5 Best Scanners for Multiple Pages in 2019

For those who need extensive use of a scanner, its ability to scan multiple pages counts a lot.

It is probably the first requirement for many of us who need to scan a batch of documents daily, and putting each one on its glass panel one by one is laborious.

Those who need the best scanners for multiple pages should read this article as we have selected some best Automatic document feeders for your convenience.

First let’s take a look at what is an Automatic document feeder and how it can help.

Comparison Table of Top Scanners for Multiple Pages

ModelDPIADFAuto DuplexSpeedConnectivityPrice
Brother ADS-2700W60050Yes35 ppmUSB, WiFi Check Price
Epson DS-1630 f1 120050Yes25 ppmUSB Check Price
Brother ADS-1700W120020Yes25 ppmUSB, WiFi Check Price
Epson ES-20060020Yes25 ppmUSB Check Price
Visioneer Patriot H60600120Yes70 ppmUSB Check Price

What is an ADF

The automatic document feeder is the scanner that allows you to feed a fixed amount of documents in its feeder, and the scanner automatically scans all the pages one after the other without any manual intervention.

Not only it takes less time scanning but reduces the manual work involved in the scanning process.

Benefits of an ADF

Here are few benefits of ADF

  • Reduce manual intervention: It reduces manual intervention. You no longer need to place each document with hand. Just throw in a bunch of papers, and the rest is easy.
  • High speed saves time: ADFs are usually designed to handle the heavy workload of offices. They are high speed scanners that offer fast scanning experience.
  • Convenient; They are a lot more convenient than a flatbed scanner. Imagine if you have to scan 100 pages, placing each document on a glass panel one by one is not only time-taking but also tiresome. How about simply feeding a batch of documents inside a scanner’s feeder and it will automatically process them one by one.

List of Best Scanners for Multiple Pages in 2019

We have selected the following scanners for your convenience.

  1. Brother ADS-2700W – Essential All Rounder High Speed Scanner
  2. Epson DS-1630 f1 – Flatbed with ADF
  3. Brother ADS-1700W – Affordable ADF for Home and Personal Use
  4. Epson Workforce ES-200 – Budget Portable Scanner
  5. Visioneer Patriot H60 – Premium Ultra High Speed Scanner

Short Reviews of the Selected Scanner

Let’s look at each in detail.

1. Brother ADS-2700W – Essential All Rounder High Speed Scanner

Best Scanners for Multiple Pages

If you are looking for the best scanners for multiple pages, then Brother ADS-2700 certainly qualifies to be one of them. This is the most essential and popular option for offices and the likes.

It is a high-speed document feeder scanner that is designed to enhance the efficiency of any office. High speed is a significant advantage of any document feeder.

Its feeder allows up to 50 pages at a time, which is alright for any small to medium offices. It may not be considered very high for large organizations but for small enterprises batch scanning 50 sheets is exceptional.

Other than that, the scanner has a scanning speed of 35 sheets per minute in duplex mode. As such, it can scan both sides of the document.

The scanner allows 600×600 resolution which is good for document scanning, but you can make use of it for some basic photo scanning purposes as well.

Wireless connectivity is a big plus point of this scanner since not all high speed scanners offer wireless connectivity. Therefore, ADS-2700 has a big advantage in this area. A WiFi connection allows you to access the scanner from anywhere in your house or office, and you can scan right from where you are.

ADS-2700 supports multiple paper sizes and can scan up to 190” long documents or photos. Photos, business cards, receipts, and even laminated I.D cards can pass through its feeder with equal ease.

Another great feature is its extra-large digital display panel. The touchscreen allows you to monitor and feed some basic instructions from its keys. You can even enhance its security features if you need privacy in your workplace.

The scanner comes with a bundle of useful options for catering to your paper handling needs. You can save the scanning results to any local or cloud storage of your choice.

Overall, it’s a good choice, and it is moderately priced for offices. Of course, for home or personal use, this may be an expensive option.

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2. Epson DS-1630 f1 – Flatbed with ADF

Epson DS-1630 f1 is another good option if you want to increase your workflow and streamline the workflow. It is a powerful device that comes with both ADF and flatbed options.

Both Automatic feeders and flatbed scanners have their advantages, and having both in a scanner is simply a boon for users.

DS-1630 f1 features a great feeder. It allows you to feed about 50 pages in a go. The scanner is capable enough to snap through pages in as less as 25 pages per minute.

You can make use of the flatbed option for scanning fragile old documents, pictures, books, or other scanning needs.

The scanner is designed for heavy workflow and comes with a duty cycle of 1500 sheets daily, which is great considering some of the very popular scanners offering even less.

The scanner has a built-in OCR software that would recognize your text file and save them as editable and searchable PDFs.

It allows you to directly scan the documents to any cloud storage of your choice or local destination. The scanner can handle letters or legal documents of up to 8.5” to 14”.

Though slightly pricey, the scanner is reasonably priced considering its both ADF and Flatbed options. Though we expect wireless connectivity from such a high-class scanner but DS-1630 f1 does not offer one.

Overall, the scanner is undoubtedly one of the best scanners for multiple pages since it offers versatile scanning options.

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3. Brother ADS-1700W – Affordable ADF for Home and Personal Use

brother ads-1700W

Here is another good option that is the Brother ADS-1700W.  It’s a compact option that is good for a small workplace.

In addition to that, it is also excellent for personal or home use since it is quite reasonably priced.

Its compact size and lightweight makes it excellent for those who are always on the go. You can simply pack this one in your handbag.

The scanner offers a reasonable feeder that allows a batch of 20 pages in a go. It is suitable for those who need an average size feeder for document scanning. Buying a feeder of 50 pages capacity will be an overkill if you are a home user.

The compact scanner offers good speed for scanning and can snap thorough your documents with a speed of 25 ppm.

Like Brother ADS-2700, this one also offers a large display panel for your convenience. All options are readily available, and that simplifies the scanning process. You can optimize your business process by sending the scans to multiple preset destinations.

The scanner features image and document enhancing options, so you get perfect scans. It can enhance your text files, remove background of photos, rotate the scanned images and much more.

The scanner offers wireless connectivity, too, and its built-in Wi-Fi brings the scanning comfort and convenience. The scanner is reasonably priced and is one of the best scanners for multiple pages.

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4. Epson Workforce ES-200 – Budget Portable Scanner

Those who are looking for the best scanners for multiple pages while staying in the budget should consider Epson Workforce ES-200. It’s a budget-friendly option that provides basic scanning features at a very reasonable price.

ES-200 offers a good speed of 25 pages per minute, which is great considering some of the expensive options are offering the same speed on our list. The Scanner can capture both sides of a document in a single step.

Its document feeder is designed to support versatile paper formats. It can handle receipts, business cards, laminated cards, more. You can feed 20 pages in a go, which is fine considering its low price.

The scanner comes with built-in OCR that is essential for document scanning. It saves text files like Word or Excel documents that are easy to edit and process.

Furthermore, it offers multiple useful features for enhancing the scans of documents like auto crop, skew, blank page removal, and many more. It does not allow a WiFi connection, so you will have to rely on a USB cable. It’s a portable device that makes it more convenient for travelers.

The little drawback is its software quality, which according to its customers, is not as great as its hardware. Overall, it’s a great choice for those who have a limited budget.

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5. Visioneer Patriot H60 – Premium Ultra High Speed Scanner

Visioneer Patriot H60

For those who are looking for a premium scanner that offers the best quality and performance, Visioneer Patriot H60 is a great option.

For starters, note that this this an expensive machine. It costs multiple times more than our options listed above. However, if you are looking for an industry grade scanner that has a huge duty cycle, built quality to last years, a lightening fast speed, then this is highly recommended.

This is aa Ultra high-speed scanner. The speed it offers is higher than any other option on this list. It offers an unmatched speed of 70 ppm. With this speed you can snap through thousands of documents in an hour. The scanner can efficiently handle large scanning needs of any busy organization.

The scanner offers a humongous duty cycle as well. It is perfect for scanning up to 10,000 pages in a day, which is great for any workplace needing heavy scanning.

Its powerful feeder is another great advantage of this scanner. It allows a batch of 120 documents in a go. This far more than 50 sheet capacity on most average high speed scanners.

On top of that. the scanner features an extra-wide feeder that accommodates even oddly shaped documents, including ID cards, mixed-size documents, and more.

Furthermore, the scanner features simple one-touch options for scanning documents to 9 preset destinations. You also have all options readily available for color, resolution, crop, or file format.

H60 comes with the Visioneer Acuity software that instantly improves the visual quality of your scans. It will fix the creases on pages, the marks or smudges are removed automatically to make your scan look perfect.

A few drawbacks we can mention are its lack of connectivity options and high prices. You would expect such a pricey scanner comes with a Wi-Fi option, but unfortunately H60 offers only USB connection.

The price of scanner is also very high, but its high quality, fast-speed, and powerful feeder justify the price to a great extent. It surely can be regarded as one of the best scanners for multiple pages.

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Final Words

If you want one of the best scanners for multiple pages, there is no doubt that you need an option with an Automatic Document Feeder.

It is just atrociously slow to scan a lot of pages on a flatbed scanner. If you have a bulk of documents to scan, then a flatbed would be a very inefficient option.

As such, the option that we listed above, all have ADFs. Some are cheaper, others have a flatbed with them. But having an ADF with batch scanning is the key.

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