5 Best Scanners For Large Artwork

Being an artist means you want to display your work on various platforms including social media for earning some likes and recognition.

Taking pictures of your work is just an immature way of representing your artwork. What you need is a a dedicated scanner for artwork.

If you are looking for the best scanners for large artwork, we can help. 

We have designed this article to help those artists who want the best medium to create digital copies for your work with.

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What Is A Wide Format Scanner?

Most of the scanners can scan varying size of documents within the usual A4 size. Some legal documents, architectural designs, and artwork pieces are not covered by this size limit. For these large size documents, you need a wide format scanner.

Wide-format scanners also come in different ranges. Some can scan 11”×17” paper size others are even larger and can scan opened newspapers, blueprints, and artwork with up to size 40”.

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How To Choose A Wide Format Scanner For Artwork?

  • Size
    That depends on individual needs. Look for the paper size you use for your artwork and try to find the best option within that range. Even a wide format scanner may not be wide enough if you use 24” or 40” sheets.
  • Resolution
    For artwork, you need a scanner with a better lens and resolution. Make sure the option you choose provides enough resolution for capturing the details from your artwork. Some very wide format scanners offer 600 dpi which is more than enough for online sharing but won’t create same quality enlargements.
  • Ease of Use
    An easy to use scanner will be convenient for scanning large format artwork.
  • Paper Thickness
    Make sure the scanner you choose supports the paper thickness you require. You can’t scan card-stocks or canvas papers if your scanner does not support thick documents.
  • Flatbed or Sheet-fed
    Flatbeds produce better quality scans for artwork. But if you have too many, you can look for a sheet-fed scanner.

List Of The Best Scanners For Large Artwork

Following are the best scanners for artwork.

  1. 1
    Plustek 1180 – Basic Flatbed Scanner for A3 Scans
  2. 2
    Colortrac SmartLF 24-inch – Extra Wide Format Scans
  3. 3
    Colortrac SmartLF 36-inch – Ultrawide Format Scans
  4. 4
    CZUR ET16 Plus – Overhead Scanner
  5. 5
    Epson Workforce WF-7720 – All in One Office Scanner

5 Best Scanners For Large Artwork Reviewed

Let’s review these scanners and see how they help you create the artistic copy of your artwork.

1. Plustek 1180 – Basic Flatbed Scanner for A3 Scans

Plustek A3 Large Format Flatbed Scanner OS...
  • ✔WE SCAN SIZES - A3 11.69""x 17" Large...
  • ✔NO MORE WAITING - LED Light Source, Save...
  • ✔HASSLE-FREE OPERATION - Pre Set Function...

Plustek 1180 is a tabloid-sized scanner, good for scanning large format artwork and designs. It’s a flatbed scanner with a glass panel wide enough to scan up to A3 size documents, blueprints, designs, and artwork.

Being an artist, your first concern is to choose a medium that does justice to your work. Plustek 1180 comes with a new LED light source design that can scan your art pieces with clarity and accuracy.

It offers up to 1200 dpi for saving scans; you can choose 300 or 600 dpi for creating some sharable content.

The scanner works fast; it can scan any document in greyscale within 9 seconds. For colorful scans, it may take 15 seconds.

The speed seems very low compared to sheetfed scanners, but flatbed scanners take more time in scanning than their sheetfed counterparts. And the results are also more accurate and precise.

It offers a few options to help you to enhance the quality of your scans. Like it can auto-rotate, remove backgrounds, or de-noise for giving a perfect digital life to your artwork.

You can transfer the data to your PC through a USB cable. It does not offer the wireless capability. The price it offers seems reasonable. Remember we are talking about a wide format scanner for scanning artwork. So it will cost more than scanning some office documents.

What we miss are some auto-stitching options that could have been helpful for even bigger designs. Overall, we can call it the best scanner for large artwork.

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2. Colortrac SmartLF 24-inch – Extra Wide Format Scans

Colortrac SmartLF Scan! 24" Wide Format...
  • CES IMAGING is an Authorized Colortrac...

Colortrac smart is a very large format scanner for very large artwork. It can scan 24” wide documents like old newspapers, artwork, or designs.

Its ability to scan large-size documents becomes its big advantage. Few scanners offer this much range, and it is one of them.

The scanner itself is small and lightweight (relatively). It is perfect for carrying around due to its portable size in your car compared to some larger machines that way too bulky.

Like all robust wide format scanners/printers, this is capable of saving the digital files in its internal memory. You can later transfer the data to your PC.

It works pretty simply. You have to manually feed each sheet of document or designs in its feeder for scanning. Its sensor works like a digital camera, copying the details from paper.

It offers 600 dpi, which is fine but not great for creating some enlargements or rendering accurate colors with sharp details.

You don’t need a higher DPI for larger enlargement anyways says the original scans will already be so wide and enlarged.

The scanner also offers limited file format options. You can either save the scan as a PDF file or a TIFF image.

The quality of the scans is not very perfect. It creates a copy but may not reproduce the shadows, variation of color, or the minute details you want in your artwork.

Therefore, while it is okay for casual drawing, for gallery grade scans, you may need something better.

The high price is also a big deterrent for home users or struggling artists. Being a very expensive option, it may not fit in everyone’s budget.

Overall Colortrac SmartLF is the best scanner for large artwork due to its ability to scan really large designs and documents.

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3. Colortrac SmartLF 36 Inch – Ultrawide Format Scans

Colortrac SmartLF 36-inch wide color scanner
  • CES IMAGING is an Authorized Colortrac...
  • 1 Year warranty included.

This one is also by Colortrac, but it can scan even larger paper formats. The scanner can scan big size canvas papers with ease.

Its 36 inches long scanner and it can scan up to 36” wide and 50” long paper. The sensors work like a digital camera and capture the details from papers.

The size and weight of this scanner are obviously bigger than our previous options, but it is a scanner for special needs and does its job well.

The scanner offers 600 scanning resolution that is good enough for creating some digital copies of your designs and artwork. You can send them around the world, save their archives for a long time and share them online for some instant likes.

The scanner can work stand-alone and does not require any connection with PC. It sends the digital copies to its internal memory.

Despite its ability to scan wide format papers, the scanner works pretty simply. It requires no technicalities and scanning process is hassle-free.

Overall, it is the best scanner for extra large artwork. Though its high price is a drawback, if you create extra wide format drawings and need to scan them, then you will have to invest in a large and an expensive machine.

4. CZUR ET16 Plus – Overhead Scanner – A3 Size

CZUR ET16 Plus Advanced Book & Document...
  • 📖【Patented Flattening Curved Book Page...
  • 📖【16MP HD Camera, Easy and...
  • 📖【Capable of scanning multiple...
  • 📖【10 LED Lights +2 Supplemental...

Czur ET16 is an overhead scanner that captures details from your documents with its CMOS technology. The wide-format scanner can scan your art pieces within the A3 size of paper.

ET 16 is a great option for Book scanning. You can place the opened book under its lenses, and it can create the PDFs of your books. It can even split the scan into two pages for your convenience.

The overhead scanner has a 16 MP camera that is powerful enough to capture all the details on the object below.

Not only you can scan large format artwork, but it will scan physical objects like sculptures, designs, and 3D objects for online sharing.

With an innovative side lighting technology, the scanning results are precise and exact. It eliminates the glares from a glossy surface like laminated certificates or cards.

It features some very useful options for enhancing your scanning results.  Curve Distortion flattening will produce flatten scan even when the pages are in curved position because of the thickness of the book.

Scanning speed is very high. It can create scans of an opened book in 1.5 seconds which is great if you want to scan whole books. With this scan, It can scan about 80 pages of a book in one minute, and that is without cutting or unbinding books.

To operate it, you can use the software, the scan button, or press the foot pedal it comes bundled with.

This one is also a pricey option, but it comes with specialized capabilities and helpful enough to justify its price.

Overall, it’s the best scanner for large artwork because of its fast speed and the ease it provides for scanning wide format papers.

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5. Epson Workforce WF-7720 – All in One Office Scanner

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-format...
  • Epson strongly recommends the use of Genuine...
  • Get performance beyond laser — the...
  • Print-shop quality — borderless prints upto...
  • Economical — uses upto 80 percent less...

Epson Workforce 7720 is a mighty device for both printing and scanning. It is an all-in-one scanner that can print, copy, fax as well as scan.

It offers a wide-format scanner that can scan paper size up to 13″ x 19″ (A3+) with its flatbed.

On top of that, it offers a Auto Document Feeder that can scan 35 pages in a go. It can scan both sides with its single-pass technology. The ADF can support sizes upto 11×17″ or A3.

Therefore, if you want to quickly batch scan 35 A3 sized artwork quickly and automatically, this will work quite well.

WF-7720 is designed for productivity. It offers easy navigation through its different options with a 4.3” colored LCD screen.

The device allows a lot of connectivity options. It provides Ethernet, NFC, USB, and wireless connection. You can make use of a direct WiFi option for your convenience.

The Printer comes at a very reasonable price. Out of all our previous scanners, WF-7720 is the most affordable option.

The drawback we can mention is it’s an all-in-one device. It’s an overkill if you don’t need the print, copy, or fax options. You might better look at a dedicated scanner within this price range.

Also, you don’t trust all-in-one devices like you do dedicated scanners. They are probably good at everything but not great for anything.

Overall, WF-7720 is the best scanner for large artwork if you need a printer as well.

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In this article we looked at a wide variety of scanners that are suitable for wide format artworks.

Basically, the best scanner for large artwork may range in size and price range.

The purpose of the various sizes in this list was to differentiate between products built for personal and those built for studios.

For example, smaller A3 sized scanners are great for personal use. On the other hand, the larger 24 or 36 inch scanners are suitable for dedicated printing/scanning studios who want to expand their services menu.

Of course you will need to expect a positive ROI in order to justify spending on such expensive machine as the Colortrac SmartLF 36 Inch above.