5 Best Bluetooth Printers 2019 – for Direct Printing

best bluetooth printers As the technology advance, devices become simpler and more convenient, and a  Bluetooth printer is an apt example of it.

The ability to print directly from your mobile or any other device helps you keep your places clean. No messy chords or connecting cables hang around, and you can place the printer anywhere you like.

You don’t need to allocate a specific place for your printer near your PC or laptop. It can do just fine sitting in a less conspicuous corner.

You got the freedom to move around your office and print at the same time.

Here we will thus look at the best bluetooth printers in 2019 that can make your printing job easier.

List of Best Bluetooth Printers in 2019

Here is a list of best Bluetooth printers. These printers are selected because of their efficiency, performance,  value and reviews.

  1. Canon PIXMA TS9520
  2. Canon PIXMA TR8520
  3. HP OfficeJet 5255
  4. HP ENVY 5055
  5. CANON PIXMA iP110

Short Reviews of the Selected Printers

Here is a list of our carefully selected best Bluetooth printers for your convenience.

1. Canon PIXMA TS9520

Canon TS9520 is a wireless option for your office needs. It is perfect for everyday printing needs without coming into anyone’s way.

Connect the printer to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and enjoy a carefree printing experience.

The all in one printer makes your life easier as it can even be connected to your Alexa Device and need only voice commands from you to start the printing process.

It allows you to print your memories through any cloud service like Google Docs, Facebook, or Instagram.

Unleash the artist in you and create your own greeting cards. The printer can allow you to print personalized borderless 7×10 cards. Print photos, cards, documents, or anything you want with this incredible device with the perfect and crisp results.

The printer allows the maximum convenience combined with high-quality output.

All in all, as far as a complete package goes, this is one of the best bluetooth printers. It affordable as well as great for photos and others documents.

2. Canon PIXMA TR8520

Talking about Canon’s PIXMA series, TR8520 is another great option that you might consider. The

Bluetooth enabled printer simplifies your printing experience as you can operate it through your mobile from anywhere around the office or home.

NO messy cables are blocking ways and destroying the interior of your place. The efficient device can work through a wireless connection.

Its an all in one device that caters you basic official needs. It can scan, copy, print, or fax. The printer is good enough to print anything, be it your checks, tickets, assignments, photos, or any legal documents.

The printer supports multiple sizes of paper with both front and rear printing at the same time. Its 20 sheet feeder is ready to take the load of your printing needs quite easily. The five individual ink jet system provides you with perfect results.

The all in one device has a sleek and compact design that can be placed anywhere without covering much space. Canon PIXMA TR8520 can be linked to any cloud service too for printing your saved photos and documents.

In short, if you are looking for an all in one printer, then this is one of the best Bluetooth printers in 2019.

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3. HP OfficeJet 5255

HP OfficeJet 5255 is a versatile performer that makes printing affordable and convenient for you.

The all-in-one printer can be connected with a Bluetooth device, or any wireless connection and tackles your everyday office needs from scanning to faxing, coping to printing very easily.

OfficeJet 5255 offers some wonderful features for printing 4×6 borderless photos.

The printer has a separate tray photo tray as well. In addition to a wireless connection, the printer can be connected through HP’s smart app that enables you to print from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

It’s a great option if you are looking for a high-end printer with crisp and detailed printing results.

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4. HP ENVY 5055

Another Bluetooth printer from HP, Envy 5055 is a fast and versatile option.

The printer is a Bluetooth smart device that allows lightning fast set-up. A 2.2 mono screen allows you to manage tasks from a touchscreen.

The all in one printer has a feeder that makes the printing job easier. You can create borderless 4×6 photos or flayers with outstanding results.

The color quality and image reproduction of printer are amazing as if you have developed a photograph from negatives. The device is energy star certified and does not add costs of high electricity bills.

If you looking for printer that people love to use, then this is one of the best bluetooth printers.


Another option from Canon PIXMA series. iP110 is a Bluetooth enabled device that offers real convenience with superior image quality.

The printer offers a maximum resolution of 9600 x 2400 with 1pl technology, that ensures the quality of your printed photographs.

It can cater documents up to 8.5×11 inches.

Its compact size is one of its many great features. The printer focus on high-quality printing, unlike other all-in-one devices. It allows you to print from your mobile using several applications.

The smart device can turn your favorite movie clip into a detailed and beautiful print. It can be used to print borderless photos with great clarity.

The printer offers Easy-PhotoPrint that makes it easy for you to edit and print from anywhere with internet access. Pixma iP110 is a great device that works especially well for printing high-resolution photos or flyers.

As far color perfection goes, this is one of the best bluetooth printers.

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Advantages of the Best Bluetooth Printers

Here are a few advantages of having one of the best bluetooth printers here.

No Messy Cables

The best Bluetooth printers offer a more neat and clean workplace as it does not require lots of cables that hang around and gives a messy look. It can stand out of the way to a corner performing its duties.

Easy Connectivity

Unlike an Ethernet connection, having a Bluetooth connection makes it easy for you to connect through several media.

You don’t need a PC or Laptop. A mobile phone is enough for managing the printing process.

Fast Printing Process

The ability to operate the printing right when and where you need to speed up the printing process.

You can send a command to your printer through a wireless connection to start the printing process even if you are not right there at the head of the printer and that saves a lot of time and effort.

Efficient and Durability

Bluetooth printer is advanced printers that bring a lot of efficiency with them. It simplifies the whole printing process for you, and the devices are durable as well.

Access to Cloud Service

Most of the Bluetooth printers can be connected to any cloud service for creating prints of saved photographs and documents.

Tips for using Bluetooth printers

Here are a few tips for using a Bluetooth printer.

  • Bluetooth printer has a limited range within which it can work. Normally it has a range of 30 feet, but it depends on hardware configuration as well. So check the distance range a printer supports and match it to your workplace or house before buying a specific printer.
  • Avoid setting your Bluetooth device to a discoverable mode that allows its IP address available for any other Bluetooth device. It can cause some serious security issues.
  • When pairing device for the first time, do it at home or office and avoid public places.
  • As for a security option, you can enable encryption for any Bluetooth transfer that you may make.