5 Best Business Card Scanners

Best Business Card ScannersExchange of business cards is a routine practice in business and professional life.

Whether you are attending seminars, meeting new clients, or trying to find the right pitch for your products, networking is important.

If you spend a lot of time networking and exchanging cards, then the best business card scanners listed here will interest you.

Staying in touch with the relevant companies and persons can yield benefits for your business growth and opens new horizons of business. Exchange of Business cards is the quickest way of establishing new contacts.

But saving these business cards and retrieving them at the right time when you need them can be tedious with old methods of storing information. This is where a business Card scanner comes in handy.

How does a Business Card Scanner work?

A business card scanner is designed for the specific need for storing and organizing your contacts.

A regular scanner may not work that well with business cards. Unlike normal paper sheets, business cards are often thick and may come in odd shapes.

A Business card scanner can handle these cards with different thickness and on the top are geared with all the necessary apps and software to read, enlist, and organize your contact list.

List of Best Business Card Scanners

We have selected following scanners for handling  your business cards.

  1. The Neat Company Neatdesk – The Efficient One
  2. Epson Workforce ES-500WR – The Convenient One
  3. PenPower WorldCard Pro – Arguably the Best Business Card Scanner
  4. Ambir DP667 – The Portable One
  5. CardScan Executive v8 – Budget Friendly Option

Short Reviews of Selected Business Card Scanners

Let’s look at these selected scanners in detail.

1. The Neat Company Neatdesk – The Efficient One

This desktop scanner can handle your all business contacts in a very professional and organized way.

It is specially designed to manage your business cards, receipts, or even documents.

Equipped with the latest technology like OCR and ITR, it can read data from your cards and important information accurately.

Neatdesk offers 600 dpi resolution that allows you to save your cards even as JPEG or PDF files. It can export the data to your accounting apps like QuickBooks, Excel sheets, or Quicken.

Its efficient system exports business cards to your address book so that finding information about a particular contact becomes easy and convenient.

No risk of losing some important contact or forgetting under the piles of other business cards. Neatdesk offers an easy and secure solution to manage your business contacts.

Since this is a scanner that is also great for receipts, you may also want to learn about the best receipt scanners.

2. Epson Workforce ES-500WR – The Convenient One

Ed-500WR is a convenient way of organizing your business life. The scanner is designed to cater your accounts, finances, and contacts with equal efficiency.

Its premium accounting features allow you to export your invoices, receipts, or business cards to the relevant apps like your contact list, spreadsheets, QuickBooks, or Turbo Tax.

The versatile scanner captures both sides of cards or documents with its duplex scanning option.

It can connect with your PC, Tablet, Or Mobile through a wireless system. It offers many smart tools for sorting out and storing critical information for later use.

The scanner comes with TWAIN drivers that make it compatible with almost all paper handling applications.

While this is an expensive machine, it is not just limited to business card scanning. If you are looking for an all purpose scanner, then this is the best business card scanner.

This is a high speed sheet fed scanner. Learn about such scanners here.

3. PenPower WorldCard Pro – Arguably the Best Business Card Scanner

This one is an exclusive business card scanner and brings a lot of efficiency in your contact handling.

Its tilting mailbox entrance allows you to put in business cards easily.

A tilting closure protects your scanner from getting dust or debris.

The scanner scans your business cards, recognizes them, and saves information to your Address book or Microsoft Outlook. It features a complete set of management functions for editing information or assigning categories.

Data import or export to your preferred application or software becomes easy and convenient. Its OCR system recognizes more than 24 languages. Finding contacts become easy with advanced search functions.

You can click the websites on a business card and can directly contact them. No doubt, it makes your contact handling convenient and organized.

This machine is certainly the best business card scanner. Unfortunately, since it only has a singular purpose, it may seem a bit expensive.

4. Ambir DP667 Card Scanner – The Portable One

DP667 by Ambir is a slim scanner that can easily fit anywhere. Its portable size and weight allow you to carry it everywhere with you.

The professional quality scanner is designed to handle all sorts of business cards. The scanner is USB charged and can work in any condition with or without electricity.

With 600 dpi resolution, you can expect scanning results nothing less than perfection.

The business cards are captured with their graphic designs, and its efficient OCR system reads the data, sorts it out, and saves it to relevant fields.

Besides business cards, the scanner can handle certificates, driving license, insurance cards, embossed cards, photos, and all other types of cards.

The scanner can even capture receipts and save them as PDF files. It’s a simple and smart solution for your all basic scanning relating business cards and other certificates.

5. CardScan Executive v8 Card Scanner – Budget Friendly Option

CardScan Executive is a business card scanner and comes with all the features for contact management.

The scanner can be synchronized with your Mobile, Microsoft Outlook, PDAs, or other devices that save contacts.

You can easily drag and drop data from email or any webpages, and the contact is saved in the exact field with CardScan’s software. It is a business card reader and scanner that has an online backup and updating service.

Beside mere scanning, CardScan software offers “how to” tips for better contact managing and provides a solution for extracting, exporting, and enlisting the contacts to their relevant field so that finding them becomes easy and convenient.

If you are looking for an affordable option, then this is the best business card scanner.



Things to Consider While Buying a Business Card Scanner

If you are looking for a specific scanner for business card, the following points should be well considered before you select a particular one.

Scanning Capability

Business cards come with all kinds of graphics and may have different card type, shape, or even texture.

Some business cards have embossed surfaces, so while selecting, make sure the scanner is capable enough to deal with all types of sizes, shapes, or thickness of business cards.

It should be able to import the logos of companies as well. Luckily, the best business card scanners listed here are compatible with most forms and shapes of cards.

Features for Storing Contacts

The best business card scanners should not only capture the images of cards, but they should be equipped with all the necessary features for sorting out the information on a business card and storing it in an organized manner.

It should also allow you to import or export data or information to other relevant software or applications for your convenience.

Another important feature is to crop and skew the business card image so that a clean and crisp copy of the card is saved in your system.


Scanning business card is something you expect to do a lot in a short time while moving around or doing other important tasks.

So it should be a simple procedure that requires little to no time or effort.


The scanner should not only be compatible with your PC, but for easily importing and exporting data, it should be compatible with your Mobile Device and to the other applications you might be used for contact management.


The best business card scanners should be able to integrate with your other contact managing applications for easily importing or exporting data.

They can only store the information to relevant fields if it is capable of integrating with specific software.


A portable scanner will be easy to carry. You can place it in a handbag or simply in the dashboard of your car.

So a portable device is much useful, especially if your work involves a lot of business trips. Even in your workplace, a portable device will cover less space.

Some Benefits of Using a Business Card Scanners

Some of the benefits include,

Reduce Paper Clutter

The best business card scanners can help you paperless.

You might receive many business cards in a day. And saving them all can cover a lot of space at your desk.

Using a Business card scanner reduces the paper clutter at your desk and leave you more organized.

Learn more about scanners for going paperless.

Better Organized and Accessible

With different available software of contact management, all the business cards are organized in a very professional way.

Finding these contacts also becomes easy. With specific categories and fields, you can get your desired information within seconds.

Easy Sharing

You may need to share contact information with your other team members, and a business card scanner makes sharing information easy and hassle-free.

Import and export of digital data is more convenient than finding information from the piles of cards, coping it, and then sending it to someone else.

If your contacts are managed on a shared device, then every authorized person will have direct access to your contact list.

Long-Term Storage

Unlike the paper printed business cards that can be easily misplaced or lost, the best business card scanners create a digital asset that is stored forever.

Paper print cards also fade over time, but with business card scanners they are stored in digital form that is good to use as long as you need them. There is no risk of fading, losing, or forgetting an important contact with time.

Business card scanner helps you efficiently manage your contacts. Some regular scanners allow you to scan business cards too, but they are not specifically designed for business cards and may not offer the same useful features and advantages that a business card scanner provides.

In this time of technology, you don’t have to stick to old methods of storing or networking when you can do it more conveniently through these business card scanners.


All in all, there are basically two types of best business card scanners that you can get. The first are all rounder conventional scanners that can office documents as well.

On the other hand, there are the dedicated card scanners. They are small, compact and relatively cheaper. The dedicated card scanners are marginally quicker and more specialized.

If you exchange a ton of business card, then the dedicated business card scanners are worth it.