5 Best Label Printers – Thermal and Shipping Label Printers

best label printersWhether you are in a trading business that requires shipping a lot of materials, runs a distribution facility of any kind, or simply need to manage your stock, a label printer is a useful device that can play an important role in managing your stock by customizing labels.

A label printer is also called shipping label printer, or thermal label printer. The printers are essential not just for large warehouses but also for small business owners such as those running FBA stores.

Here we will look at 5 best label printers. These differ in price ranges as well as functionality.

If you are looking for sticker printers instead, read this article.

List of Best Label Printers

We have selected the following Label printers as the best in certain aspects. Note that all of the following printers are thermal label printers.

Thermal label printers do not require any ink. However, they can only print in monochrome and not in color.

  1. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo – Budget – 71 Labels Per Minute
  2. DYMO Label Writer 450 Twin Turbo – 142 Labels Per Minute
  3. Rollo Label Printer – 238 Labels Per Minute
  4. Brother QL-820NWB – 110 Labels Per Minute – Bluetooth/Wireless Connectivity
  5. Arkscan 2054A – Supports and Zebra LP2844

Lets look at these selected printers in more detail.

1. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo – Budget – 71 Labels Per Minute

Dymo’s LabelWriter 450 is an efficient device that every office needs. It can handle your all labeling or filing needs rapidly and can produce 71 labels per minute.

It can be connected to your PC or MAC for printing customized labels with graphics and logos, address bars, or barcodes.

You can make use of programs like MS Word or Mac address book for creating your labels.

The Label printer uses thermal printing device that means you don’t have to worry about running out of expensive ink.

Label writer 450 includes the DYMO’s label software to help you create a customized file folder, barcode labels, or address bar. The label writer features an easy to load label roll that eliminates the frustration of manually feeding the label sheets.

It’s a great device that enables you to have fast and reliable printing and create crisp labels with graphics and barcodes.

If you are looking for a budget option, then this is one of the best label printers.

2. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo – 142 Labels Per Minute

This one is another great device for workplaces that demand more extensive label printing. The Twin Turbo 450 allows you to print two labels at a time.

It can print two separate rolls of labels printing 4 line address bar with the speed of 71 labels per minute per roll.

The Label writer 450 can easily be connected with your PC.

You can create your labels with the help of programs like MS Word. You can also create your own graphics for labeling. With Dymo’s Label writer, you don’t have to waste money on expensive ink as it makes use of thermal printing technology.

With its two rolls of labels, you can create two different size labels of address bars, name tags,  barcodes, or anything else you want to print on your labels. The printed labels are crisp and have clear writing. The device makes your process of label printing speedy and hassle-free.

If you are looking for a mid range option that has good speed but also a decent price range, then this is one of the best label printers.

3. Rollo Label Printer – Expensive – 238 Labels Per Minute

Rollo provides a fast and reliable printer for printing and writing your labels for various needs.

With its patent design, it boosts your productivity with high permanence logistic printing.

Rollo’s printer is a professional high-quality printer that is compatible with all selling points, courier, or shipping platforms.

The powerful device can print crystal clear labels no matter how many labels you need printing in a day.

The printer utilizes the latest technology of thermal printing for producing shipping or other labels without using ink or toner.

Its portable design covers less space at your workplace, and it is quick enough to create 238 labels per minute. It can automatically detect the size and characteristics of your label, and loading them is easy and quick.

You can use this label printer by Rollo with any thermal label sheets and don’t need to buy pricey printer specific labels. A label printer is a heavy duty printer that can efficiently cater your all labeling needs.

If you have a huge volume, then this is one of the best label printers.

4. Brother QL-820NWB – 110 Labels Per Minute – Bluetooth/Wireless Connectivity

Brother QL-820NWB is a reliable printer that can write professional labels in a time-saving manner.

The printer offers flexible connectivity to print from virtually anywhere. You can connect it through a Bluetooth device, Wi-Fi, Wireless, or Ethernet connection.

You can create labels in your preferred color, red or black. The device can be connected through a USB port. Its ultra-fast design can print 110 standard labels in a minute.

The printer comes with an LED screen that helps in configuring customized labels. LED screen also makes it a standalone device that can work without connecting to a computer.

It also offers an internal date and time feature that is ideal for printing best before labels in the food preparation area. You can make use of genuine Brother DK labels and tape supplies for high-quality printing labels.

The manufacturer warns against using non-Genuine Brother Supplies as it can damage your device.

When it comes to connectivity, this is among the best label printers.

5. Arkscan 2054A – Supports and Zebra LP2844 

Arkscan 2054A is a multi-functional printer that can be used to create labels for shipping, products, or any other purpose. It also supports

It’s a thermal printer that does not need to refill ink or toner. You can create your labels with customized texts, graphics, or images.

You can link it to any application in your PC or Mac. You can make the printer compatible with Zebra LP2844 that support much software that requires zebra printers only.

The configuration settings and set up is easy and takes a few minutes. It takes 1.2 seconds to create a 4×6 shipping label.

With the help of different computer applications, you can create your own labels. It can handle graphics, barcodes, text, or serializing capabilities. It supports fanfold paper loaded from the back of the device.

The printer is a useful device for creating crisp and clear labels for promoting your business.



How to choose from the Best Label Printers?

Choosing the right label printer depends on your individual needs.

Number of Labels you need to Print Daily

You can check the duty cycle of the printer and see whether it matches your required daily needs. Overusing a device daily reduce its lifespan and create complications in machinery.

Not all of the best label printers are super fast. Some are fast, others are affordable. Therefore, you have to weigh in on your printing demand.

 Size of your label

You might need printing labels of varying sizes. Always check whether the printer offers to support the sizes you will be needing. It should cater you all needs as sure you don’t want to buy a separate printer for your every product.

Quality of printed labels

Quality of labels is very important. After all, a label is sometimes an advertisement for your products.

So if you are not buying a simple monochrome printer for labeling files, you better check whether it prints high-quality labels for promoting your brand and name.

What is Thermal Printing Technology?

Thermal printing is when your printing uses different healing applications for creating a permanent image on the label. Thermal Printing can be done in two ways.

  • Direct thermal printing: In this process, a chemically treated material becomes darker when the heat is applied to it via a thermal heat head. It can create black and white labels that can fade over time.
  • Thermal Transfer Printing: In this process, heat is melting the resin or wax ribbons that are melted and then applied to the label for creating your desired design. You can create color labels by making use of colored wax ribbons.

Types of Label Printers

Different types of label printers are commonly used in several industries.

Handheld or Desktop Label printers

these are used to create filing and administration, ticket printing, warehouse or logistic labeling and for other simple labels.

Commercial color label printers

These can be used for creating colorful labels for products, logos, and graphics. Industrial or pharmaceutical companies can use them to create labels for chemical or medications.

Industrial Scale Label Printers

These are for business or industries that require larger and versatile label printing. They can use standard size labels or for large format printing for billboards or posters.


Here we looked at the best label printers in the market. The ones listed here are among the top rated printers.

These are all thermal label printers and therefore you do not require any ink.

The right printer for you depends upon your budget as well as on the volume of prints that you need. Sure you can go for the fastest option available, however, if you are not going to ever use it to its full potential then you would have wasted your money.