5 Best Printers for Infrequent Use – Long Lasting

This digital age has reduced the use of printers. With smartphones and tablets always in our hands, the reality is that we don’t need printouts much.

But still, it’s an important device that we all infrequently use for various needs.

Choosing a printer that you are not going to use regularly is tough. You need a device that does not degrade with time laying there.

Ink cartridges are apt to dry with time too. So investing in a printer that retains its quality with time is important.

We have tried to make the task easier by selecting some of the best printers for infrequent use.

List of Best Printers for Infrequent Use

Here is a list of our chosen printers.

  1. HP Laserjet Pro M15w
  2. HP LaserJet Pro M29w
  3. Brother Laser Printer, HL-L2350DW
  4. Canon imageCLASS LBP6230dw
  5. Canon TS5120

Let’s look at some salient features of these printers.

1. HP Laserjet Pro M15w – Budget Laser Printer – Smallest

Best Printers for Infrequent UseThe first quality that we all look in a printer that we don’t have much use is its price.

Sure, nobody wants to spend an insane amount of money on a printer that they don’t need more often.

This one by HP is a good option for occasional use. The laser printer offers a long-term solution for your printing needs.

Unlike the ink cartridges that are going to dry with time, this laser printer uses toner for the printing process.

Toner is a durable option for printing, it won’t dry with time, and it will give maximum yield. You need not replace it for a long time.

The printing quality of this printer is excellent. It gives sharp and clear text printing for your documents. The results of photo printing are also no less in any way.

It can give you nice and sharp prints of your parties or holiday pictures. The Printer maintains its quality even if you are using it less often.

Its compact design makes it ideal to be placed in any drawer or cupboard when you are not using it.

If you came here looking for the cheapest possible suitable option, then this is one of the best printers for infrequent use.

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2. HP LaserJet Pro M29w – Smallest All in One Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M29wThis is another great option from the LaserJet series. It’s a comprehensive device that incorporates other functions like scanning and copying with printing.

Therefore, for a compact all in one device, this is one of the best printers of infrequent use.

This printer is a durable option that won’t degrade with time laying there.

It’s a laser device that gives easy and quick scans and prints to your pictures and documents. The printer is perfect for occasional notes, homework, or other assignments.

The printer comes with a built-in wireless connection that enables it to access any cloud service. You can connect the printer to your mobile or can directly print or scan from a cloud service.

The printer makes the printing process easy and affordable. Its 250 sheets of paper are more than enough for infrequent use. The high yield toner gives vivid and sharp printing text and pictures.

The printer can handle versatile paper formats and is good enough for printing labels, envelops, checks, letters, or even legal-size documents.

It is a perfect investment in any home or office and may not need regular printing but can make use of this device occasionally.

3. Brother Laser Printer HL-L2350DW – Monochrome Printing

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer, HL-L2350DWBrother HL-L2350 is an excellent option for small offices or home users that may not need extensive printing.

This device is the best printers for infrequent use if you only print black and white.

At home, most of our use is for document printing. For that this laser monochrome printer is perfect. It is capable of producing quality prints within seconds. The printer offers 32ppm.

The printer comes with a manual tray that is suitable for printing various sizes and types of papers. Printing becomes even more convenient with its wireless connection. You can access the printer from any corner of the house with a Wi-Fi connection.

The printer offers economical printing. It can print at both sides of the paper that saves time and paper.

It features a high-quality toner that gives maximum yield even if you are not using it much. It won’t dry or lose its quality with time.

The printer is perfectly safe to keep in any attic when you are not using it. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to move, place, or carry.

4. Canon imageCLASS LBP6230dw

Canon imageCLASS LBP6230dwThis one form of ImageClass series is a good option for infrequent use. It’s easy to use a printer that is perfect for even children and students.

It’s a monochrome laser printer which means it can only provide black and white prints to your designs and documents. Its fast speed can give 26 prints per minute.

The laser printer offers versatile printing options. It’s paper tray can deal with any size of paper. The printer is good for printing envelopes, labels, letters, or other documents.

Its fast connectivity options make printing more easy and convenient. Simply connect it to your device, or you can make use of a Wi-Fi connection for accessing your cloud service. You can take quality prints of files in your smartphone or Google Drive.

Canon’s ImageClass series is designed to enhance your printing experience. The prints it offers has clear and sharp texts.

With its advanced image processing quality, it can give accurate prints capturing all the fine details from your documents, designs, drafts, or pictures. It’s a great option for home or small offices, and it’s durably built, and design will keep working for years.

5. Canon TS5120 – Affordable All in One InkJet Printer

Canon TS5120Canon TS5120 is a good option for frequent or infrequent uses. It’s an all-in-one device that can scan, copy and print.

Its an efficient device that can handle your all printing needs including photography, documents, labels, envelopes, or card printing.

The device offers multiple connectivity options. It has a built-in Wi-Fi connection to access your cloud storage like Google Drive, Evernote, or Dropbox. It can print or scan from your smartphone or tablet.

The Canon TS5120 is even compatible with XL ink cartridges. These ink cartridges help you save money and last long.

The printer provides an intuitive 2.5” LCD screen for your convenience. Its compact design fits in almost any corner or space of your room.

This is the only inkjet printer in this list. Inkjet printers are cheap and great for printing photos at a relatively cheap price. Therefore, for color printing, this is one of the best printers for infrequent use.

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Suitable Printers for Infrequent Use

Two types of printers are suitable for infrequent use.

Laser Printer

Laser printers are an excellent option for home users with less frequent use. One of the main concern for home or office users with occasional use of printer is the printer’s ability to retain its quality.

Unlike inkjet printers, these printers do not use liquid ink cartridges that dry with time.

The laser printers use dry tone powders for printing. The dry plastic material will not degrade with time.

Reservoir Printers

Reservoir printers use ink-bottles for the printing process. This relatively new technology uses inks in airtight tubes.

Instead of relying on ink Cartridges, these printers preserve ink in sealed tanks that are safe and ready to be used until next time.

These printers are also very affordable and can print thousands of pages with these ink tanks.

How to keep your ink from drying if you are using a printer occasionally?

  • One way to save your ink bottles from getting clogged nozzles is by using them at least once a weak.
  • Don’t immediately turn off the printer when you are done. If you turn off the device immediately next time the printer is on, it has to complete its cleaning cycle right from the beginning.

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