5 Best Monitors for Web Design in 2019

Unlike the professional monitors that are built specifically for color perfection and costs well beyond thousand dollar range, you don’t need a top of the line monitor for web designing.

Therefore, you can essentially go for simple monitors that are large and comfortable.

However, if you are a professional who designs graphics and also works on photo editing along with your web designing efforts, then you may want to look for monitors that cover at least the sRGB color space.


If you need an all in one solution for a monitor that has awesome looks, speakers, as well as covers the sRGB color space, then we recommend the Dell S2418H.

Alternatively if you are looking for a budget option, there is absolutely nothing in our opinion that is better than the HP VH240a. Its slim bezels and price point makes it perfect for multiple monitor setup.

There are also some awesome QHD monitors like the gorgeous Asus MZ27AQ Designo or the functional HP 27q Pavilion perfect for web designing work.

Finally, you can also try out an Utlrawide monitor. Ultrawide monitors don’t really have to expensive. The LG 29WK600-W is the proof of that fact.

Comparison of Web Designing Monitors

ModelSizeResolutionPanel TypeSpeakersColor FeaturesPrice
Dell S2418H241920 x 1080IPS12 Watts250 nits, 16.7 Million, 99% sRGB, HDR10 Check Price
HP VH240a241920 x 1080IPS2 x 2 Watts250 nits, 16.7 Million Check Price
Asus MZ27AQ Designo272560 x 1440IPS2 x 6 Watts + Subwoofer350 nits, 16.7 Million, 100% sRGB Check Price
HP 27q272560 x 1440PLSNA350 nits, 16.7 Million, 100% sRGB Check Price
LG 29WK600-W292560 x 1080IPS2 x 5 Watts300 nits, 16.7 Million, 99% sRGB Check Price

Continuing On…

In this article we will have a look at the best monitors for web design. Most of the monitors listed cover the sRGB color spaceFor those who aren’t aware sRGB defines the color space of digital devices or digital media unlike Adobe RGB that defines the color space of Print Media.

For web designing, we recommend 24 inch as the smallest size that choose to for in order to have a comfortable working experience. Although 27 is the standard size for most of the professional office work, 24 inch is also considered quite reasonable.

Plus, if you are seeking a multiple monitor setup, then 24 inch multiple monitor setup is generally considered quite affordable as well as comfortable.

You can read more about choosing the best monitor for web design in the FAQ Section.

List of Best Monitors for Web Design

We have selected the following monitors for our list.

  1. Dell S2418H – 24 Inch – Best Monitor for Web Design
  2. HP VH240a – 24 Inch – Best Budget Monitor for Graphic Designing
  3. Asus MZ27AQ Designo – 27 Inch – Monitor with a Subwoofer
  4. HP 27q Pavilion – 27 in – Affordable QHD Monitor
  5. LG 29WK600-W – 29 Inch – Ultrawide Full HD with sRGB

Brief Reviews

Let us briefly look into the best monitors for web design.

1. Top Pick Dell S2418H – 24 Inch – Best Monitor for Web Design

Best Monitors for Web DesignWe highly recommend that you look into this monitor.

It is loaded with features that can not only enhance your web designing work but also provide you with so much more functionality.

The downside is that this may seem a bit pricey for a 24 inch FHD monitor.

For starters, this monitor is a 24 inch monitor with FHD resolution. It offers a high quality IPS panel therefore you can be certain that the color quality that this monitor offers will be spectacular.

On top that, this monitor also offers 99% sRGB color space coverage. As mentioned in the FAQ section, sRGB is the color space that defines the color that we see on monitors and smartphones. Therefore, it is highly relevant to web designers.

Besides that, this monitor also offer HDR capability. This is a new sensation in the monitor market that greatly enhances the color space and brightness of the display for added vibrancy. If you are into photo editing as well, then you will appreciate this feature.

On top of that, this monitor also offers AMD FreeSync. This is a feature that will be loved by the gamer within you. This feature synchronizes the refresh rate and frame rate of the monitor and PC so that the issues of screen tearing and screen stuttering can be avoided.

The cherry on cake here is that this monitor offers some of the loudest built in speakers. It offers a 12 Watts stereo system. The small base with a small footprint is actually an entire sound bar.

This monitor has gorgeous looks. It has some of the slimmest bezels in the market. Therefore, it is ideal for a multiple monitor setup.

Unfortunately, this monitor does not offer an ergonomic stand nor does it have VESA mounting capability.

If you want a display that is jack of all trades and has a great value, we recommend this as one of the best monitors for web design.

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Dell S2418HN Specs Overview

Essentials: IPS, 1920 x 1080, 24″. 99% sRGB coverage, AMD FreeSync
Connections:  VGA, Audio Out, HDMI
Speakers: 12 W system
Response Time: 6 ms

  • Covers the sRGB color space 99% which is the minimum for designing purpose.
  • The HDR feature means more realistic and vibrant colors.
  • Has AMD FreeSync feature which is an added bonus if you are also a gamer.
  • Good quality speakers – the entire base is a sound bar.
  • Taking in account the 24 inch FHD, the monitor is a little expensive.
  • No ergonomic stand which means very limited adjustability.
  • No VESA mounting feature available.
  • Misaligned physical buttons on monitor body.

2. HP VH240a – 24 Inch – Best Budget Monitor for Graphic Designing

HP VH240aThis yet another highly recommended monitor from us. This is the cheapest monitor in the market that offers an ergonomic stand with 24 inch screen size.

This monitor can tilt, swivel, rotate to portrait mode as well as provide you with the ability to adjust its height.

This is also one of the cheapest monitor to offer VESA mounting capability.

Combine the ergonomic stand and VESA mounting capability with the slim bezels that this monitor offers and you practically get a display that is built for multiple monitor setup.

That fact that this monitor is one of the cheapest 24 inch display in the market makes this one of the most lucrative deal.

Unfortunately, this monitor does not cover the sRGB color space. However, if you are looking for the cheapest yet high quality monitor from a respected brand, then this is highly recommended.

It does not have a plethora of connectivity options, but the HDMI and VGA are just sufficient for interfacing with newer as well as older devices.

As far as budget display goes, this one of the best monitors for web design, if not THE best.

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HP VH240a Features at Glance

Essential: IPS, 24″, 1920 x 1080
Connections: HDMI, VGA
Response Time: 7 ms
Ergonomic Stand
Speakers: 2×2 Watts

  • Cheapest to offer both an ergonomic stand with a 24 inch screen and VESA mounting capability.
  • It offers sharp FHD pictures.
  • Doesn’t cover the bare minimum of the sRGB color space needed for designing.
  • Really low power speakers.

3. Asus MZ27AQ Designo – 27 Inch – Monitor with a Subwoofer

Asus MZ27AQ DesignoThis is a fairly high quality and high performance monitor that can put a dent in your wallet.

However, if you are  looking for one of the most beautiful display that you can get your hands on, then there is nothing better than ASUS Designo series monitors.

This is a monitor with which you can make a statement and thus it is perfect for office environments. This is also one of a few rare gems that actually offers a complete 2.1 audio system with a mini subwoofer.

As far as the display is concerned, this monitor offers a large 27 inch size screen and Quad HD resolution. We recommend QHD resolution for 27 inch monitors just as we recommend no more than FHD for 24 inch monitors.

Therefore, Asus MZ27AQ Designo checks in that aspect. On top of that, this monitor also covers 100% of the sRGB color space making this suitable for professional levels of design work.

As far looks are concerned, this is the best monitor for web design.

Unfortunately, while it offers slim bezels, it lacks both an ergonomics stand as well as VESA mounting holes.

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Asus MZ27AQ Designo Specs Overview

Essentials: IPS, 2560×1440, 27″, 100% sRGB
Connections:  2 x HDMI v1.4, DP v1.2
Speakers: 2×6 W + 5W Subwoofer
Response Time: 5 ms

  • High performance monitor with a beautiful display.
  • A complete audio system with subwoofer included
  • Covers the sRGB space 100% making it adequate for professional designing.
  • No ergonomic included
  • No VESA mounting capability found.
  • Quite an expensive piece

4. HP 27q Pavilion – 27 in – Affordable QHD Monitor

HP 27q PavilionLike the Dell S2418H mentioned above, this too is a jack of all trades but has a screen size of 27 inch and has a QHD resolution.

Therefore, this is an expensive monitor in comparison to Dell S2418H, but one of the cheapest monitors with 27 inch QHD screen.

If you are looking for a good looking, slim bezel, elegant 27 inch monitor with high resolution, then this highly recommended. It boasts an IPS panel as well as covers 100% of the sRGB color space therefore it is suitable for multitasking as well as professional designing work.

Should you want to mount this monitor on dedicated stands, it also offers VESA mounting capability.

Another highlight of this monitor is that it offers AMD FreeSync for the gamers as well as not just one but two HDMI ports. All this at a fairly reasonable price.

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HP 27q Pavilion Specs at Glance

Essential: 27″, 2560 x 1440, IPS, 100% sRGB coverage, FreeSync
Response Time: 5 ms
Connections: 2 x HDMI v1.4, DisplayPort

  • One of the cheapest to offer 27 inch with Quad HD screen.
  • Covers 100% of the sRGB color space.
  • Offers AMD FreeSync which means it is a hot piece for gamers too.
  • It has no ergonomic stand.
  • Issues regarding image retention are seen.

5. LG 29WK600-W – 29 Inch – Full HD with sRGB – Best Ultrawide Monitor for Web Designing

LG 29WK600-WLastly we have an ultrawide monitor. Ultrawide monitors can get fairly expensive.

While most would rather go for dual monitor setup with thin bezels, Ultrawide monitors provide an unparalleled experience.

This monitor provides about 30% larger screen real estate as compared to a 24 inch monitor.

The good news is that it costs almost the same as a high end 24 inch monitor like VP series from ViewSonic.

LG 29WK600-W provides a high quality IPS panel that covers 99% of the sRGB as well as provides other essential features like HDR 10 and AMD FreeSync making this one of the best Ultrawide monitors for web designing in terms of value for money.

Check Out the Latest Price at

LG 29WK600-W

Essential: IPS, 29″, 2560 x 1080, 99% sRGB, HDR10, AMD FreeSync
Connections: 2 x HDMI, DisplayPort
Response Time: 5 ms

  • A high quality IPS panel which covers the 99% of the sRGB color space.
  • The HDR 10 feature is present which gives mesmerizing colors.
  • A wide screen of 29 inch which is 30% larger than a normal 29 inch monitor.
  • It is fairly expensive.
  • The custom monitor presets can’t be saved with this.
  • It offers limited ergonomics.



What Features To Look

It is worth learning about what features to look for in the best monitors for web design and what features to disregard. This is so that you get the best bang for your buck and you don’t needlessly spend on features that you do not need.

Size and Resolution

We recommend 24 inch as the bear minimum. While most professional fields such as photo editing, engineer etc demands 27 inch as the standard for comfortable work experience, for web designing 24 inch is also quite reasonable.

As far as the resolution is concerned, there needs to be parity between resolution and the size. There is no point in getting a 24 inch monitor with WQHD resolution because this will only increase the sharpness of the image. The multitasking experience will remain the same.

If you choose to go for 27 Inch monitors, you can start exploring Quad HD monitors. With 27 inch monitors and Quad HD resolution, you can do some quality multitasking.

Panel Type

Panel Type

We have made sure that the best monitors for web design all have IPS panels. Whenever there is design work, we recommend IPS panel. In Plane Switching or IPS panels are the go to panel for color reproduction and color uniformity.

They have the best color out of the three main panel i.e IPS, TN and VA. Although they suffer from slowest response time, if you are not a hardcore gamer, this flaw would not matter to you much.

The second panel type that we would recommend is VA. VA have a much better color reproduction and uniformity as compared to TN panels but they are not as good as IPS panels.

Fortunately, they do have better response times than IPS panels. On top of that, they also have the best static contrast ratio of the three panels.

The least we would recommend is the TN panel. This panel is generally featured on high performance gaming monitors because they tend to offer fastest response time and high refresh rate at a fairly cheap price tag.

Unfortunately, they suffer from bad color fidelity and narrow viewing angles that damage the color uniformity.

Color Space

Although casual web designer do not need to worry much about color space, it is recommended that the monitor cover 99% of the sRGB color gamut at least.

This is a color space that defines the range of colors seen on display devices like monitors and smart phones. There are other color spaces like DCI-P3 that is used on projection devices and Adobe RGB that is used on print media, but web designers do no need to worry about the rest of the color spaces.

In short, the best monitors for web design are the ones that at least cover 100% of the sRGB color space.

Multitasking: Primary Concern

As a web designer, your primary objective in looking for suitable displays should be that they are good for multitasking. There are plenty of ways that this can be achieved.

The easiest is that you get a single large monitor with high resolution. That way you will able to fit plenty of windows and view them comfortably on a single display.

The other, and my prefered method, is to have a multiple display setup with budget monitors that have thin bezels. It is a research proven fact that multiple monitors can increase productivity.

The third, and the costlier option, is to invest in Ultrawide monitors. These monitors have a higher aspect ratio and therefore they have a much larger screen real estate. Unfortunately, they are generally expensive than their conventional counterparts.

Why Get Dual Monitors?

This is high relevant for you as a web designer. You will be working on a lot of things at a time.


Here we looked at the best monitors for web design. The important thing to note here is that web designing monitors don’t have to expensive.

Since web designing is concerned with digital media, you could do well with a monitor that just covers the sRGB color space. You don’t need a monitor that has features like 14 bit LUT, Adobe RGB or Pro Photo color space coverage, Quantum Dot Display etc.

While these high end features are great to have, they aren’t really necessary. You will be better off saving your cash and invest in a dual or triple monitor setup instead.

Productivity for web designer is highly significant and nothing improves the productivity better than a multiple monitor setup.