitely is one of the best scanners for old Pictures .

2. Epson Perfection V550 – The Basic One

Epson Perfection V550 is your best bet if you are looking for an easy to use and versatile scanner for your old worn out pictures.

With 6400 resolution, you can expect nothing less than sharp and crisp images.

V550 is not only perfect for your photos, but it can develop your old negatives, films, or 35mm slides.

An easy to use Photo Fix software allows you to give a fresh touch-up to your old pictures. It also features ICE technology. Image correction and Enhancement technology is excellent for correcting little scratches or stains on your old photos without losing any detail from the picture.

You don’t need to spend extra time sorting out pictures or cutting the edges; It’s Auto Edge Detection crops the unnecessary blanks around the picture to make it look more vivid and perfect.

With 48-bit color depth, the results of your scanned photos are nothing less than professional. V550 is a versatile scanner that can scan your old pictures and you can make use of it for scanning your documents as well.

3. Epson Perfection V600 – The Versatile One

V600 comes with many useful features for revitalizing your old pictures.

Its 6400 ×9600 resolution is great not only for giving excellent sharp and crisp photos, but you can create enlargements too.

V600 allows complete photo restoration for your old photos. It features ICE technology for easy one-touch fixing of pictures that give them a new and advanced look. With its ReadyScan LED technology, the scanning process becomes fast and convenient requiring no warm-up time at all. I

ts built-in transparency unit can not only scan your old pictures to perfection, but can also create digital images from your old slides, films, medium form negatives.

With its customized buttons, it makes storing, copying and editing quite easy. With one touch you can store your pictures in any format or share them online.

Epson’s Easy Fix technology can adjust the color contrast or sharpness of your faded photos. It also features Arcsoft Photostudio that help to edit and enhance your old pictures bringing them back to life.

4. Doxie Flip – The Portable One

Doxie Flip is a flatbed scanner that is perfect for scanning your old pictures for so many reasons.

The scanner is lightweight and portable; you can place it anywhere for the quick scanning process. Its removable lid makes scanning anything easy.

Doxie features another interesting feature called AutoStich. Autostich merges different images into one big image. You can create your collage without the help of any other software.

Its scanning window allows you to create digital images of anything, even photos directly from the album can be placed on its scanning window for a quick scan if you cannot risk taking out the old worn out picture out.

With Doxie Flip, you can scan anything you like, from documents to the old sketchbooks, coins to the artworks. The scanned images are sharp and crisp with amazing clarity. An automatic image recognition technology delivers crisp images of your originals.

The smart crop or contrast boost can enhance the look of pictures. The scanning results can be directly sent to any cloud storage device like Google Drive, DropBox, Evernote, or Notebook. No doubt, It’s an easy to use and convenient option for digitizing the old pictures at home.

5. Avision Is15 – The Affordable One

Avision IS15 is a portable scanner that can work stand-alone as it does not has to be attached to a computer to work.

You can scan your photos and save them to a USB device or your SD card.

Scanning results are nothing short of perfect. Images are automatically cropped, to edit the blank sides, deskewed, and ready for sharing or storing. Its 300 dpi resolution gives pretty decent results of images.

The scanner features an automatic feeder that is helpful if you have a large stack of photos to digitize.

It can handle photos of all kind, the large ones, smaller passport-sized, or even business cards. Is15 is equally useful for scanning your documents to perfection. The scanning speed is fast saving your time.

It can scan a 5× 7 picture in color mode within 10 seconds. Now that’s quick and efficient. No doubt it’s a good solution for you all scanning needs.

If you are looking for an affordable item, then this is definitely one of the best scanners for old pictures for you.



Some Tips for Scanning Your Old Photographs in Digital Form

It does not matter whether you get one of the best scanners for old pictures or not if you do not keep the right settings.

Here are some of the tips to help you.

Some of the following tips can help:

  • Get organized: sort out all photos you want to scan and keep them in order by dates or years.
  • You might like to finish the job in one afternoon but always check the duty cycle of your scanner and make sure you don’t exceed the limit.
  • Saving high-resolution pictures on your computer can take a lot of space. It’s better to choose a cloud service and make sure to create a backup.
  • Always check the scanner setting. For only storing a JPEG file at 300dpi and 24-bit color is enough. TIFF format is good if you want to edit the pictures later, but it will add the file size.
  • Create folders and add the relevant information beforehand. Scan the photos and save them directly to these folders this way sorting out photos will be easy in other software later.

Here is a simple video tutorial.

What are CCD Sensors?

You might have noticed that some of best scanners for old pictures featured CCD sensors. But what are CCD sensors and how they are important in scanning for old pictures?

CCD stands for Charged Coupled device, and it is a type of image sensor that is also found in digital cameras. It uses the lens to convert image onto the image sensor, and it’s a great method for capturing high-resolution pictures along with all details.

CCD scans provide better depth in pictures, and even folding lines are tweaked so that they do not appear as part of the picture. The result is a more vivid and sharp photo with no scratches.

You can read more about CCD sensors here.

What is ICE Technology?

Some of the best scanners for old pictures feature the ICE Technology. The quality of old pictures is often ruined by the dust particles on the surface. They might be having too many scratches, stains, or other blemishes.

The ICE technology in scanner uses infrared light, which detects dust, fingerprints and other unwanted stains on the picture. As infrared light is invisible, it cannot reproduce the color information of the photo and only send the information of defects to the scanner.

The photos are illuminated by cold light lamp and information is captured and delivered to the scanner. The information of infrared light is also delivered to the scanner. Both images are compared, and the defects are removed from the photos.

The result is a more vivid and clear image without defects. As this whole process is done inside the scanner, the image is reproduced with exact clarity and depth and no information or detail is lost in this process.