5 Best Printers Under $200 for Quality Printing

Under $200 is a pretty good price range for both home and micro office use printers. You can find plenty of great gems at this price tag.

From laser printers to office inkjets, under $200 has much to offer. However, as is the case with everything, you get what you pay for.

Therefore, do not get these printers in hopes of serving a large office. Also do not expect these printers to offer your studio grade print quality.

Fortunately, most of the printers in this price range are truly winners among their customers. From the compact AIO HP LaserJet Pro M29W to the affordable Canon Pixma TS9520 photo printer, you have a lot options to choose from.

Here we have rounded up some of the best printers under $200.

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Comparison Table of Top Printers Under $200 Price Range


Product Name


No. Inks



Speed (PPM)

Check Price

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Wireless...

AIO, Inkjet, ADF



USB, Ethernet, WiFi, WiFi Direct, USB Thumb Drive

20 mono
11 color

Brother 2764645 HL-L2370DW USB Wireless...

Monochrome Laserjet



USB, Ethernet, WiFi, WiFi Direct


Canon PIXMA TS9520 All In one Wireless...

Wide Format Inkjet Photo Printer



USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD Card

15 mono
10 color

Brother HL-L3230CDW Compact Digital Color...

Color Laser Printer



USB, Ethernet, WiFi and WiFi Direct


HP LaserJet Pro M29w Wireless All-in-One...

Compact AIO Monochrome Laser Printer



USB, WiFi, WiFi Direct


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List of Best Printers Under $200 in 2020

Here is a list of some of the best printers under $200.

  1. 1
    HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 – Budget Printer – Recommended for Great Value
  2. 2
    Brother HL-L2370DW – Budget Monochrome Laser Printer
  3. 3
    Canon PIXMA TS9520 – Affordable Photo Printer
  4. 4
    Brother HL-L3210CW – Color Laser Printer
  5. 5
    HP LaserJet Pro M29w – Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Let’s look at these selected printers in detail.

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 – Budget Printer – Recommended for Great Value

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Wireless...
  • Main functions of this HP color inkjet photo...
  • Easily print when and where you need to from...
  • Ink delivered to your home: get your first 2...
  • Built for business; produce fast...

In our opinion, this printer offers the best value for money in the current market. From its sleek design to a highly functional set of specs, we believe this is among the best printers under $200.

For starters, printers aren’t really procured for how they look – at least that is what traditions entail. This printer, however, challenges that notion by offering a sleek form factor worthy of being called an eye candy.

Looks, though, are not the reason why you would want to buy this. Instead, the real reason is its set of features.

One of the best aspects about this printer is that it makes you eligible to subscribe to the HP’s Instant Ink Service. This service can significantly lower your operating costs.

As such, the operating cost can go as low as 3.3 cents per page (monochrome and colored). This is considered fairly cheap among printers.

Other than that, this printer offers a large 255 sheet carrying capacity making it more than a home use printer. You can use this easily for your micro or home office as well.

Another highly lucrative feature it offers is the AIO capability. Being an All in One printer, it can scan and copy as well. But the significant feature in this department is that it includes an ADF with double sided scanning facility.

This duplex scanning ADF, that too at such a low price, put this on a different level compared to its competitors.

The ADF has a capacity of 35 sheet. Therefore, you can batch scan 35 sheets at a time.

Additionally, the printer offers decent speed with 20 page per minute for mono and 11 ppm for colored prints.

Finally, you get a host of connectivity features including standard USB, Ethernet, WiFi and WiFi Direct. It also includes front USB port for thumb drive printing. To facilitate in connectivity and settings, it also includes a comfortable colored touchscreen.

With all these feature combines at a such a low price tag, it no surprise that this is among the best printers under $200 range.

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2. Brother HL-L2370DW – Budget Monochrome Laser Printer

On Sale Today
Brother 2764645 HL-L2370DW USB Wireless...
  • Sold as 1 Each.
  • Laser Printer
  • B/W Laser Technology
  • Monochrome print speeds of up to 36 pages per...

This one is a monochrome printer that best suits offices with document printing needs. Two important features set this apart from the rest of the monochrome printers: compact size and a fast print speed.

If you are familiar with the previous Brother HL-L2350 printer, then you must note that this is an upgraded version of that amazing machine.

While the L2350 provided only 32ppm print speed and did not support Ethernet connection. This particular version offers a faster 36 ppm as well as Ethernet Connection along with USB, WiFi and WiFi Direct.

Furthermore, to add to the awesome value of this printing, it is also among the few budget monochrome printers that also offers duplex printing. As such, you can print your documents on both sides automatically and thus save up on paper cost.

The print cost per single sheet is 3.5 cents. This is average. It is neither cheap nor too expensive. However, if you consider the economical price tag, then this deal becomes quite lucrative.

The printer also a has manual slot to feed a variety of paper types and sizes. You can easily print labels, envelops, and legal documents along with your other documents.

All in all, for offices with a lot of monochrome document printing this is one of the best printers under $200.

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3. Canon PIXMA TS9520 – Affordable Photo Printer

Canon PIXMA TS9520 All In one Wireless...
  • The PIXMA TS9520 has a 5 Color Individual Ink...
  • You can print from all your favorite devices,...
  • With 11 inches x 17 inches paper support,...
  • For numbers listed in product description see...

Canon Pixma TS9520 is an exceptional printer with the potential to print high quality wide format documents and photos.

What separates this printer from the rest here is the 5 ink system this printer uses. Therefore, unlike the conventional printers that use 4 different ink colors, the extra ink in this produces much better quality prints.

Also since this is a wide format printer, it can support A3 / Tabloid sized paper as well.

Another highly lucrative feature on this printer its AIO functionality. While being a photo printer, you can use it for your home or office scanning needs as well.

This is because, along with a flatbed scanner, it also offers a 20 sheet ADF scanner as well. Therefore, you can batch scan upto 20 sheets at a time. Unfortunately though, while it does offer duplex printing, it lacks duplex scanning.

The printer has a speed of about 15 ppm and 10 ppm for monochrome and color prints respectively.

It does have a higher operating costs due to its specialized 5 ink system, however, if you want great quality prints than the higher cost of prints is justifiable.

Connectivity wise, it offers a variety of methods including USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and also SD card support. Note that while it does not offer WiFi Direct for mobile printing, the Bluetooth can most certainly substitute for that.

Finally, one important feature that may interest you is the IFTTT script support which technically makes this a smart printer. With IFTTT you can perform hands-free printing by programming simple automated tasks.

All in all, we find this printer to be a complete package and therefore, there is no reason why we would not recommend this as among the best printers under $200.

4. Brother HL-L3230CW – Color Laser Printer

Brother HL-L3230CDW Compact Digital Color...

Color laser printers are not cheap to come by so this printer being offered at less than $200 is a surprise for us as well.

For starters you must know that while the monochrome printing cost at 2.6 cents per page is fairly cheap, the 15.6 cents per page color printing cost is quite expensive. Therefore, you will be limited to using the color printer for absolutely necessary prints.

Secondly, as a printer, this offers fairly great specs. While it does not offer the AIO functionality like the more expensive color printers like the Canon MF644Cdw, for its price, it tends to cover all the bases for a home user as well as for micro offices.

It offers a decent sheet capacity of 250, has a monthly recommended print volume of 1500 sheets, has a 25 page per minute speed for both mono and color prints and offers a decent array of connectivity option.

The printer offers standard USB, Ethernet, WiFi and WiFi Direct interfacing option.

Another important feature to note here is that it also offers automatic duplex printing. The older variant of this printer did not have the duplex printing option.

Basically, this is a an affordable color laser printer. The benefit of laser printers are many. They offer better quality text and photo prints. They are faster and they have a toner that can last for a long time before expiring.

With all these pros, we believe that if you are adamant on getting a color laser printer, then this is among the best printers under $200 for you.

5. HP LaserJet Pro M29w – Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M29w Wireless All-in-One...
  • Fast print speeds – prints up to 19 pages...
  • Mobile printing – The HP Smart app allows...
  • Reliability wireless connectivity – built...

This peculiar little printer offers some of the most unique features in the market. HP calls this the world’s smallest all-in-one laser printer and rightful so. With dimensions as 14.2 x 10.4 x 7.8 (WxHxD) inches and weighing about 11.9 pounds, this printer really does set a standard for compactness.

As such, this printer is highly suitable for offices with limited space or for those who prefer compact objects to promote cleanliness and elegance in their working environment.

Coming to core features, this is a monochrome printer that also has a flatbed scanner that can be used for scanning and copying. The scanner does not offer an ADF though. Therefore all scans will have to be done manually.

The printer prints at speed of about 19 pages per minute, which is considered slow for a laserjet.

Connectivity wise, this printer offers USB, WiFi, and WiFi direct options.

As you can see, while this printer really does have an edge against its competitors in terms of compactness, it offers the bear minimum specs.

The printer lacks Ethernet, has a relatively slow speed, and does not offer auto duplex printing or scanning.

However, with a price tag as cheap as this, you can’t really ask for more. AIO on a monochrome printer is a rare feature. Yet to have it on such a small form factor is worth noting.

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Laser Printer or Inkjet: Which is Better?

One of the first choice we have to make while selecting a good printer is between laser and inkjet printer. Both have their own advantages.

Some Advantages of Laser Printers are

  • Laser printers are perfect for office use.
  • They offer fast printing that saves a lot of time.
  • They are suitable for heavy printing needs. They can take out prints in bulk without compromising the quality of the document.
  • Laser printers give efficient results for document printing.
  • They give economical prints.
  • They use toners that last longer as compared to ink cartridges.

Some Advantages of Inkjet printers

  • Inkjet printers are great for printing photos, drafts, designs, and artwork.
  • They can print intricate designs very efficiently.
  • They are great for art prints.
  • They can give more colorful prints than laser printers.

Printers are essential in any small, medium, or large office. There are some affordable options in the market as well, but if you need it for professional reasons, we will recommend buying a good printer.

Cheap printers are good for infrequent home users, but they may not handle the workload of busy offices.

They will easily break-down under pressure, and you will have to buy a new one. So it is better to spend your money wisely and buy one that is durable and can handle your workload.

Printers under $200 are a good option for small to medium offices that have daily printing needs.


There are plenty of printers available at an economical price tag. However, we found the above mentioned printers to be the best printers under $200 range.

We selected the printers from various categories. We selected, inkjet printers, office printers, color and mono chrome laser printers.

If nothing else, this goes to show that the $200 is a fairly versatile range. Therefore, whether you are looking for a home printer or a printer for your micro office, these can certainly come in handy.

Of course, these printers are no way near capable of serving a small – medium office or a professional photo studio. They neither have the quality nor the duty cycle to cater to a large printing volume.