5 Best High Speed Scanners: Reviewed For Home & Office

Scanning speed matters a lot for busy organizations. And why not? Time is money.

It especially matters when you regularly have a large volume of documents to scan.

Hi-speed scanner are not just suitable for businesses and organization, they are also preferred by individuals and archivists.

As such, here we will talk about the 5 best high speed scanners. Some are suitable for large organization where as others are affordable and thus great for personal use.

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How is Speed on Scanners Measured?

The speed at which a scanner can scan documents is measured in pages per minute(ppm) and images per minute (ipm).

However, ppm is not standardized, and the manufacturer can use a different method of calculating it.

On the other hand, ipm is a standardized measure backed by the International Organization of Standardization (IOS).

Let’s see how ppm can be different from ipm:

  • Page Per Minute:
    Page per minute refers to the scanner’s ability to scan pages per minute. In simplex scanners, ppm and ipm are equal, so only ppm is used.
  • Image Per Minute:
    In duplex scanners, you pull through the page at the same rate, but two images are captured from both sides. Therefore ipm is used. Though duplex scanner can slightly increase the processing time but it is negligible and duplex speed is always written as double of simplex speed.

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List Of The Best High Speed Scanners

We have selected the following scanners on the merit of speed, performance, and efficiency.

  1. 1
    Visioneer Patriot H60 – Fastest Scanner – Heavy Duty
  2. 2
    Brother ADS3000N – Fairly Fast and Robust Network Scanner
  3. 3
    Epson WorkForce ES-400 – Essential Office High Speed Scanner
  4. 4
    Brother ADS-2700W – Essential WIFI Office High Speed Scanner
  5. 5
    Epson FastFoto FF-680W – Specialized Fast Scanner for Photos

You will notice that most, if not all, of the scanners here are sheetfed with an ADF.

This is obvious since manual scanning on flatbed or manual feed scanner takes time.

5 Best High Speed Scanners Reviewed

1. Visioneer Patriot H60 – Fastest Scanner – Heavy Duty

Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner with...
  • FAST SCANNING: Duplex scanner with 120-page...
  • QUICK ORGANIZATION: Get organized fast by...
  • FLEXIBLE MEDIA HANDLING: Scan photos,...

This is, hands down, one of the fastest, if not the fastest, scanners in the market. However, there is a lot more to this scanner than just high speed.

For starters, know that this is a very expensive scanner. It is best suited for very large enterprises that have a huge scanning volume on a daily basis.

The feature that will of course interest you is its speed of 65 ppm and 130 ipm at 300 DPI. This is ridiculously fast.

What makes this an industry grade sheetfed scanner is its 10,000 pages daily duty cycle. Most sheetfed scanners only have a fraction of this (3000 nominal daily duty cycle).

Besides that, it has a huge 120 pages ADF capacity. Therefore, you can batch scan a whopping 120 pages at a time. Most conventional sheetfed scanners top at 50 pages ADF.

In addition to that, it offers rich features like duplex scanning, and continuous scanning size of 9.5 inch wide and 236 inches length (track paper scanning).

Therefore, for corporate offices, legal department, health care facilities that need a sturdy and a high grade scanner, this is one of the best high speed scanners in the market.

2. Brother ADS3000N – Fairly Fast and Robust Network Scanner

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Brother ADS3000N High-Speed Network Document...
  • QUICK SCANNING: This high-speed document...
  • FLEXIBLE MEDIA HANDLING: Scan photos,...
  • KOVAK VRS CERTIFIED: An image processing...
  • NETWORK SCANNING: Wired Gigabit Ethernet...

This is yet another sheetfed scanner that has a higher than average scanning speeds.

This scanner offers a 50 ppm or a 100 ipm scanning speed at 300 DPI. Besides that, it offers and ADF with an average capacity of 50 sheets.

Therefore, as compared to Visioneer Patriot H60 above, this isn’t as advanced. However, it also costs much cheaper which makes it a fair bargain.

Basically, this is high speed network scanner. Thus it comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port that makes it essential for large offices with many computers connected to a network.

Like all sheetfed scanners of this price and category, this is also a duplex scanner. However, it offers a much better paper handling features as compared to the average options.

Not only can it support embossed plastic ID cards, it can also scan long records and multiple pages as long as 196 inches.

Besides that it offers USB flash drive support as well as plenty of robust features such as paper jam sensor, continuous scanning mode etc.

All in all, if you are looking for a very fast but a cheaper scanner than the Visioneer Patriot H60 above, then this is one of the best high speed scanners of 2019.

You must note that this scanner has another variant i.e the Brother ImageCenter ADS-2800W. This is also a network scanner but also includes WIFI.

The only drawback it has against this ADS-3000N is that it is a bit slower. However, its much cheaper price tag makes it worth checking out.

3. Epson WorkForce ES-400 – Essential Office High Speed Scanner

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Epson WorkForce ES-400 Color Duplex Document...
  • Get organized in a snap scan upto 35 ppm/70...
  • Easily scan stacks of paper robust 50 page...
  • Powerful software included easy scanning with...
  • Compatible with most software the included...

This Epson, ES-400 is an essential, cost effective and user friendly scanner and thus it is perfect for home or small offices

While the two scanners mentioned above are expensive and suitable for large enterprises, this should be very light on your pocket.

Whether you are going paperless or whether you have to scan a bunch of documents reliably, this scanner seems to take the lead in the reviews.

The reliable scanner boasts of a speed of 35 ppm/70 ipm with one-step technology which captures both sides of the paper.

Sure this isn’t the fastest scanner, but you have to realize that it costs a fraction of the industry grade sheetfed scanner as we saw above.

The ADF allows you to feed 50 pages at once, which is the standard even for more advanced scanners.

Despite its price though, it comes with user friendly features like OCR, synchronization features with cloud services, and double feed detection system that avoids misfeeds.

All in all, while this may not be the most advanced scanner out there, for its price, this is certainly one of the best high speed scanners in the market.

4. Brother ADS-2700W – Essential WIFI Office High Speed Scanner

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Brother Wireless High-Speed Desktop Document...
  • VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY: The Brother Wireless...
  • 2. 8″ COLOR TOUCHSCREEN: The LCD display...

While the Epson WorkForce ES-400 above is an essential and cost effect office printer, it unfortunately lacks WiFi. That is where this scanner comes into play.

Brother ADS-2700W is an affordable high speed network scanner that offers both Ethernet as well as WiFi Connectivity.

As such, for a large office with many computers placed a distance, the connectivity features on this scanner will sure come in handy.

Besides that, it features the same 35 ppm / 70 ipm scanning speed as the Epson WorkForce ES-400 above and also offers a 50 sheet document feeder.

Aside from the speed and network connectivity, it features two very lucrative specs that can enhance the ease of use.

Firstly it offers USB Flash Drive support for scanning directly to it. Secondly, it features a large 2.8″ color touchscreen for easy navigation.

Finally, for all its features, it is surprisingly quite well priced.

5. Epson FastFoto FF-680W – Specialized Fast Scanner for Photos

Epson FastFoto FF-680W Wireless High-Speed...
  • World’s Fastest Personal Photo Scanner (1)...
  • Preserve Your Priceless Photos — restore,...
  • Share Stories for Future Generations — use...
  • Perfect Picture Imaging System — bring new...

Espon FastFoto FF-680 is perhaps one of the fastest scanners in the market dedicated for photos.

What sets this apart from the rest of the high speed scanners its versatility.

While this is marketed as a dedicated photo scanner, it works equally well for documents as well.

The scanner has a speed of 45 ppm or 90 at 300 DPI – higher DPI setting for photos or documents will take longer to scan.

With a speed like this you can scan thousands of photos and documents within minutes. As such it is essential especially great for photo archivists.

Furthermore, this a duplex scanner, and it can scan both sides. Thus, with this you can also save the little notes at the back of your old pictures as well.

One of the main distinctive features of this sheetfed scanner compared to the average office based variants is that it includes technology like SafeTouch which prevents any damage to your precious photos.

This is essential if you have a collection of old and worn out photos. Plus, it includes a large array of features for photo correction and enhancing.

In the end while this is a high speed scanner, it is actually ideal for Photos.

Its photo enhancing features makes it expensive and therefore it may not be the best option for offices and for mere document scanning.

However, if you are a Photo editor / archivist, then this is one of the best high speed scanners for you.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Other Factors That Can Affect the Speed of Your Scanner

While here we have tried our best to list the best high speed scanners, scanning speed can be affected by myriad of other factors.

Scanning speed is measured and given as ppm and ipm, but other factors can also contribute to the processing time. Some of these factors are discussed here.

Response Time Between a Scanner and a Web Application

One of the common reasons for the slow scan is the response time between the scanner and the web application or software.

An average of 200ms on the best high speed scanners can be considered a reasonable and good response time; anything less is even better and more can slow down the scanning process.

For example, if a scanner takes 30 minutes to complete a scan with an average response time of 200ms, it may take an hour to complete the task with a response time of 400ms.

Some Issues that May Cause a High Response Time can be:

There are certainly more issues that can hinder the performance of the best high speed scanners.

Web Server Performance:

Performance of your CPU, memory, hardware access can affect the scanning speed if it is taking too long to process. An upgrade version can solve the problem.

Database Performance:

Database performance also depends on the capability of your computer system. You can optimize the system, so it takes less time to execute the queries.

Network Performance:

Make sure your network connections are fast and speedy. A slow network connection can also slow down your scanning performance if it is receiving instructions through networking or wireless.

Scan Speed:

Scan speed is by default set to fast in scanners, but it may not suit your needs. In some cases, it’s a better idea to put scanning speed on a slower setting. A fast scan will send a concurrent request to the web server. This can congest your system with too many requests and may take longer to respond.

Slow scanning speed can mitigate this issue. Your network should be fast enough to handle the multiple requests at the same time; then you can make use of fast scanning speed.

Firewalls, IDs, or Network Firewall Interference:

If you are using these applications on your system it can also increase the response time, as every incoming request on your web server will be thoroughly analyzed by these applications.


In this article we looked at some of the best high speeds scanners in the market. We looked at both industry grade options as well as options that are suitable for individual as well as small enterprises.

What sets these scanners apart from the average flatbed scanners is that they have an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and duplex scanning that allows batch scanning automatically of both sides.

Unfortunately, high speed sheetfed scanners with an ADF, as we saw above, are much more expensive than a flatbed scanner.

Nevertheless, if you have a large volume of documents to scan on a daily basis, the high speeds scanners are the way to go.