5 Best Scanners for Business in 2022

The scanner is an essential device for any business. It brings a lot of efficiency in your office and improves work performance to a great degree.

If you want to digitize your documents in effort to archive them or if you office is striving to go paperless, then scanners becomes all the more important.

There is a great range of scanners available in market with different specialties but you sure want the best for business.

In this article, we will discuss the need for a good scanner in any workplace. We will also recommend some of the best scanners for business.

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Benefit of a Quality Scanner for Business

A scanner can bring many benefits to your business. Here we have rounded up few:

  • Reduce Paper Clutter:
    It minimizes the use of paper in any workplace. Digital files are easy to store in your local computers or any cloud service. You no longer need cabinets full of files that cover a lot of space and are difficult to store or organize manually.
  • Keeps your workplace organized:
    In this digital age, workplaces are more organized thanks to devices like scanner. Any information, document, inventory, or contract paper is at your fingertip. Less time is spent on finding the right paper. That keeps things organized and improves efficiency of your office.
  • Documents are easy to share:
    Any successful business is the result of the efforts of a good team. The scanner allows you to make digital files of your important documents that are easy to share between team members.
  • Saves Record for Longer:
    You can’t expect losing or to misplace any important document if it is organized in your local or cloud storage. The records are saved for longer, and you can access them from anywhere in the world.
  • Essential for Studios:
    If you are a photo studio. Then you have to strive for perfection with your clients. You may get requests to scan negative films, perform high DPI scans or to restore/revitalize old photos. In this case a specialized scanner becomes essential.

List of Best Scanners for Businesses

Here are the best scanners that we have selected for your business needs.

  1. 1
    Visioneer Patriot H60 – Heavy Duty Ultra High Speed Scanner
  2. 2
    Epson WorkForce ES-400 – Essential High Speed Scanner
  3. 3
    Brother ADS-2700W – High Speed Scanner with WiFi
  4. 4
    HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1 – WiFi Enabled ADF with Flatbed Scanner
  5. 5
    Epson Perfection V850 – Premium/Professional Photo Scanner

Reviews of these Top Scanners

Let’s look at each scanner in more detail.

1. Visioneer Patriot H60 – Heavy Duty Ultra High Speed Scanner

Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner with...
  • FAST SCANNING: Duplex scanner with 120-page...
  • QUICK ORGANIZATION: Get organized fast by...
  • FLEXIBLE MEDIA HANDLING: Scan photos,...

If you are looking to bring some efficiency for your business then visioneer Patriot H60 is a great choice. Its an expensive scanner but it distinguishes itself from the rest with ultra high speed scanning and with a very large daily duty cycle.

The fast speed it offers can be considered its best selling point. This machine can scan 70 ppm/140 ipm. Now that’s a lot of speed that would snap through the documents scanning of any large office.

Conventional high speed scanners have a ppm of 40.

Its also comes with a heavy-duty cycle and is capable of scanning as many as 10,000 pages daily. So it can be the best bet for any large scale business.

Visioneer H60 has a Document feeder that can handle a batch of documents in a go. Its extra-wide feeder can accommodate 120 pages and can scan duplex without any manual intervention.

Its basically a document scanner with a max dpi of 600. Therefore, for photos this may not be the best option. In fact for documents even 200 dpi is enough to give crisp scans.

The scanner features useful options for document scanning. It comes with one-touch saving option to send your scans to any cloud storage. It also offers Acuity software for improving the document scans by removing unwanted wrinkles, creases, or smudges. Built-in OCR allow you to save your documents as editable text files.

A drawback we must mention is its lack of wireless connectivity. You will have to rely on a USB cable for any data transfer. Wireless connectivity is something you would love to have in any large office.

Overall, it due to its ultra high speeds, heavy duty build, and large daily duty cycle this is rightly considered as one of the best scanners for business.

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2. Epson WorkForce ES-400 – Essential High Speed Scanner

Epson WorkForce ES-400 Color Duplex Document...
  • Get organized in a snap scan upto 35 ppm/70...
  • Easily scan stacks of paper robust 50 page...
  • Powerful software included easy scanning with...
  • Compatible with most software the included...

Epson WorkForce ES 400 is also powerful scanner that is very affordable as compared to our previous option but can bring plenty of scanning efficiency for your business.

The compact styled scanner is specifically designed to fit in any work environment. It’s a high-speed scanner that can offer 35 ppm. Not as fast as H60 but still the scanner is speedier enough than most of the available options.

This too has a document feeder that breezes through a stack of 50 documents in a snap. Its reliable feeder offers versatile paper support. You can put in receipts, cards, or any extra-long pages for quick and quality scans.

Its reliable paper feeder system prevents any missing pages and also features Dynamic Skew Correction to improve the quality of scans.

Epson ES-400 is an intuitive device that comes with different paper handling software for your ease. You can scan the document directly to cloud storage or any local destination.

Overall, Epson WorkForce ES-400 is one of the best scanners for business. It is best for any small to the medium workplace.

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3. Brother ADS-2700W – High Speed Scanner with WiFi

On Sale Today
Brother Wireless High-Speed Desktop Document...
  • VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY: The Brother Wireless...
  • 2. 8″ COLOR TOUCHSCREEN: The LCD display...

Brother ADS-2700W is another great option for your business. This too is a High Speed scanner with a document feeder that can scan a stack of documents without any manual intervention.

You can load a batch of 5o documents in its feeder that is very reasonable for the needs of any medium organization.

Basically, this lies somewhere in between the Visioneer Patriot H60 and the Epson WorkForce ES-400 in terms of functionality and price. It differentiates itself by the inclusion of a WiFi as well as a large and a comfortable touch screen for navigation.

Its single-pass system can scan both sides of the paper simultaneously. It is an efficient device that can scan with a reasonable speed of 35 ppm in both color and black & white.

As mentioned earlier, a great advantage of Ads-2700W is its connectivity options. It can be wirelessly connected that makes scanning easy and convenient in any office. You can scan from where you are with its wireless option. You can also connect via an Ethernet connection.

As such this is a complete network scanner.

The scanner handles the different size of papers with equal ease. It can support documents up to 8.5”×196”, that includes business cards, receipts, photos, or laminated certificates.

The scans are pretty accurate too. With its 600 max dpi, you can expect good quality scanned files. The scanner can also perform some basic photo scanning.

A unique aspect is its 2.8” LCD touchscreen that simplifies the scanning process. The easy to use interface makes different options like scan to, USB, email, or WS scanning available at one touch programmable keys.

The scanner comes with much useful paper handling software that helps you to organize your work more efficiently.

ADS 2700W features OCR technology but only if you are saving the scans to your computer. For mobile or cloud storage, no OCR technology is offered, which is bit disappointing.

The software it included are also bit lousy but if you consider its affordable price these drawbacks looks reasonable.

Overall it’s a good scanner worthy enough to be placed in our list of best scanners for business.

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4. HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1 – WiFi Enabled ADF with Flatbed Scanner

HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1 Network OCR Scanner...
  • Speeds: Achieve scan speeds up to 30 pages...
  • Auto document feeder: Load up to 50 pages for...
  • Software features: Improve image accuracy...
  • Scan to: Use scan profiles for recurring jobs...

HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1 is another good option for official needs. It offers a reasonable speed of 30 pages per minute.  It’s a combination of a flatbed and automatic document feeder. You will get the best of both options in this single scanner.

While there are cheaper flatbed with ADFs available, we have selected this due to its higher duty cycle, touch screen for ease of use, and WiFi for network connectivity.

As for its duty cycle is concerned, it offers pretty impressive output. Its powerful mechanism can pull thorough 100 pages through its flatbed and about 4,000 pages through its feeder DAILY. Now that’s a lot convenient in any workplace adds a lot to its value.

The importance of heavy a flatbed as well as an ADF cannot be understated. This way you can use the flatbed for delicate scans as well as photos that require enlargement thanks to its 1200 optical DPI.

On the other hand, you can use the 50 sheet ADF for loose office documents like documents, receipts, business cards etc. The ADF only has a 600 DPI though.

The scanner comes with some in-built features for enhancing your document and photo scans. You can adjust the orientation, straighten up the documents, remove the hole marks, remove background, or even fix color or brightness while scanning.

The scanner can handle a variety of papers from photos to thick cards, laminated certificates to receipts; it does justice to all types of document scanning.

built-in OCR technology identifies the text files and saves them as editable text files. It also comes with many options for organizing your paperwork like its compatibility with Adobe PDF Reader, MS Office and many other files. It features I.R.I.S Cardiris that is very convenient for saving contacts. It automatically updates the existing contacts.

Of course one of the best features it offers is the robust network connectivity. Not only can you connect this via a standard USB cable, you can also use its Ethernet as well as WiFi connectivity options.

For those looking for versatility, this is one of the best scanners for business out there though slightly overpriced.

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5. Epson Perfection V850 Pro – Premium/Professional Photo Scanner

Epson Perfection V850 Pro scanner
  • Pro quality color & detail - get unparalleled...
  • Remarkable tonal range - 4.0 Dmax for smooth...
  • Exclusive dual lens system - selects from 2...
  • Operating systems: Windows 8.1, Windows 8,...

If your business involves lots of photo scanning along with negative films, then you should invest in some premium photo scanner. Epson V850 is an advanced scanner built for designing and photo studios that are serious about there work.

This is a flatbed scanner that offers a lot of useful features for scanning old films, negatives, slides, and photos. You can scan or archive some important old and fragile documents on its glass panel safely.

However, the thing that makes it an expensive premium scanner is the high quality optics technology. The scanner comes with 4.0 Dmax, high pass optics, and dual lens system that can truly squeeze out the most detail out of your photos.

A higher Dmax is directly to a high dynamic range. 4.0 is considered to be top of the line for flatbed scanners. This much dynamic range provides clear and sharp images without losing any single detail from document or photos.

V850 comes with all the necessary features for document and photo scanning. It can restore your pictures, fix the scratches, and remove dust with its Digital Ice technology.

Of course, one of the unique feature it offers are the two lenses i.e 4800 and 6400. The scanner automatically chooses which lens to use for a given media.

The scanner does not offer any document feeder, which is understandable since it is designed for photos. There is no wireless connectivity option, and you will have to rely on a USB cable.

Overall, the scanner is a good choice if run a business that deals with photos, photo restoration, negative film scanning etc.

If you only need a scanner for document scanning, this is probably not a good choice though.

The price of scanner is also very high, but considering all the photo scanning options and the high quality optics technology, it seems just fine.

All in all, this scanner can be the best scanner for business if your business involves scanning lot of photographs, slides or films.


Here we looked at some of the best scanners for business. Of course, no two business have the same requirements.

Some require ultra high speed scanners for very high volume document scanning on a daily basis. Others have moderate needs. Others still may require a robust photo scanner for their design studio business.

In this article we had a look at some of the top of the line scanners for various types of businesses.

In short though, there are three types of scanners that would interest you depending upon your requirements: High Speed ADF Scanners for large document volume, Flatbed scanners for photography/studio business, and Flatbed with ADF for a mix of both photo scanning and document scanning.