5 Best Multi-Function Color Laser Printers (2023 Reviews)

While multi function inkjet printers are relatively easy to find in the market, a good multi function color laser printer for home and small office use is a bit difficult to spot.

Fortunately, we have made your search simpler for you

If you are looking to purchase the best multi-function color laser printer for yourself, then you’re in the right place.

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An all-in-one multi-function printer simply suggests that the printer is capable of a variety of functions including scanning, printing, copying and in some instances, fax.

Multi-function printers can be used both at home, for business and in the office. Before deciding on which printer best suites you, it is important to first understand the basic guidelines which you can find below in the FAQ section.

Multi Function Color Laser Printers Compared 



Print Cost (cents)






Check Price

HP Color Laserjet Pro M180nw All-in-One...

4.6 (Black)
23.5 (Color)

WiFi, WiFi Direct


17 ppm



Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw - All-in-One,...

3.2 (Black)
16.4 (Color)

WiFi, WiFi Direct, Ethernet, Thumb Drive Support

Scanning and Printing

22 ppm



Brother MFC-L3770CDW Compact Wireless Digital...

2.6 (Black)
15.5 (Color)

WiFi, WiFi Direct, Ethernet, Thumb drive support, NFC

Scanning and Printing

25 ppm



Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw - All in One,...

2.2 (Black)
13.6 (Color)

WiFi, WiFi Direct, Ethernet, Thumb drive support

Printing Only

28 ppm



SAMSUNG ProXpress C3060FW All in One Color...

2.4 (Black)
13.5 (Color)

WiFi, WiFi Direct, Ethernet, Thumb drive support, NFC

Scanning and Printing

31 ppm



List Of Top AIO Color Laser Printers

We have compiled a list of the best multi-function color laser printers from various price ranges below.

  1. 1
    HP Pro M180nw – World’s Smallest Laser Printer of its Class
  2. 2
    Canon imageCLASS MF644Cdw – With Amazon Dash Replenishment
  3. 3
    Brother MFC-L3770CDW -Impressive User-Friendly Printer that is also Remarkably Fast
  4. 4
    Canon imageClass MF733Cdw – Advanced Duplex & Mobile Device Printing & Scanning
  5. 5
    Samsung ProXpress C3060FW – Excellent Paper Handling Ability

5 Best Multi-Function Color Laser Printers Reviewed 

1. HP Pro M180nw – Compact and Affordable Color Laser Printer

HP Color Laserjet Pro M180nw All-in-One...
  • ACCELERATE EFFICIENCY – This compact...
  • FAST PRINT SPEEDS - Print up to 17 pages per...
  • PRINT WITH OR WITHOUT WIRES - Print, access...

This printer is not just one of the smallest all in one color laser printers, it is also one of the most affordable.

Thus, it is excellent for home users.

Its multi-functions include scancopy, and print features. You must note that it does NOT include the fax functionality.

This printer shines in various aspects. For starters, it has an excellent print quality. If you are used to printing with inkjet printers, the quality of this printer will be far more advanced.

Furthermore, it has a reasonably fast speed of 17 pages per minute black or color.

In addition to that, this printers offers one of the most robust connectivity facilities. It offer WiFiEthernet as well as WiFi Direct for directly printing via your mobile devices.

The 204A original toners have a yield of 1,100 for black and 900 pages for color inks. Of course, this can change depending upon your selected DPI/ print quality.

The printing costs is fairly high compared to inkjets and other laserjets. It costs about 4.6 cents per black page and 23.5 cents per color page.

All in all, if you are looking for an affordable and quality option, then this is one of the best multi function color laser printers.

It does have a few drawbacks though. It CANNOT print in duplex (double sided) mode automatically and secondly, the scanner does not come equipped with an automatic document scanner.

2. Canon imageCLASS MF644Cdw – Recommended All Rounder MFC Laser Color Printer

Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw - All-in-One,...
  • Standard Dimensions (Desktop): 16.9" W x...
  • USABILITY: A unique, customized device...
  • QUALITY AND RELIABILITY: Canon's signature...
  • WORKFLOW EFFICIENCY: Supports mobile...

Canon Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw is another entry level multi function color laser printer like the HP Pro M180nw above.

While it is a bit more expensive than the HP Pro M180nw, it does a few features that are truly worth it.

For starters, the scanner on this printer not only has an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) it also features auto single pass duplexing. In other words, the scanner can scan both sides of the document.

Besides duplex scanning, it can also PRINT in duplex mode. It has a speed of 11 pages per minute in double sided printing and 19 ppm on a single sided print.

Furthermore, it offers a plethora of connectivity features including EthernetWiFi as well as thumb drive support.

Another great aspect about this printer is that it has a cheaper cost per page as compared to the the HP Pro M180nw above. A black page costs about 3.2 cents whereas a color page would cost you about 16.4 cents.

This is mostly due to fact that the yield per toner on this printer is higher than the HP printer above. This printer has a 1,500 pages yield per black toner and 1,200 pages yield on color toners.

Therefore, while it has a higher upfront cost, its running cost makes it justifiable.

3. Brother Mfc-L3770CDW – Excellent for Small Offices

Brother MFC-L3770CDW Compact Wireless Digital...
  • FAST PRINT AND SCAN. The Brother MFCL3770CDW...
  • PRINT AND CONNECT YOUR WAY. Print-from and...

While this is a rather expensive MFC color laser printer for personal use, it is excellent for small offices.

It has a cheaper printing costs compared to both HP Pro M180nw and Canon Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw above at 2.6 cents per black page and 15.5 cents per color page and thus is quite suitable for small offices that require cheaper operating costs.

Another feature that makes it lucrative for offices is that it also includes the fax feature along with the copier and scanner.

Besides that, it has a very fast printing speed of 25 ppm for black and color pages.

Connectivity consists of Wi-Fi Direct, that makes it possible for compatible devices to connect and print directly including smartphones and tablets. It also comes with Wi-Fi and USB thumb drive support as well as NFC.

The printer also supports double sided printing as well as double sided scanning on a single pass. It sports a 50 page ADF for automating the scanning process.

All in all, if you came here looking for a mid range option for small offices than we highly recommend this as one of the best multi function color laser printers.

4. Canon imageClass MF733Cdw – AIO Color Laser Printer for Medium Volume Printing

Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw - All in One,...
  • Includes 3 year limited warranty...
  • Print at speeds of up to 28 pages per minute...
  • Easily connect your mobile devices without a...
  • Generous, expandable paper capacity allows...

This printer is similar to the Canon imageCLASS MF644Cdw above, however, it is slightly more expensive but has a higher monthly duty cycle.

As such, if you have a somewhat larger print volume in your office, then you will find this printer to your liking.

Besides that, this printer has an excellent print quality. Therefore, it is highly suited for uses that require photo printing.

Like all AIO color laser printers, however, this is a high printing costs. It costs about 2.2 cents per black page and about 13.6 cents per color.

Fortunately, within the AIO color laser printer category, this has some of the cheapest running costs.

This printer does have a few drawbacks though. While it does offer double sided printing, it does NOT support duplex scanning.

All in all, if you print more than an average office, then you will this to be one of the best multi function color laser printers.

5. Samsung ProXpress C3060FW – AIO Printer for Studio Quality Prints

SAMSUNG ProXpress C3060FW All in One Color...
  • An office printer with versatile features -...
  • Speed & quality for improved productivity -...
  • Easy mobile printing - Print using Air Print,...
  • Print management - Samsung solutions enable...

If you are looking for high quality prints, then you need a printer with great output quality.

If you are into arts and crafts, photography or designing you need a printer with professional print quality. This printer will allow you to do so.

Besides that, it also offers a high monthly duty cycle and therefore it is also excellent for small offices.

It costs about 2.4 cents per black and 13.5 cents per color page to print. Therefore as far as the running cost go, this is quite competitive with the rest mentioned above.

One of the best feature about this printer is its very high printing speed. This can print at 31 ppm.

Besides that while it does offer duplex printing and duplex scanning, the scanning mechanism is not single pass.

Instead of featuring a single pass document feeder mechanism, it features a reversing automatic document feeder. Therefore, the duplex scans take a bit longer.

Finally, it includes a robust array of connectivity options including NFC.

All in all, if you want a high quality printer, then this is one of the best multi function color laser printers

People Also Ask (FAQs)

LaserJet vs InkJet – Which One to Buy?

Which one do you need? Well, there is none that explain it better than our man Linus. Here he goes:

Important Features to Consider for the Best Multi Function Color Laser Printer

Output and Print Quality

This is what distinguishes the best multi-function color laser printers from the rest.

Quality; whether printing images, graphics, text or scanning important documents, is not compromised and color laser printers are a great way to improve overall printing quality.


The most important factor. Initial cost versus operational costs should be checked keenly.

Some laser printers may seem cheap to purchase at first, however, cost of printing over time becomes even more expensive. Be sure to compare cost of purchasing versus over time operating costs.

Type of Connections Offered

The best multi function color laser printer generally offers the most versatile connectivity option. However, at the most basic level, the printer would feature a USB port.

For instance, some printers will have Wi-Fi Direct where a compatible device can print directly to the printer whereas others will require a wireless access point on a network which is a requirement before printing wirelessly (This means you will require a router.

Some modern printers will come with NFC technology. (Near Field Communication) where printing is made possible by tapping the printer from a compatible mobile device

Size of Printer

The best multi function printers are bigger compared to single function printers which means they can be bulky and require space; also, depending on if you plan on moving the printer from time to time, size becomes an integral factor.


These multi function color laser printers we have listed, each with their pros and cons are the best we found that will deliver in terms of speed, quality and efficiency.