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5 Best Printer Scanners Copiers In 2022 | Top All-In-One Printers

A smart tactic to increase your productivity levels is by decluttering. One way you can do this is by compressing as much work as possible without diminishing the quality or efficiency of work.

This involves doing as much as you can with as little resources as you can. This is where multifunction (Best printer scanners copiers) all-in-one printers come in.

These printers have the flexibility to scan, print, copy, and in some instances, fax documents. Imagine having three bulky machines in a small portable one; this is exactly what all-in-one printers give you.

However, as intriguing and satisfying as that sounds, it is also important that you go for the best.

While the best AIO printer for you would depend upon plenty of factors like the quality of output you seek, the amount of prints you will perform (monthly duty cycle) etc, here we have selected the best printer scanner copiers that we believe truly stand out in budget and mid range category.

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Printing Size


Auto Duplex


Printing Cost (cents)


Check Price

HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless...






3.5 (mono)
3.5 (color)

USB, WiFi, WiFi Direct

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Wireless...




Printing and Scanning


3.3 (mono)
3.3 (color)

USB, WiFi, WiFi Direct, Ethernet, USB Thumb Drive

Canon® imageCLASS® MF644Cdw Wireless Laser...




Printing and Scanning


3.2 (mono)
16.4 (color)

USB, WiFi, WiFi Direct, Ethernet, USB Thumb Drive

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-format...


Super Tabloid


Printing and Scanning


3.2 (mono)
11.4 (color)

USB, WiFi, WiFi Direct, Ethernet, USB Thumb Drive

Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Wireless Color...






0.3 (mono)
0.9 (color)

USB, WiFi, WiFi Direct, Ethernet

List of Best Printer Scanners Copiers to Buy in 2021

We have selected the following printers to be among the best in this category.

  1. 1
    HP OfficeJet 3830 – Cheapest Printer Scanner Copier
  2. 2
    HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 – Budget Inkjet AIO for Micro Office
  3. 3
    Canon MF644Cdw – Affordable AIO Color Laser Printer
  4. 4
    Epson WorkForce WF-7720 – Wide Format AIO Printer
  5. 5
    Epson EcoTank ET-3760 – AIO Printer with SuperTank

5 Best Printer Scanners Copiers Reviewed

1. HP OfficeJet 3830 – Cheapest Printer Scanner Copier

HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless...
  • The main functions of this HP color inkjet...
  • The power of your printer in the palm of your...
  • Ink delivered to your home: Get your first 2...
  • Print laser-quality documents and lab-quality...

First up we have a very affordable AIO printer. The amount of traction and popularity this printer has gained since its release is truly astonishing and quite rightfully so given it specs.

For starters, other than its surprisingly low procurement cost, it also offers a very reasonable and cheap operating cost. Generally, if a printer is inexpensive to procure, its operating cost can run sky high.

That is not the case with this option though. This is because with this printer you become eligible to opt for the HP Instant Ink subscription. With this, you can bring down the printing cost to 3.5 cents for both mono and color pages.

Without the subscription, the color prints can cost multiple times more.

Other than that, it also offers two highly lucrative features that are deemed important for any office environment i.e fax facility and the automatic document feeder.

The printer has a 35 sheet ADF scanner which can essentially allow you to batch scan documents, business card, receipts and other document automatically.

Unfortunately though, the scanner neither offers duplex printing nor duplex scanning. However, for the price, you can’t really ask for more.

You can connect this printer via a standard USB cable, WiFi and WiFi Direct.

All in all, for light use, such as for home and personal use, this is among the best printer scanners copiers.

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2. HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 – Budget Inkjet AIO for Micro Office

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Wireless...
  • Main functions of this HP color inkjet photo...
  • Easily print when and where you need to from...
  • Ink delivered to your home: get your first 2...
  • Built for business; produce fast...

This is yet another awesome value budget AIO printer from HP. It costs slightly more than the HP OfficeJet 3830 above but it offers a few key features that you will love for your micro office.

This printer, like the 3830 above, is also eligible for HP Instant Ink program. The subscription can bring the operating cost to as low as 3.3 cents for mono and color prints.

However, the best feature, above all, is the auto duplex printing as well as auto duplex scanning feature. This allows you to scan and print on both sides automatically.

While duplex printing can be found on budget printers if you look hard enough, duplex scanning is almost impossible to find. Therefore, it is quite a surprise even to us to find the single pass duplex scanning facility in this printer.

Besides that, it also offers robust and almost complete connectivity options. The printer can be interfaced via USBWiFiWiFi Direct, and Ethernet. As you can see, this is a complete network printer making it great for a large office work group.

On top of that, it also supports printing via and scanning to USB thumb drives.

Unfortunately, the only thing it misses out on in comparison to the HP OfficeJet 3830 above is the fax facility.

All in all, the highly advanced AIO feature in this at a budget price tag makes this among the best printer scanners copiers.

3. Canon MF644Cdw – Affordable AIO Color Laser Printer

Canon® imageCLASS® MF644Cdw Wireless Laser...
  • Print in brilliant color with the Canon Color...
  • Canon all-in-one laser printer can print,...
  • Wireless-N (802.11b/g/n), Wi-Fi Direct,...
  • Mobile printing via Apple AirPrint, Mopria,...

Laser printers have no parallel when it comes to speed and high quality prints. If you want text clarity as well as vivid graphic quality, then a laser printer is the way to go.

Unfortunately, color laser printers are quite expensive – more so if you go for multi function facilities. As such, most basic users on a tight budget usually disregard laser printers entirely.

Well that is where this Canon MF644Cdw comes in. This is one of the cheapest AIO “color” laser printer out there.

Sure it is more expensive than a typical inkjet printer, however, if you are looking for an option to cater to your small office, then this will certainly be our recommended option.

A laser printer isn’t just fast with great print clarity, it is also a lot more reliable as well. The toners last much longer and do not suffer from drying out. On top of that, a laser jet can typically withstand a much large workload.

This particular printer has a duty cycle of 30,000 page monthly – which is huge even for a small enterprises.

As far as the AIO capability goes, this is an excellent machine. The printer offers a 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder scanner with single pass duplexing. As such, it can scan both sides of the documents in one go.

Besides that, it also offers fax, duplex printing, as well as USB thumb drive support.

The operating cost, however, for color prints can get quite expensive on this machine. While the monochrome prints are quite reasonable at 3.2 cents per page, the color prints can cost about 16.4 cents per page.

As such, this is more of a document printer than a creative/colorful media printer.

As far as the connectivity goes, this printer offers standard USBWiFiWiFi Direct and Ethernet connectivity. It misses out on NFC and SD card support.

Basically, if you came here looking for a color laser printer, then this is our recommended best printer scanners copiers.

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4. Epson WorkForce WF-7720 – Wide Format AIO Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-format...
  • Epson strongly recommends the use of Genuine...
  • Get performance beyond laser — the...
  • Print-shop quality — borderless prints upto...
  • Economical — uses upto 80 percent less...

If you run an architecture or an engineering firm that deals with designing, printing and scanning large A3 sized blueprints, SLDs etc, then this our choice for the best printer scanners copiers for you.

This machine can print upto 13×19″ sized documents. In other words it can print A3-Plus or super tabloid sheets which is larger than an average A3 sized sheet.

The scanner can scan upto 11×17 (A3) sized documents. While there are few more Wide Format AIO printers out there, none offer an A3 scanner along with super tabloid printing capability.

On top of that, the printer can not only print in duplex mode (both sides) automatically, it can also scan both sides of a document automatically. This makes it one of the rare wide format AIO machines with single pass duplex mechanism.

To complete the robust AIO functionality, it also offers an Automatic Document Feeder as well as Fax machine.

As far as the operating costs go, they are quite average and compared to the rest of the options here, quite competitive as well.

It costs about 3.2 cents for mono prints (A4) and about 11.4 cents for color prints. Sure, the color printing costs are high compared to the rest of the printers here, but the monochrome printing is actually less than average.

Connectivity-wise, this printer offers standard USBWiFiWiFi Direct, Ethernet and USB Thumb Drive support. This in our opinion is excellent as it gives you plenty of interfacing options.

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5. Epson EcoTank ET-3760 – AIO Printer with SuperTank

Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Wireless Color...
  • Your busy office needs a printer that’s...
  • Innovative Cartridge-Free Printing ―...
  • Dramatic Savings on Replacement Ink ― Save...
  • Stress-Free Printing — Up to 2 years of ink...

The last printer here is an option for those who literally want to go crazy with the amount of print out that they can produce.

This is a printer with a supertank. As such, this printer includes large ink reservoirs that offers thousands page yield per refill. The best part is that the refills cost a fraction of the price of an ink cartridge on conventional printers.

Thus, the printing cost on this AIO device is astonishingly low at 0.3 cents for mono and 0.9 cents for color. Conventional printer cannot even come close to this rate.

The refilling part is also quite simple and you do not require any expert skills. You get ink bottles that come with all the apparatus needed to easily refill the reservoirs without any spills.

There are, unfortunately, two issues with this. Firstly, it is a rather slow printer compared to the market average at 15 ppm for mono and 8 ppm for color.

Secondly, you will have to make sure that you routinely print out from this device. After all, you do not want the ink to expire, dry out and thus clog up the nozzles.

The AIO functionality on this device includes fax as well as an ADF. Unfortunately, the ADF does not support automatic duplex scanning.

As far as connectivity goes, this support standard USBWiFiWiFi Direct and Ethernet. It does not include support for USB Thumb Drive or SD card.

So basically, if you plan to print like a spoiled brat without any worry about the high operating costs, then we recommend this as one of the best printer scanners copiers.

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Final Note Before you opt for the Best Printer Scanners Copiers

You now know five of the best scanner, printer, copier machines, integrated into one. The next step would be to choose one that will suit your needs.

It is important to note that once you can place a finger on what these needs are, it becomes easier.

The first thing that you would normally look out for is function and that is the right thing to do. Having more functions means making more choices. It also leaves you with the possibility of simply getting something you really do not need.

Some multifunction printers come with integrated faxing capabilities. If faxing is not something you do regularly, then you should consider not getting it.

Besides, there are software applications for faxing now which may render that feature unnecessary.

Copying is another feature that many multifunction printers provide. If you are keen on this function, you should look into how it works on the multifunction printer.

You can do a test on how it works and see if it is good enough for you. Check for how vivid colors are, the sharpness of text and appearance of extra lines or markings.

If printing is your major task, then you should also consider certain features before getting a multifunction printer. Among other things, you should compare features of the multifunction printer you intend to buy and the single function printer that you use currently.

Features to Consider Before Opting for the Best Printer Scanners Copiers

Summarily here are the features to consider are to consider before opting for the best printer scanners copiers to buy.

Print Speed

Different printers have different print speeds. Depending on just how much work you do, your required print speed might differ. If your work is one with high demand print needs, you need a printer with a high print speed. If the demand is not so high, it is still important that your printer is fast and saves time too.

Cost of Consumables

When people want to purchase printers, they tend to overlook other costs. The cost of paper and ink or toner cartridge are things that you should note for each printer. You should incorporate this as you make decisions based on the pricing of each printer.


For virtually every electronic gadget or machine, the larger the memory, the more efficient it is. The same applies to printers. Consider the memory of the printer you want to buy because it will affect how fast it will print documents. This is however not limited to printing alone, though. It applies to other functions of the multifunction printer as well.

Laser or Inkjet

Some of the aforementioned multifunction printers are laser machines while others are inkjet. There are more color inkjet printers in the market because they can print several things. This includes pictures, documents, charts, etc.

Laser printers, however, find more application in an office setting where most of the printing done is monochrome. The difference is that inkjet printers typically give a higher-quality output. However, they are more expensive and tend to be slower. Now, you have to prioritize and determine which function suits you better. This will help you decide which one to go for.


The higher the resolution, the better the print quality. Again, for features like this, you need to decide which one works better for you. However, for standard printing, a resolution of not less than 600dpi will give the best performance. You can go for higher resolutions, according to your needs.

System Integration

The importance of this feature cannot be overemphasized. You need to know that the product you go for will integrate well with the system that you are using currently.

Also, the last thing you want is to purchase a product that might not fit into your workspace. Availability of physical space and required machine software are things you should consider before you finally choose and buy.

If you take all these into consideration, you can be sure that you will end up with the best printer scanners copiers. Remember, in buying a multifunction printer your needs are what is most important. Look through each feature carefully and analyze how well it fits these needs and you are good to go.


In this article, we checked out some of the best printer scanners copiers for micro, home, or small offices. These are excellent for improving your work efficiency since they allow you to de clutter your office space.

They literally offer 3 or 4 machines in one (depending upon how you look at it).

Of course, once you start considering AIO printers for medium to large enterprises that employ hundreds of people you will start find these printers highly lacking in capacity.

The options featured here ranged from budget home use (i.e HP OfficeJet 3830) to micro office (i.e HP OfficeJet Pro 6978) and small office use (i.e Canon MF644Cdw).