5 Best Inkjet Printers for CD DVD Printing in 2019

What are CD/DVD printers you may ask? Well, they aren’t devices that print entire CDs or DVD in case you are wondering.

These are basically printers that help you print CD/DVD labels.

Here will look at the best inkjet printers for CD DVD printing.


If you are looking for an all rounder, famous and highly acclaimed CD DVD label printer, we recommend the Canon MX-922.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the cheapest possible option, we recommend Canon TS9020 Printer.

Comparison of Top Inkjet Printers for CD DVD Printing in 2019

ModelNo. InksPrinting Size (Max)ConnectivityMulti FunctionPrice
Canon MX-9225LegalWiFi, EthernetADF Scanner, Copier, Fax Check Price
Canon TS90206LegalWiFi, WiFi Direct, NFC, SD CardScanner, Copier Check Price
Canon IP72205LegalWiFi, No Check Price
Epson XP-8305LetterWiFi, WiFi Direct, Ethernet, SD Card, USB Thumb DriveADF Scanner, Copier, Fax Check Price
Epson Artisan 14306TabloidWiFi, WiFi Direct, No Check Price

Why would you need these?

Whether you are transferring music on your CD/DVD or transferring important documents for safekeeping, you will always need a label of some sort to go along with.

By CD LABEL we mean that you can print any type of logo or art on the disc. So if you are a musician, you can print you logo on it as well.

These printers significantly helps in visual representations of the contents. Don’t forget that in the modern day, you cannot afford to ignore quality color printing, and especially when it comes to gallery-worthy prints. As such, you require a printer that helps deliver superior-quality work.

There are two types of such printers available in the market.

  • Inkjet printers – These are affordable printers that bring out high-resolution prints while using inkjet cartridges whose quality is measured in DPI (Dots-per-inch). A single cartridge is capable of printing up to 400 DVD’s/CD’s at an average. Of course the number can vary depending upon the make and model of the printer.
  • Thermal printers – These are quite costly and use a Heat transfer ribbon technology that prints directly on the CD/DVD. One thermal ribbon is capable of printing about 800 DVD’s/CD’s.

Here we will only look at the affordable best inkjet printer for cd dvd printing

List of Best Inkjet Printers for CD DVD Printing

We have compiled 5 best inkjet CD DVD printers for you that will get the job done including;

  1. Canon MX-922 All In One Printer – Recommended Printer for CD DVD Printing
  2. Canon MX-9020 Printer – Cheapest Printer for CD/DVD Printing
  3. Canon IP7220 – Loaded With Useful Tech
  4. Epson XP-830 Color Printer – High Quality Prints at Budget
  5. Epson Artisan 1430 (C11CB53201) – Expensive and Premium Grade – Wide Format

Short Reviews of the Selected inkjet CD Printers

We will briefly look into each of these printers’ features.

1. Canon MX-922 All In One PrinterRecommended Printer for CD DVD Printing

Canon MX-922 This is one of the most famous printer for CD DVD printing hands down. You can certainly tell by the sheer number of customer reviews it has received.

The best aspect abut this printer is that it offers exceptional features at a relatively low price tag.

This is an All in One printer with a dedicated tray for DVD/CD printing; the Canon MX-922 printer certainly makes it ideal for easy DVD/CD direct high-speed printing.

This printer has one of the best integrated 35 sheet Auto Document Feeder with Duplex scanning mechanism. Meaning, it can scan both sides of the documents in one go and the 35 sheet ADF will ensure you don’t have to scan each and every document individually.

Beside that, it comes equipped with wireless technology. Not only does it support network printing, it also supports WiFi Direct printing via your phone or tablet.

On top of that, it supports Google Cloud as well as Apple AirPrint. While it does not have have a media card slot, it does offer Ethernet for connecting with a wired network.

The printer is equipped with 5 different inks which is quite common for printers dedicated for artistic work. It has a color printing DPI of 9600×2400 which is one of the highest in the price range.

This is a highly reviewed and liked printer. If you want to get a machine highly recommended by users as well as by us, then this is the best inkjet printer for CD DVD printing.

  • One of the most famous printers for CD DVD printing
  • Great network support with Ethernet and WiFi
  • ADF scanner makes it highly useful for offices
  • Includes fax machine
  • No WiFi Direct printing via mobile devices (they both have to first connected to the same Wireless Network)
  • Printing speed is rather slow

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2. Canon TS9020 Printer Cheapest Printer for CD/DVD Printing

Canon MX-9020If you are looking for the cheapest possible printer that can get the CD printing job done, then you are in luck with this.

The good news here is that despite being an affordable printer, it is still an all in one machine. Therefore, it can scan as well as copy your documents.

Moreover, as far as the connectivity goes, this is one of the easiest printers to use. It offers WiFi printing capability, Cloud printing capability, it is NFC compliant for compatible devices, it has a memory slot and has a LAN port. On top of all that, it has a comfortable 5.0 inch screen for easy navigation.

For DVD/CD printing, the printer boasts of a 4 by 6-inch Disc tray capable of direct printing. The quality of the prints will also be excellent thanks to its 6 ink system as well as a good 9600×2400 dpi.

All in all, if you are looking for a high quality budget option then this is the best inkjet printer for cd dvd printing for home as well as small office use.

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  • Highly affordable with cheap upfront and operating costs
  • Robust connectivity including WiFi Direct and NFC
  • Slow printing speeds
  • The scanner does not include an ADF

3. Canon IP7220 Loaded With Useful Tech

Canon IP7220If you want a CD DVD printer that is loaded with fairly useful technology, then this might interest you.

Of course, these techs may or may not be useful to you. Since this is a slightly expensive printer, the extra features may not be worth the investment for all.

Firstly, it has an Auto Duplex printing features. Therefore, if you have documents that require dual side printing but without any manual work, then this is good for you.

Secondly, it come with a software that enables excellent filters that you can superimpose on your images. If you are an avid Photoshop user, then a feature like this may not appeal to you. If you are not, then filters like Fish Eye, Miniature, Toy Camera can be useful.

Like most of the premium Canon printers, this too comes with ChromaLife100+ ink system. These inks produce some of the finest quality prints capable of lasting 300 years. The printer uses a 5 ink system.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, this printer is not the best you can get. It does have wireless connectivity and offers Apple AirPrint and cloud print features. However, it lacks both an Ethernet port as well as an SD card slot. At this price point you would expect both of these to be present.

All in all, if you are a looking for an option that offers duplex printing as well as a good native image editing software, then this is the best Inkjet printer for CD DVD printing.

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  • Excellent printing quality for its price
  • Lacking in terms of connectivity with no Ethernet and WiFi Direct support
  • No Scanner and Copier

4. Epson XP-830 Color Printer – High Quality Prints at Budget

Epson XP-830This is a printer that promises high quality fade-resistant, scratch proof and water resistant prints at a budget.

For starters this is an all in one printer and therefore it can scan, copy as well as FAX. The CD/DVD tray only makes this a complete package.

Other than that, it is also quite convenient thanks to the wireless connectivity for interfacing as well as the 30 page auto document feeder for the scanner.

The wireless connectivity allows you to print from not just your computer, but also from your smart devices like phone and tablets. Speaking of connectivity, it also supports SD card via its card slot.

Other than that, it is also a fairly fast printer with color printing speed of about 11 ppm.

All in all, while this is not a professional grade printer that costs beyond $500, if you want a high quality CD DVD printing at a budget, then this is one of the best inkjet printers for cd dvd printing.

The relative drawback of this printer is that it has received negative reviews from plenty of customers. People have complained about this printer failing to function at low ink levels and has issues with the latest firmware.

However, once these issues are solved, this can certainly be one of the most lucrative option not just for printing CD/DVD labels but for general printing.

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  • Robust connectivity including SD card and Thumb Drive Support
  • Scanner comes with an ADF making it great for offices.
  • Also includes the fax machine
  • Somewhat bulky
  • Can print only upto letter size instead of the legal size.
  • Low paper capacity

5. Epson Artisan 1430 (C11CB53201) – Expensive and Premium Grade – Wide Format

Epson Artisan 1430 (C11CB53201)Last we have the most expensive printer for CD label printing on this list.

You will consider getting this printer if you are a professional artist, photographer, and a designer who needs the ability to print CD labels.

This is a wide format printer and can print borderless up to 13″ x 19″ in size (A3). Therefore, it is highly suitable for creative studios and art shops.

The printer uses 6 different inks to produce high quality results. Therefore, while the operating cost will be high, if you want high quality CD label printing, then this printer will deliver. The quality of the print is also not prone to ruin from water, dust, scratching or even smudging as a result of using Claria Hi-Definition Ink.

The printer can print a wide format 13″x19″ borderless photo in 3 mins. Smaller photos will be printed faster. As such, CD DVD label printing will be fairly fast.

The printer can print about 470 standard pages in monochrome and about 810 color pages. Besides that, this printer is also wireless therefore interfacing with devices should not be an issue

The only relative cons about this are that it is bulky and it is expensive. This is not a printer that an average person would want to get for simple CD label printing.

All in all, the Epson Artisan 1430 will not let you down and will print very high quality and exceptionally detailed photos, which is convenient for high quality label printing. If you are looking for a professional grader printer, then this is the best inkjet printer for cd dvd printing.

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  • Highest quality photos and prints
  • Excellent for dedicated art studios
  • Wide format printer can print tabloid sized sheets
  • Very expensive in terms of upfront and operating costs.
  • No Ethernet port despite a hefty price
  • Not an all in one printer

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How do you find the most suitable CD DVD printer for you?

Many brands offer different kind printers with each having a distinguishable feature. To know what works for you, you’ll need to break it down into the following;

Which printer is well suited for me?

  • What is your budget? – Being the most important factor, an affordable printer with good quality is what you should go for without constraining your pockets.
  • What you intend to use the printer for? – If you plan on using the printer for personal use, you should go for a medium range whereas if you intend to use the printer for commercial use, a high range printer is what you require.

What is the advantage of a CD DVD printer?

  • Provided you have a PC, you can create DVD/CD labels easily
  • It will save you costs of having a professional do the work for you
  • Can be used to create memorable occasions of events such as Birthdays, Weddings and so on
  • Great for musicians who run a local editing/music producing studio.

Can you Print CD/DVD Labels Without These Dedicated Printers?

Best Inkjet Printers for CD PrintingYes you can. You will need to use the proper layout in the software you are working on i.e Photoshop or Word.

You will also need to get CD Printing sticker papers. These aren’t anything fancy. They are just sticker printing paper with the shape of a CD.

The printing layout must be set appropriately so that the printer prints on the proper place.

Once the print is done, you can unpeel the sticker and stick it on a blank CD/DVD manually.

Therefore, while it is possible, manual work is time consuming, prone to error and not professional looking. The best inkjet printers for CD DVD printing basically automate this processor for you.


The above information on the top 5 best inkjet printers for CD DVD printing will guide you to choose the best CD printer. They all have some similarities such as they all support wireless connectivity which is a necessity in the modern world.

Again, these printers will produce imagery that is of high quality that is much needed if you are going to produce great work.