5 Best 8mm Film Scanners

Best 8mm Film Scanners8mm film format revitalize history, and if you have some of them, probably the best advice you can get is to digitize these films. Preserve the treasure before it gets wasted.

These films are not only preserved forever in digital form, but they can be better shared and enjoyed too.

You can store them to any cloud service and can expect to preserve them forever.

For that purpose, you would need one of the best 8mm film scanners.

What is an 8mm Film Scanner?

Long before the digital cameras. 8mm or super 8mm films were used to record some special moments.

These films were used to record home videos so they have precious memories that would give a hint of how life used to be years back in the 1930s.

These priceless films should be better preserved before they fade or lose quality.

List of Best 8mm Film Scanners

Not all scanners are capable of scanning the 8mm films. Therefore, we have selected some of the best scanners for scanning 8mm films.

  1. Wolverine MovieMaker-PRO – 8mm & Super 8 Reels to Digital
  2. Eyesen 8mm Digitizer
  3. Wolverine MovieMaker
  4. KODAK SCANZA – Digital Film & Slide Scanner
  5. KODAK Mini – Digital Film & Slide Scanner

1. Wolverine MovieMaker-PRO – 8mm & Super 8 Reels to Digital

Wolverine MovieMaker-PROThis Woverine’s film scanner is a fully automatic digitizer for converting your 8mm films. It will revitalize your 8mm or super 8 films that are degrading with time.

Wolverine’s film scanner is an easy to use device that would give the best results to your 8mm films.

The digital movie maker has a fully automatic apparatus and offers frame by frame digitizing for high-quality digital conversion. The device works as a stand-alone machine that does not need any computer or other device attached.

It scans the films and stores them directly to any SD cards. You can convert the 8mm film recordings into MP-4 digital files. The device is compatible with Windows, Mac or any other operating system.

If you are a professional with loads of films to scan, then this is, hand’s down, the best 8mm film scanner.

2. Eyesen 8mm Digitizer

Eyesen 8mm DigitizerThis is another simple option for converting your 8mm or super 8 recordings into digital files.

The moviemaker film scanner comes with everything you need for film scanning.

With its 3.53 megapixels image sensors, the scanner can convert 8mm or super 8mm films into MP4 files.

The scanner offers great compatibility options. You can connect it to Windows, Mac, or any operating system for the film scanning. You can create the backups of your precious videos on your computer.

The scanner comes with a built-in LCD screen for reviewing the clips. You can playback the clips in true crisp and bright colors, and thus you don’t need to attach the device to any computer system.

It is capable of working as a stand-alone device. The scanner offers an easy and convenient solution for scanning your 8mm films.

While this 8mm film scanner has received a share of negative reviews, it is still a top seller.

3. Wolverine MovieMaker

Wolverine MovieMakerThis one is another better 8mm film scanner option from Wolverine. The digitizer converts your 8mm films into digital files with a simple process. The converter also allows you to save the files in SD cards.

The device offers a fully automatic apparatus for digitizing your films. The frame by frame digitizing gives high-quality digital conversion to your files.

You can playback the recordings on your TV through a TV cable. The converter features an LCD screen for reviewing the clips before saving.

4. KODAK SCANZA – Digital Film & Slide Scanner

KodakThis one is an advanced 8mm film scanner that is capable enough to give professional results to your 8mm films.

Not only it can deal with your 8mm or super 8 films, but can be utilized as a slide scanner for your 35mm, 110, 126, films and other file formats.

The Kodak Scanza offers onscreen instructions that make the scanning and digitizing process easy for you. Even a home user can follow the easy step by step instructions.

You can save the scanning results to any SD card. The device comes with an adapter so that you can use it anywhere around the world. The high definition color display allows you to see the scanning results before saving the files.

The scanner comes with all the required cables for connecting it to the TV or computer. The intuitive user interface includes helpful trays for editing, browsing gallery, or adjusting the RGB resolution. It’s a convenient option for giving digital life to your films.

Also check out what slide scanners are.

5. KODAK Mini – Digital Film & Slide Scanner

KODAK MiniThis one is a mini digital film and slide scanner by Kodak that can digitize your 8mm films easily.

Its portable and compact design makes it easy to place anywhere for quick operation. You can convert the film scans into MP4 or JPEG files for your convenience.

The small but mighty device comes with an LCD screen for reviewing the scanning results. The simple user interface makes the digitizing process easy with just one press buttons.

The device can cater a range of your films or slides other than the 8mm films. It can scan the 35mm films, 110, 120, 126, or other file formats too. Not only you can view the images on its screen but can also perform some editing and image enhancement as well.

You can use the flip or reverse functions for changing the image orientation. The easy navigation buttons make the film scanner convenient for home scanning. It’s a great device that performs well and gives excellent results.

If you do not have a large volume of films, then this is a great budget option for an 8mm film scanner.

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What are the types of 8mm films?

8mm films can be found in different types.

Standard 8mm film:

Released before World War 1, the measure refers to the width of the film strip.

Double 8:

These are effectively called the 16 mm films.

Super 8 Films

Launched in 1965, super 8 film is an upgraded and superior version of 8mm films.

Single 8 films

These are a different version of super 8 films. Introduced by the Fuji; it is contained within a different cassette.

Do 8mm films have sound?

If you have old 8mm films, then chances of them having sound are very slim. Still, you can check the magnetic strip and see if it has gold or copper along the same side as sprocket holes. It has the chances of having sound with these gold and copper strip holes.

What file formats are good for digitizing with 8mm film scanner?

You can choose any file formats like motion JPEG, MP4, Avi, MOV. MP4 is good for web sharing, especially if you want to share your film with your friends and family.

How to Clean your 8mm film before converting it?

Cleaning your 8mm film before scanning is important. It may have gathered dust with time. It can be dry, curled up, with dust particles.

These scratches and dust particles can impair the quality of your video.

For cleaning, take a silicon cloth and fold it like a pad. Clean both sides of the film with the padded cloth. Be careful or you You may break any part if it is folded or brittle.