5 Best Printers for Printing Checks (2023 Reviews & Guide)

If your business involves daily handing out of checks, then getting a dedicated printer for checks will definitely be a pragmatic investment.

Buying a checkbook for your transaction can not only incur costs but also prove to be hassle in the long run.

To save you time and money, here we will look at the best printers for printing checks.

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Our most recommended printer for printing check is the Samsung M2021w with an MICR Tonner by MTI. It has robust connectivity features and has received excellent reviews from its users.

We also highly recommend the All in One HP Deskjet 3755MX inkjet that comes with VersaCheck MICR Ink. Surely any business dealing with a lot of checks needs to scan and digitize them as well. This printer will let you do that.

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Printer for check printing are quite essential for small and large businesses. You cannot run to the bank every time your check book runs out. A printer for checks not only saves time and money, but it also keeps track of your financial transactions in a more organized way.

However, the printer must be up to the mark for saving any trouble in financial transactions.

Why Is A Dedicated Check Printer Essential For Printing Checks?

You might wonder why we need to buy a special printer for printing checks.

Check printers use industry standard security features to ensure the validity of your checks.

They are also compatible with software programs for formatting checks so you can make use of them instead of creating the layout from scratch.

That’s a lot of time-saving. Furthermore, these printers can print several checks within a very short time.

Lastly, what separates them from the rest is the use of MICR Toner/Inks. This is recognized by the Federal Reserves. More on this below in the FAQ section.

List of Best Printer For Printing Checks

We have selected following printer as best printers for printing checks,

  1. 1
    Samsung M2021w w/ MTI MICR Toner – All Rounder and Recommended – LaserJet
  2. 2
    HP M15w w/ RT MICR Toner – Compact Check Printer – LaserJet
  3. 3
    Canon ImageCLASS LBP6030W w/ RT MICR Toner – High Yield – LaserJet
  4. 4
    HP Deskjet 3755MX w/ VersaCheck MICR Ink – All in One – InkJet
  5. 5
    HP LaserJet Pro M402n w/ MTI MICR Toner – Professional – Large – Ultra High Yeild – LaserJet

Let’s see short reviews of these selected printers..

5 Best Printers For Printing Checks Reviewed

1. Samsung M2021w w/ MTI MICR Toner – All Rounder and Recommended – LaserJet

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This Laser Printer is perfect for your home or office if you need printing checks. The printer combines efficiency and performance at a very affordable price.

On a single Toner, it can print up to 1000 pages or 3000 checks with 3 checks per page.

It comes with MICR toner from MTIMTI is a famous brand that offers printing solutions for check printing.

Connectivity wise, this is one of the most robust printers. Not only can it connect via a wired connection, it can also connect Wirelessly to the LAN and has NFC feature. With the NFC, compatible devices like smartphones can print directly.

The printer can print up to 21 pages within a minute that is very quick and easy. Each page has 3 checks so that is about 63 checks in a minute.

M2021w is capable of printing 1500 pages per month, and if we compare that to buying checks, then it saves a lot of money.

As far as popularity goes, this is the best printer for printing checks.

  • Popular choice among customers
  • Reasonable check printing capacity
  • Robust connectivity including NFC
  • Sub par quality for normal use i.e when using conventional toner

2. HP M15w w/ RT MICR Toner – Compact Check Printer – LaserJet

Renewable Toner HP LaserJet Pro M15w...
  • IN THE BOX – M15w Laser Pro Wireless Black...
  • BUILD YOUR BUSINESS – Stay productive with...
  • RT MICR TONER CARTRIDGES – Avoid reprints,...

HP M15w is quite similar to the Samsung M2021w above in terms of price and features.

It also offers a yield of 1000 pages or 3000 checks per toner.

However, instead of the MTI, the MICR Toner for this printer is a product by RT. This brand isn’t as famous as MTI, but as far as the reviews go, it can get the job done fairly well.

One of the best features about this printer is that it is one of the most compact Laser printers out there. Therefore, if you are running short on deskspace, this printer is highly recommended.

  • Highly compact printer for offices with limited space
  • Reasonable amount of check printing capacity per toner
  • Relatively more expensive
  • Relatively slower

3. Canon ImageCLASS LBP6030W w/ RT MICR Toner – High Yield – LaserJet

RT ImageCLASS LBP6030W MICR Check Printer...
  • 【IN THE BOX】1 Canon ImageCLASS LBP6030W...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】1 RT 125 3484B001AA MICR...
  • 【YIELD】1.6k standard pages; prints 4.8k...
  • 【NOT INCLUDED】Check printing software and...

This is a mid range printer with a higher printing yield than the two reviewed above.

This printer can print 1600 pages or 4800 checks per toner.

It uses RT MICR toner.

This printer isn’t too expensive as compared to the two reviewed above despite having a higher yeild.

Therefore, if you have a fair amount of check printing needs, then this printer is recommended.

It has a duty cycle of 5000 pages per month. Therefore, it should be able to handle a lot of checks on a daily basis.

As far as connectivity goes, you can connect this printer to a computer using a cable or use its Wireless capability.

All in all, in terms of performance per dollar ratio, this is the printer for printing checks.

  • Excellent for medium enterprises
  • High check printing volume
  • Fairly affordable for its volume
  • Low monthly duty cycle
  • Relatively slower speed

4. HP Deskjet 3755MX w/ VersaCheck MICR Ink – All in One – InkJet

VersaCheck HP DeskJet 3755 MX MICR Check...
  • All-in-one system: print, copy, scan
  • Versaink magnetic black ink MICR for bank...
  • Super compact and lightweight 5.13lbs....
  • VersaCheck Presto software download & check...

This one is a versatile device that not only prints checks, but it can copy and scan them as well.

This printer is an all in one machine that comes with VersaCheck MICR Ink Cartridges.

It is different from the rest not just because it is multi function, but also because it is an inkjet instead of the usual laserjet.

It can connect wirelessly and via cables.

If you are looking for an All in One option then this is the best printer for printing checks.

  • Inkjet with cheaper replacement inks
  • All in one printer with scanner and copier
  • Very slow printing speed
  • Low check printing volume per ink cartridge

5. HP LaserJet Pro M402n w/ MTI MICR Toner – Professional – Large – Ultra High Yeild – LaserJet

MICR Toner International Laserjet M402dw...
  • New HP LaserJet Pro M402n Printer
  • MTI CF226A MICR Cartridge
  • High Yield: 3,100 pages; prints 9,300 checks...
  • Magnetic toner for check printing

If you are running a super large business and have a ton of checks to print, then you need this large LaserJet.

This printer can print 3,100 pages or 9,300 checks per toner.

It operates with MTI MICR toner and has the fastest speed in the list with 40 pages per minute.

While this isn’t a wireless printer, it does support network connectivity via its Ethernet port.

All in all, if you have a lot of checks to print now or in the foreseeable future, then this is among the best printers for printing checks.

  • Great for large enterprises
  • Very large check printing volume
  • Very high monthly duty cycle
  • One of the fastest printers
  • Expensive and beyond the capacity of a small firm or an individual
  • The connectivity options are lacking with no WiFi or WiFi direct features

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is MICR ink and why it is important for printing Checks?

Best Printer For Printing Checks

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It’s a special toner that is used for printing characters at the bottom of a check or for other negotiable papers.

Printing checks with MICR is important as Federal Reserve requires checks to be printed with MICR toner. The risk of check rejection increases if they are printed with normal toner or ink.

MICR printing is important for better customer service as it decreases the chances of check rejection. MICR also eliminates any chances of check fraud.

All of the best printers for check printing lister here come bundeled with MICR ink.

What Kind of Printer Do I need to Print Checks?

When choosing a printer for checks you need one that support MICR inks. As mentioned earlier MICR ink and MICR FONTs are a requirement for check printing.

You can visit vendors like MTI, RT, and VERSACheck to find out if they offer MICR ink/toners for your printer make and model.

Do I Need Special Software for Formatting checks?

No, you don’t need any special software, but it requires time and some special designing skills.

Different Software for check formatting makes it more convenient and easy with no risk of error involved. Account management application like QuickBooks also allows you to print and format checks.

Other software can help you create the checks for example, Xero allows you to customize the checks and add bank information in MICR format.

Why Printing your Checks is a good idea?

Some benefits of printing your own checks are:

  • Saves Money: If you require an ongoing supply of checks, then printing your own checks is more cost effective than buying expensive chequebooks.
  • Manage Accounts Efficiently: Printing your own checks through QuickBooks allow you to keep track of your checks and financial transactions in a more efficient way.
  • No Manual Filling: If you are using software for printing checks, then manual filling out of checks is not required.
  • Handle Different Accounts In a better way: Computer checks allow you to handle your different accounts more efficiently. With different programs, you can access and sort out different vendors for making payments.

Things to Consider while Buying a Check Printer

Following things should be considered while buying a specific printer for checks.

Software Compatibility

It should be compatible with almost all check formatting software applications. Most account handling is performed through QuickBooks so it should be compatible with QuickBooks.

Ink type

If you want to maximize the quality of your check printing with no possibility of rejection, a printer with MICR toner is essential.

Security Features

Printing checks is a sensitive matter and make sure your printer has all the security features for restricting unauthorized handling.

Speed and Duty Cycle

You can match the speed and duty cycle to your daily requirements.

Can You Print Regular Documents?

You most certainly can. However, just make sure you use regular toner/ink cartridges instead of the MICR Toner/Ink.

You really don’t want to waste your MICR ink on normal documents.


Most of the best printers for printing checks are multifunction color laserjet printers. However, you can certainly find inkject printers as well with MICR ink such as the HP Deskjet 3755MX.

Most of the printers for check printing are differentiated by the volume of the checks that they can print and the MICR Toner/Cartridge brand that they use. Among the varios brands of MICR Toner/Cartridge include VersaCheck, MTI and RT.

As it stands, for low volume of check printing at a reasonable price, we recommend the Samsung M2021w w/ MTI MICR Toner as one of the best printers for printing checks. It has received great reviews from its customers.