5 Best Photo Scanners for Mac 2019

Best Photo Scanners for MacOne of the many things you need to be careful while selecting a photo scanner is its compatibility.

The basic point is to see if it is compatible with the operating system you have at home or office.

Although most of the photo scanners are compatible with both Windows and Mac but you need to be sure enough while selecting as some go only with windows and may not work well with Mac.

So being a Mac user, make sure the scanner you are selecting is compatible with the Mac.

Fortunately, here we have listed the best photo scanners for Mac. They are affordable, versatile and compatible.

How to Choose the Right Scanner for Mac?

It needs to have special OS X drivers to work on a Mac system.

Not only that but you need to be sure that the software bundle it comes with are also compatible with the Mac.

List of Best Photo Scanners for Mac in 2019

Here we have selected some of the best photo scanners for Mac.

  1. Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo
  2. Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300
  3. Epson FastFoto FF-680W
  4. Doxie Flip
  5. Epson Perfection V370

Short Reviews of the Selected Scanners

Let’s take a look at these photo scanners in detail.

1. Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo

Epson Perfection V600 is an efficient flatbed scanner that is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

The scanner is a comprehensive solution for your all scanning needs. It can scan documents as well as photos to absolute clarity.

Epson V600 features 6400×9600 resolution for creating a bright, high-resolution scan of your photographs and negatives.

It offers 3.4 Dmax, which is excellent for scanning pictures with minute detail and sharp colors.

The scanner can deal with negatives, slides, or medium format films in its built-in transparency unit. It comes with all the image enhancement and document editing options to make your scanning process easy and convenient.

The ICE technology can edit your photos, making them more perfect and removing any stains, creases, or scratches. The scanner is excellent for document scanning as well and gives clear results both in color and black and white color modes.

If you are looking for an all rounder scanners, then this is one of the best photo scanners of Mac in 2019.

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2. Plustek Photo Scanner – photo Z300

Pulset Z300 is another good option that is compatible with Mac. It makes scanning and preserving your memories easy.

The scanning process is fast; you can scan one photo in about 2 seconds, which means you can scan about 3000 pictures in one afternoon.

The scanner allows you to preserve your memories forever. It can restore the faded photos, adjusting their colors and fixing the flaws.

Z300 can support several paper formats; it can scan business cards, greeting cards, photos of different sizes and can even scan thick paper photos without jamming the system.

The whole scanning process is automated for your convenience. Simply put the photos in its feeder and the scanner will automatically rotate, crop, or detect paper size or length. It’s a good option for scanning a lot of photos as it comes with a feeder.

If you need a simple sheetfed scanner over a Flatbed scanner, then this is one of the best photo scanners for Mac.

3. Epson FastFoto FF-680W

Epson FF-680W is another option for scanning a stack of old photos in a snap.

The photo scanner is compatible with Mac too. Its easy scanning process scans one photo per second.

It can scan different size of photos with absolute clarity and sharp colors.

FF-680W offers one-step technology that can scan both sides of photos simultaneously. The device can be operated wirelessly.

It allows you to scan directly to any cloud service like Dropbox, Google drive, or any file or folder of your choice. The scanner not only scans your photos but can scan your documents as well.

All in all, this is a robust machine and if you are looking for a fast, reliable and high quality sheetfed option, then this is one of the best photo scanners for Mac.

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4. Doxie Flip

Doxie Flip is a mobile flatbed scanner that is compatible for your Mac system.

The scanner can scan photos, sketchbooks, artwork, documents, business cards, or different size of paper formats easily.

Its versatile transparency unit allows pocketbooks, notebooks, or old photo albums.

The lid is removable, and you can scan artwork or 3D objects as well.

Doxie flip comes with software for managing your workflow. You can scan and share them online or save in a cloud service. The scanner offers useful features like Auto Stitch for artwork that cannot be scanned in one piece. Doxie Flip is a great photo scanner with many useful features.

As far as portability goes, this is among the best photo scanners for Mac.

5. Epson Perfection V370

Epson V370 is a basic option for your photo scanning needs. It can scan negatives, 35mm films, slides or photos.

The scans can be saved to the cloud service of your choice. With its 4800×9600 resolution,  you can trust the device for sharp color contrasts and can create enlargements without affecting the quality of the picture.

The scanner comes with Archsoft Scan-n-stitch option for scanning oversized pictures or artwork. The friendly user interface makes the process of scanning easy for you.

You can scan albums, artwork, or 3D objects. The lid is wide enough and can even be remained open for adjusting the albums or 3D objects. The scanner can also fix the faded colors or perform other editing tasks as well.

This is fairly affordable option. However, beyond that, if you have negative films to scan, then this is one of the best photo scanners for Mac.

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Things to consider while buying a photo scanner for Mac

The basic criterion is, of course, to look for a scanner that is compatible with the Mac system as well as windows. Besides, there are a few things that you  need to consider:

Flatbed or Automatic feeder

Choosing a photo scanner from flatbed or automatic feeder depends on individual needs.

The flatbed offers great quality and has some specialized features for photo scanning. ADFs are good if you have a lot of photos to digitize.

Resolution and Dmax

A photo scanner with high resolution and Dmax offers great picture quality and captures the fine details from the original picture.

So make sure the device you are going to buy comes with good resolution and Dynamic range.

Picture Editing and Enhancement tools

Photo scanner comes with the latest technology for fixing your scans. These editing tools are handy for restoring old photograph’s colors and removing scratches or stains from the picture.


Speed of a scanner becomes a deciding factor if you have a lot of scanning need. You can choose an automatic feeder too if you have a lot of photos to scan.

Size of paper

Also, see a scanner you are choosing can deal with all size of papers too. You might need to scan different size of papers from pocket size photographs to oversize enlarge photos.

As the scanner is a one-time investment, a device capable of scanning all types and sizes of papers is a good choice.

Compact Design

Size of the scanner also matters, especially if you have a small workplace or accommodation. A sleek and compact design will be more suitable, and you don’t need to dedicate any extra space for the scanner.

Wireless Connectivity

You need not place the scanner on your desk along with the system. With wireless connectivity, you can connect the scanner from anywhere, and it also allows you to authorize more than one users to use the scanner.

Different users can scan the documents or photos from where they are through a wireless connection.


Here we looked at the Best Photo Scanners for Mac. Photo scanners are different from document scanners.

The documents scanners are more focused on speed and getting the text readability right. Photo scanners, on the other hand, tend to capture the best color detail in a photo.

We looked at various kind of Photo Scanners for Mac here. We looked at budget options as well as mid range options.

We looked at portable as well as bulkier scanners. We also looked at Flatbed and Sheetfed scanners.