Best Edible Printers: Deals & Bundles With Edible Ink

If you are in a food business, especially a bakery owner, then edible printer can be used for creating breathtaking decorations for your cakes and other bakery items.

People love their personalized cakes and what can possibly be better than to paste their names, photos, family photo, or other images on their cakes.

An edible printer can give you almost unlimited possibilities on how you can decorate, not just your cake, but also pastries and other bakery items.

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1. Icinginks Cake Printer Bundle System - Budget Deal

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If you already own frosting sheets, wafer sheets, markers etc for printing, then this deal is great for you. It comes with the Edible printer and the edible ink cartridges (already filled).

If you are looking for the bear minimum, then this will suit you.

2. Icinginks Cake Printer Art Package - Mid range Deal

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This deal by icinginks comes with 50 wafer sheets, 5 icing sheets, 5 double tip cake markers, 5 filled cartridges.

If you are a beginner and want to have all the tools at your disposal for creating outstanding cake designs, then this is an excellent deal in our opinion.

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3. Icinginks Edible Images Cake Art Craft Printer Package - Premium Deal

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If you want the most comprehensive deal, then we recommend looking into this.

This deal offers 50 wafer sheets, 30 icing sheets, 5 double tip markets, templates for designs, as well as a cleaning kit. The cleaning kit can come quite handy if you run a busy shop which may result in accumulation of waste.

Canon Pixma TS6120 – The Printer of Choice

You will notice that as far as the actual printing device is concerned, the Canon Pixma TS1620 shines in the market.

Canon Pixma TS1620 is normally a great budget printer in iteself. It offers 5 cartridge system as supposed to only 4. As such, when it comes graphics printing, it is an excellent printer.

On top of that, since this is a wireless printer, you can use your mobile devices to print directly.

Now some of the brands, like icinginks, have taken this printer and turned into an edible printer by modifying the ink cartridges to use edible ink instead of normal ink.

You will notice that most of the deals surrounding edible printer kits, will have the Canon Pixma TS6120 as the main printing device.

With that said, you can expect deals such as follows.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How to Choose the Best Edible Printer

Here are few tips for selecting from the best edible printers deals.

Removable Components

Just like any normal printer, edible printers work the same way. Instead of normal ink, they use edible ink that is mostly edible colors. And instead of normal sheets, it makes use of frosting papers, rice papers, and other edible stuff.

So removable components would allow you to clean the parts more easily since we are going to eat the stuff coming out of it. Removable parts would allow you to clean the remaining ink in its parts. These thin layers can damage your device and jam its system if not cleaned properly.

Size of Printer

You need to check if the particular size of the printer fits in your workplace easily. A too big printer may not fit in your small workplace.


Edible ink comes in two different types. One is refillable, and the other is nonrefillable. The refillable cartridge can be used again. So choose the printer that seems more convenient.

Good Quality Ink

Make sure you are buying ink that is approved by FDA and perfect to be consumed by adults and children. For this purpose, it is always recommended to avoid buying from unknown names.

It is also important to buy ink with the right viscosity. A thinner ink will destroy your design, and too thick can jam your system by sticking with its parts.


We are talking about edible stuff here that can be clogged, or become difficult to print. So buy a reliable device that works fast saving your time and money.

If you are running a personal bakery, you can’t dedicate all the time on just printing designs. The printing process should be quick and convenient so you can concentrate on other things.


Cost of printing matters. Edible ink is also not very expensive and so are edible sheets.

They are easily available. A good printer come at a very reasonable price. And you can invest a new spirit into your baking or confectionery business.

Benefits of an Edible Printer

Here are a few benefits of having an edible printer.

Decorations Become Easy

Whether you own a bakery or just bake as a hobby, competition is very high in the market and to stay up to date with the latest trends having an edible printer is essential.


It saves a lot of time. Doing all minute decorations manually is something only professionals can do.

The designs printing can save your time and enhance your productivity.

Professional Touch

The Printers allows you to add some professional touch to your creations and bakery items.

It will help you have some professional touch in your work even if you are not that experienced or skilled.

Personalized Touch to Your Baking

A printer with edible ink enable you to create some personal token of love for your near and dear ones.

It can be a birthday party of your kid, the anniversary of your parents, or simply a valentine gift for your lover, the customized and personalized cakes or other edible items help you express your feelings of love, gratitude, and happiness in a better way.


Here we looked at some of the best deals for an edible printer. Whether you want to personalize your own cake or whether you run a bakery, these printers can come in quite handy.

You can fulfill custom orders, built exquisite cakes for display, as well as satisfy your inner chef with a printer like this.

There is on caveat though, the deals mentioned above are great for up to small shop owners. If you own a large and a busy bakery, you may need to look into industrial grade edible printers.

Nevertheless, if you are a beginner and you want to test waters with this craft, then we recommend these deals.