5 Best Receipt Scanners In 2022 – Digital Filing System

Organizing receipt may seem like a daunting job, but with the help of a receipt scanner, it becomes easy and convenient.

Not to mention the benefits it brings are worth the price.

Before we talk about the best receipt scanners in the market, you should know that receipts scanners come in all sorts of price ranges.

Therefore, depending upon the volume of receipts you get, you will select likewise.

Also, you will realize that a receipt scanner can generally scan other types of documents as well including A4 documents as well as business cards.

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What Is A Receipt Scanner?

A receipt scanner is different from any other scanner as it not only captures the images of your documents and receipts but helps you manage them more professionally.

With the help of smart software, it reads your receipts, extracts the data, and transports it to your preferred bookkeeping apps like QuickBooks, Excel, or TurboTax.

You can easily create balance sheets, manage your expenses, and sort out the bills.

Whether it is your financial transactions, tax filings, or any business papers that need to be organized and stored, a receipt scanner can bring efficiency to your personal or business needs.

List Of The Best Receipt Scanners In 2021

We have chosen the following receipt scanners based on their efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

  1. 1
    Epson Workforce ES-500W – Recommended Choice for Bulk Scanning Receipts
  2. 2
    Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 – Compact Battery Powered Receipt Scanner with WiFi
  3. 3
    Brother DS-720D – Budget Receipt Scanner
  4. 4
    Neat Company Neatdesk – Specialized Receipts Scanner with Robust Software
  5. 5
    Brother ADS-1700W – Compact ADF Scanner

5 Best Receipt Scanners Reviewed

We have a selected scanners from various price ranges.

1. Epson Workforce ES-500W – Recommended Choice for Bulk Scanning Receipts

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Epson WorkForce ES-500W Wireless Color Duplex...
  • Wirelessly scan to your smartphone, tablet or...
  • Get organized in a snap : scan up to 35...
  • Easily scan stacks of paper : robust 50 page...
  • Powerful software included : easy scanning...

Epson Workforce ES-500W is not a cheap scanner, however, for a small to medium enterprise, this is an exceptional device to have.

Basically, this is a high speed Automatic Document Feeder scanner that has the capacity to scan 35 pages per minute or 70 images per minute.

The ADF on this scanner has the capacity to hold 50 sheets at a time. This means that you can batch scan 50 receipts at a time automatically.

Being a duplex scanner, it can scan both sides of the documents.

This machine has a versatile support for paper type which includes normal A4 size documents, business cards, ID cards as well as receipts.

One of the most lucrative aspect of this scanner is its software that can automatically recognize different fields and objects on your scans as well as name them automatically.

This can save you time and frustration. Therefore, for creating a digital filing cabinet, this scanner can certainly help.

Finally, while most scanners lack WiFi, this includes this facility as well. You can connect to this scanner via the standard USB, WiFi and WiFi Direct. WiFi Direct allows you to directly interface the scanner with a mobile device.

All in all, if you need a robust option for your high volume receipt scanning needs, then this is among the best receipt scanners.

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2. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 – Compact Battery Powered Receipt Scanner with WiFi

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile...
  • Includes a 1-year Neat Premium license -...
  • One touch scanning with ScanSnap Cloud -...
  • Wi-Fi and USB connectivity - Scan wirelessly...
  • Built-in GI microprocessor performs...

If you need a completely portable solution, then this is certainly one of the best receipt scanners.

Note that this particular Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 comes with a year’s worth of Neat Software license.

Neat is a premium software for managing receipts, creating digital filing cabinet and or parse out information from your receipts.

With that said, this particular scanner is a battery operated scanner that can scan 260 documents per charge.

While the maximum scanning DPI of 600 isn’t high, for simple documents like receipts, it is more than enough.

Besides receipts, you can also scan business cards as well as your average A4 sized documents with this as well. The scanner can scan a single A4 sheet in 5.2 seconds.

While you can connect this scanner to your PC with the standard USB cable, it’s WiFi is the more obvious choice. With the WiFi and WiFi Direct option you can directly scan to your PC as well as to your mobile devices.

All in all, if you travel a lot and you want a scanner that can accompany you on your travels, then we recommend this as among the best receipt scanners.

3. Brother DS-720D – Budget Receipt Scanner

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Brother DS-720D Mobile Color Page Scanner,...
  • QUICK SCANNING: The Brother DS720D Mobile...
  • MULTIPLE MEDIA HANDLING: Easily scan photos,...
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: The sleek new design...
  • PRECISION SCANNING: The Brother DS 720D...

This scanner would appeal to two types of people: one who do not have a large receipt scanning volume, and second: those who do not have a high budget.

Scanners can get quite expensive and to pay a hefty sum just to scan receipts in the end does not seem like a great deal. In that case, this scanner can certainly come in handy.

Like the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 above, this is also a manual sheet fed scanner meaning you have to insert a single sheet at a time to scan.

The scanner can easily scan normal documents as well as up to rolls 32 inches long.

Other than the low price point, there are two highlights of this product. Firstly it is compact and lightweight and therefore quite portable.

Secondly, despite its cheap price tag, it has a duplex scanner which means that it can scan both sides of your receipts and documents automatically.

The scanner scans at the speed of 8 ppm (5 ppm if duplex scanning) which is quite slow, but for a budget scanner built for low volume scanning needs it is quite sufficient.

The connectivity options on this scanner are limited though. You can only use it via standard USB cable.

Also since this is an affordable scanner, it does not include a receipt management software. Therefore, while it can create readable and editable text files out of your receipts thanks to the OCR technology, you will have to parse the information yourself.

In the end, for limited scanning needs, this is one of the best receipt scanners in the market.

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4. Neat Company Neatdesk – Specialized Receipts Scanner with Robust Software

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The Neat Company NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and...
  • Eliminate the paper mess - scan receipts,...
  • Access and add your neat files from anywhere...
  • Keep all your information in one secure,...
  • Streamline your workflows by sending data to...

This is one of the most comprehensive solution for creating a digital filing cabinet. It is a specialized scanner built specifically for providing you ease of use for scanning receipts, business cards and documents.

For starters, you will notice that the scanner has three separate documents feeders. One for business cards, one for receipts and the last one for standard documents.

These separate trays can make your receipts scanning jos very easy.

You can scan 15 business cards, 15 receipts and 15 documents at a time. Alternatively, you can use the 50 sheet ADF to batch scan a 50 sheet document in one go at the speed of 24 ppm.

In addition to the hardware, the most lucrative feature about this scanner is the Neat Software itself. Neat is an exceptional software for digitizing your files and documents.

It can read information from your business cards, receipts as well as documents and create digital files for you. Therefore, whether you are creating a digital contact book or creating tax reports, this can help you parse all the information from documents.

The biggest drawback of this software is that it lacks WiFi and only allows connection via the standard USB cable.

This isn’t a huge drawback though, since a large devices as this isn’t really portable and intended for stationary use. This way cable connection won’t be an issue.

In the end, this scanner is built specifically for creating digital files out of your receipts. Therefore, you must have a lot of receipts to justify an investment in this device. For receipt scanning, this is among the best receipt scanners no doubt.

However, for document scanning purposes, there are plenty more great valued scanners available.

5. Brother ADS-1700W – Compact AD Scanner

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Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W,...
  • EASY-TO-USE AND SAVES TIMES - 2.8” color...

This is basically a combination of high speed scanners like the Epson Workforce ES-500W and portable scanners like the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100.

So basically, it offers an ADF like the Epson Workforce ES-500W, but at the same time also offers a compact form factor like the ScanSnap iX100. All this at a very affordable price tag.

However, while this is a jack of all trades, it is also a master of none. Meaning it is neither as fast as high speed scanner nor as portable as the battery operated options.

This is something that would interest micro or small office users that have moderate amount of receipts to scan on a daily basis. Thanks to its compact design, you can carry this anywhere with you as well.

With its form factor that can fit in your bag and WiFi connectivity, this scanner is definitely convenient to use.

This is a duplex scanner that can scan at speeds of 25 ppm. On top of that it has a 20 page ADF and therefore, you can batch scan 20 files and documents at a time.

Another great aspect about this devices is that it also includes a color 2.8″ touchscreen that can be used for accessing scanner settings.

On the downside though, while it does have dedicated slots of receipts and business cards, it’s software isn’t too robust. Therefore, do not expect the software to parse information from the receipts.

In the end, this is a mid range scanner and if you a ADF scanner but are not ready to dish out a hefty sum on high speed scanners, then this is among the best receipt scanners in the market.

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

How Does a Receipt Scanner be Better than a Flatbed?

For the specialized needs of business papers, receipts, and balance sheets, a receipt scanner works way better than a flatbed scanner.

Flatbed requires the acquisition of these documents one by one and the need to crop each receipt to its original size is time taking thus not suitable in any business environment.

On the other hand, a receipt scanner comes with all the necessary software and specialized hardware to organize these receipts professionally.

Learn more about the best flatbed scanners here.

Also learn about flatbed vs sheetfed scanners.

Types of Best Receipt Scanners

Receipt scanners come in two types.

Desktop Receipt Scanner

This one is like any other regular scanner. It sits in offices and does the job. It can be connected to your PC or Mobile through a Wireless or Wi-Fi system. These scanners help manage many receipts at a time as they have feeders for dealing with a batch of receipts at a time.

Mobile Receipt Scanners

These are portable receipt scanners that are slim and lightweight enough to be carried along while you are on the go. These scanners usually require a USB cable to charge, and you are ready to scan practically anywhere.

These scanners are excellent for salespersons, insurance agents, or any other professional that requires scanning documents and receipts on the spot.

Which Software is best for receipt management?

Almost all receipt scanners come with some receipt management software. Some software that you may look for in your best receipt scanner is

All these software extract details or data from your receipts and organize them so that you manage them in a better way.

Some benefits of Using Receipt Scanners

Some benefits of using a receipt scanner are.

Saves Time

It saves a lot of time. Data entry becomes easy. No need to manually enter data, you can simply transfer the information to any spreadsheet and commute expenses.

Saves Space

You don’t have to save the paper receipts. Saving receipts requires not only time and effort, but it covers considerable space at your desk or office. You can reduce the paper clutter by simply managing digital receipts. It helps you go paperless easily.

Financial Data can be Easily Processed

With digital receipts, you can process the data entries, commute expenses, or transfer them to your balance sheets more easily.


Saving digital receipts is easy and no risk or losing them at all. All your data is meticulously saved without missing anything. You can authorize people to access these details to enhance privacy.

Better Accessibility

You can access data or important details from anywhere in the world 24/7. If you are travelling, no need to carry along receipts of your travel expenses. Simply store them to your cloud service.

Add Metadata to Receipts

Adding metadata allows you to organize your receipts in a better way. You can easily find the record and commute data with its help. The best receipt scanners automatically convert the meta data for you.

For example, if you need to collect expense information from the last two weeks of a month or while you were away on a business trip, simply look in the relevant category instead of going through all record.

Finding Receipt/Information is Easy

Finding digital receipts is easy. You can search for a category like a date, place, or person. It is much easier than having to go through each receipt manually.

Export details to Accounting Software

Instead of manual entries, the best receipt scanner would extract the figures and export them to accounting software like QuickBooks, Tax turbo, or Excel sheets.


No matter the size of your business i.e small or large, you must definitely have a ton of receipts to scan on a daily basis.

If that is the case, then the specialized best receipt scanners are quite important if you want to save time.

They have the ability to read and convert all the data from a receipt into a convenient format to keep a digital record.

Besides that, receipts are very easy to lose. They can also wear and tear overtime. Plus with a huge archive of receipts, it would be a daunting task to find a particular receipt from the bunch should you ever have to.

A digital copy of the receipt not only serves as a permanent backup, but also helps you easily find a particular receipt.

As you may have noticed above, the scanners we have listed are all sheetfed scanners. In other words, we do not recommend flatbed scanners because the whole point here is to save time.