8 Best Monitors for Day Trading – Stock Trading Displays

Every business requires certain tools of the trade. Therefore, whether you are Day Trading stocks, Forex or cryptocurrency you need certain tools.

If you are just starting or seriously considering this field as your line of interest, then getting the best monitor for day trading is a crucial investment.


We recommend the HP VH240A if you are on a tight budget. It has all the essential features including an adjustable stand.

If you are looking for a robust large screen monitor that fit multiple trading views side by side comfortable, then we recommend the 42.5 inch LG Electronics 43UD79-B.

If you need a WQHD display so that you can fit a lot of charts on a single monitor side by side, you can look into Acer CB271HU bmidprx or ASUS PB277Q.

Lastly, you can check out ultrawide option. We recommend the Samsung LS34J550WQNXZA. It not only has a large screen but also an Ultra WQHD resolution

The monitors listed here vary in sizes, prices and specs. This list has been made in this sense because not everybody has the same requirements.

Some may just be happy with a single monitor, while others may require a workstation that looks nothing short of a space shuttle cockpit.

Some of you may want to invest in a single expensive large screen monitor, while others may find going with multiple budget monitors a good idea.

Comparison of Best Monitor for Day Trading

ModelSizePanelResolutionResponse TimeConnectivitySpeakersPrice
HP VH240a24IPS1920 x 10807msHDMI, VGA2 x 2W Check Price
LG 43UD79-B42.5IPS3840 x 21605ms4 x HDMI, Display Port, USB-C, USB Hub2 x 10W Check Price
Acer CB271HU bmidprx27IPS2560 x 14404msHDMI, DVI, Display Port, USB Hub2 x 2W Check Price
ASUS PB277Q27TN2560 x 14401msHDMI, VGA, DVI-D2 x 2W Check Price
Dell P2719H2IPS1920 x 10808msHDMI, VGA, Display Port, USB HubNo Check Price
ViewSonic VX3276 -2K-MHD32IPS2560 x 14404ms2xHDMI, Display Port, mini Display Port2 x 2W Check Price
ASUS Designo MX299Q29IPS2560 x 10805msHDMI, Display Port, DVI-D2 x 5W Check Price
Samsung S34J550W34VA3440 x 14404ms2 x HDMI, DisplayPortNo Check Price

List of Top Displays For Day Trading

Here is a quick list.

  1. HP VH240a – 24″ – Bear Minimum For Day Trading
  2. LG Electronics 43UD79-B – 24″ – 42.5″ – Big Screen for Displaying Multiple Trading Views
  3. Acer CB271HU bmidprx – 27″ – WQHD – Cheapest WQHD Monitor with IPS
  4. ASUS PB277Q – 27″ – 27 inch WQHD with TN and Fastest Response Time
  5. Dell P2719H– 27″
  6. ViewSonic VX3276-2K-MHD – 32″ – Affordable 32 inch Option
  7. ASUS Designo MX299Q – 29″ – Most Famous 29 inch
  8. Samsung LS34J550WQNXZA – 34″ – Ultra WQHD Workstation
What to Look for in Monitor for Day Trading?

What are We Looking for in Day Trading Displays?

A monitor is a significant part of your workstation. Thus it contributes a crucial portion of the comfort factor.

Although people have differing requirements and most monitors will not have everything that you want i.e price, features, looks etc, the best monitor for day trading monitor should have some or all of the following features.

You must note that these monitors can be used for a multitude of tasks including developing work as well as for casual gaming.

  1. Adjustable Stand – This allows you to tilt, swivel and adjust the height of the display. Other than that, this also allows you to pivot the monitor to portrait or vertical mode. For some the best monitor for day trading would be a vertical monitor.
  2. Thin Bezels: Thin bezel serve two purposes. Firstly, they look great. They can enhance your workspace with looks. Secondly, thin bezels is an essential requirement for multiple monitor setup.
  3. A High Resolution: Although everybody wants to have QHD or 4k resolution on their monitors, not everybody can afford them. For the best monitors for day trading or stock trading, it is recommended to get a monitor with a QHD resolution because that allows you to fit several windows/screen on one display. On the flipside, you can get two monitors for almost the same price as a single QHD monitor in some budget cases. So there is a price trade-off.
  4. Ultrawide Aspect Ratio: Ultrawide monitors are gaining momentum because they give the feeling of multiple monitors on a single display. Ultrawide monitors have an 21:9 aspect ratio instead of the conventional 16:9 widescreen monitors. Though, this may not be preferred by all.
  5. VESA Mounting: This is another important consideration especially if you ever plan to mount the monitors on dual, triple or larger monitor stands/arms.

Features that You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About

There are some features that are generally deemed important in other instances like gaming and editing, but are not too important in the context of best monitors for day traing.

  1. Response Time: A fast response time is necessary in applications that are fast paced are require extremely quick reaction – quicker than any day trading calls – like gaming. Most monitors already have a decent response time.
  2. Panel Type: The most widespread panel type on monitors these days is the IPS panel. This panel offers widest viewing angles and rich colors. Some picky enthusiasts may want to go for TN panels because of their faster response times. Sometime you may be lucky to find a VA panel which you gives the combination of TN and IPS panel features. As a day trader, you don’t need to worry about this much.
  3. Color Accuracy: Here I mean monitors that boast coverage of 100% sRGB and Adobe RGB Color Space with 14 bit LUT and what not. These features are for professional photographers or designers. It should not concern a day trader. Dealing with red and green candles rarely requires you to be color perfect.
  4. Connectivity: Most monitors that are decent enough for day trading have an array of good connectivity anyways. If they don’t have either an HDMI or DisplayPort at least, then chances are they are too budget oriented to be considered good enough for day trading.
  5. Input Lag: Most monitors have a decent input lag. Those that specifically boast to improve significantly on this feature are top of the line monitors that cost well beyond $500 range. These monitors would already have all the features under the sky including the ones that you don’t need as a day trader.

If you looking for monitor for graphic design, visit this page.

Features that Lie In Between

These are the features that are highly preference based. I’d say it is good to have them, but they aren’t absolutely necessary especially if you are getting an awesome monitor which lacks the following.

  1. Higher Refresh Rate: It is preferable, but not necessary. A higher refresh rate lowers the strain on your eyes. However, this feature is not as necessary on monitor for trading as it would be for the purpose of gaming.
  2. Speakers: You can find several monitors with speakers in the market. Again, it is good to have this, but not necessary.
  3. Low Blue Light: For some this may be absolutely necessary especially if you sit and stare at the screen for prolonged period of time. Low Blue Light filter lowers strain on your eyes.
  4. USB Hub: It is always a delight to find USB hub on your monitor. It gives you much more flexibility on your workdesk.

This Video Guide will Help You Make a Better Decision

Short Reviews of the Selected

Let us look at some of the great monitors for day trading in the market.

1. HP VH240a – 24″ – Bear Minimum For Day Trading

Best Monitor for Day TradingAs far as the value for money is concerned, this monitor is or top pick. For starters, this is cheapest monitor in the market to boast an ergonomic adjustable stand.

With that, it truly has set a new standard. In terms of the most budget option, this is the best monitor for day trading.

This monitor offers IPS panel that offers widest viewing angles as well color uniformity across the screen.

Although the IPS panel on this monitor is not comparable to those in high performance monitor, it still has a much better color reproduction as compared to TN or VA panel monitors of the same price category.

It is frameless, therefore it is quite suitable for multiple monitor display setup. The response time on this monitor is quite slow but that is what you would expect of any IPS monitors.

IPS monitor have the worst response time. However, if you are not going to game professionally, then this wouldn’t really matter much. For day trading, this flaw wouldn’t matter at all.

All in all, if you want value, this is the best monitors for day trading.

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HP VH240a

Essential: 24″, IPS, 1920 x 1080,
Connections: VGA, HDMI
Adjustable Stand
Response Time: 7 ms
: 2×2 Watts

2. LG Electronics 43UD79-B – 42.5″ – Big Screen for Displaying Multiple Trading Views

LG Electronics 43UD79-BIf you usually have many different trading views or counters open at a time, then it only makes sense to expand your viewing area.

There is not better way to do that than to have a large 42.5″ display with 4K resolution. 4K resolution offers 4 times the FHD resolution. Basically, you get the same pixel real estate as 4 times the HP VH240a above.

While 4 x HP VH240a would still be cheaper than a single LG 43UD79-B, then benefit here is obvious: you don’t have to worry about bezels in between screen or about mounting 4 monitors on monitors arms/stands.

Besides, if you like to play 4K games or 4K videos for entertainment, you’ll be able to do so with this.

The monitor offers 4 x HDMI ports, so you can essentially four different compatible devices for displaying simultaneously side by side.

Finally, this has one of the best built in speakers in the market with a rich 10 watt rating.

All in all, if you want to have the best trading experience, then this most certainly is one of the best monitors for day trading.

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LG Electronics 43UD79-B

Essential: 42.5″, IPS, 4K (3840×2160), 10 bit color depth, 1.06 billion colors, 350 nits brightness
Adjustable Stand
Response Time: 5 ms
Speakers: 2 x 10W
Connections: Display Port, USB-C, 2xUSB Down, 4 x HDMI

3. Acer CB271HU bmidprx – 27″ – WQHD Monitor Riddled with Awesomeness

Acer CB271HU bmidprxThis monitor is the cheapest WQHD monitor on a 27 inch size in the market.

For starters, it offers a 2560×1440 resolution, but on top of that it also features a very fast response time, covers 100% sRGB color gamut, has a Blue Light Filter, and offers VESA mounting and adjustable stand.

This is a monitor that can be used for purposes other than day trading including gaming and designing work.

The cherry on the cake is that it is on the lowest side of spectrum for a QHD 27 inch monitor. Its close competitor, the Dell Ultrasharp U2715H costs a $100 more. That should speak volumes about the deal you are getting here.

Again,  this one of the best monitors for day trading if you are looking for QHD at cheapest rate possible.

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For monitors with great color accuracy, read this.

Acer CB271HU bmidprx

Essential: 27″, IPS, 2560×1440, 100% sRGB
Response Time: 4 ms
Connections: HDMI, Display Port, DVI, USB Hub, Audio Out

4. ASUS PB277Q – 27 Inch with WQHD Resolution

ASUS PB277QHere we one of the more decent and affordable WQHD monitor on a 27 inch size. 27 inch is the most ideal and recommended size to incorporate WQHD resolution.

Although there are monitors offering WQHD resolution on 24 inch monitors, that simply isn’t practical.

WQHD content on 24 inch monitor would be too small for comfortable viewing experience.

The Quad HD or 2K display is essential for multitasking. In the case of day trading. a high resolution can allow you to fit several windows/views on the screen.

Higher resolution provides you with more real estate to work on. Furthermore, the images appear clearer as well as sharp.

Unfortunately, this monitor does not boast an IPS panel. It offers TN panel that lack in color reproduction and in viewing angles in comparison to the IPS. However, they do have the fastest response time.

Furthermore, since they are cheaper to produce, they usually have higher end features at a lower price tag. For instance, this monitor has a refresh rate of 75 Hz while most conventional IPS monitors have 60 Hz refresh rate at this price point.

If you want a 27 inch QHD monitor with IPS display, we recommend the cheapest Acer CB271HU bmidprx.

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Essential: 27″, 2560×1440, TN, 75 Hz
Response Time: 1 ms
Adjustable Stand

Connections: HDMI, DVI-D, VGA

5. Dell P2719H – 27″ – Affordable 27 Inch Monitor

Dell P2719HIn my view, this is monitor is worth having a look at.

The reason why we have included this here is because in my opinion it is highly affordable, and has a 27 inch size.

Granted it does not boast QHD and you have to make do with only FHD, the size alone at this price point can make a great difference in the viewing comfort.

Although QHD is the preferred resolution on 27 inch monitors, it is not cheap. On the other hand, FHD on 27 inch can be found at fairly reasonable price as is the case with this Dell P2719H.

The benefit here is that you can zoom out on your views/content and still be able to see the content clearly. It won’t be as sharp or crisp as it would be on a QHD monitor though.

This monitor can certainly appeal to some day trading because of its size and price combination.

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Dell P2719H

Essential: 27″, IPS, 1920x 1080
Connections: Display Port, HDMI, VGA, USB Hub
Adjustable Stand
Time: 8 ms

6. ViewSonic VX3276-2K-MHD – 32″ – Affordable 32 inch Option

ViewSonic VX3276-2K-MHDWhat if I told you that you can get a QHD 32 inch monitor for less than a prize of a 27 inch QHD monitor? You would surely be interested.

If you are day trader who prefers a larger screen size on his/her monitor, then this should be high up on your list.

Featuring a QHD resolution on frameless IPS display, this monitor perhaps has the best performance/dollar value.

There is one drawback though. 32 inch size with an aspect ratio of 16:9 isn’t the best for close-up work. A screen size of this size would require that you are seated at a distance of a few feet in order to have a comfortable view.

All in all, if you like the comfort of a larger screen or if you want to see the charts from a distance, then this is best monitor for day trading.

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ViewSonic VX3276-2K-MHD Specs at Glance

Essential: 32″, 2560×1440, IPS
Connections: 2xHDMI, Display Port, mini Display Port
Response Time: 4 ms
Speakers: Stereo Speakers

7. ASUS Designo MX299Q – 29″ – Gorgeous 29 Inch Ultrawide Monitors

ASUS Designo MX299QUltrawide monitors are gaining tremendous momentum in the market. This is mostly because of the fact that they enhance the productivity of the user.

This is especially true if you are someone who works full time on a computer like a day trader normally would.

ASUS Designo MX299Q offers more real estate than a conventional monitor with its 2560 x 1080 resolution.

Furthermore, since it has an Ultrawide aspect ratio of 21:9 instead of conventional 16:9 it has longer length but a shorter height compared to a 24 inch monitors.

This picture should explain this a bit further. The green is what a normal 24 inch screen would look like, the purple highlights how much increase in length you would receive on a 29 inch display.

24 vs 29

24 inch vs 29 inch Comparison

The extra space gives you the ability to view two windows side by side with comfort.

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ASUS Designo MX299Q Specs at Glance

Essential: 29″, 21:9 aspect ratio, 2560×1080 UWQHD, IPS, 100% sRGB
Response Time: 5 ms
Connections: HDMI/MHL, DisplayPort, Dual-link DVI-D, Audio In, Headphone Jack
Speakers: 2×5 Watts

8. Samsung LS34J550WQNXZA – 34″ – Ultra WQHD

Samsung LS34J550WQNXZAFor those dealing with several stocks, trading pairs or currencies, the more windows they can see the better. For that you obviously need a screen large enough.

Well, the market has realized this and thus now we have ever increasing sizes of Ultrawide monitors. This monitor provides resolution that is beyond the normal QHD resolution.

It offers Ultra WQHD resolution of 3440×1400. Here is an image to help you understand that.


Basically, you are getting 2.4 times the screen real estate as compared to Full HD. Thus making it ideal for multitasking or for viewing multiple screen side by side.

The Picture by Picture features allows this monitor to interface with two devices at the same time. The Picture in Picture function allows you to manipulate the screen size of the second source.

Furthermore, if you ever plan to game, it offers gamer centric features like AMD Freesync as well as a fast response time.

The VA panel combines the best of TN and IPS panel. This is the only panel that can offer a static contrast ratio of 3000:1 which is 3 times as much as monitors with IPS or TN panels.

For those of you who can afford this, it may as well be the best monitor for day trading. If not, this should at least give you a good idea about what the ultimate goal should be.

Check out the Latest Price Here

Samsung LS34J550WQNXZA Specs at Glance

Essential: 34″, 21:9 aspect ratio, 3440×1440 Ultra WQHD, VA Panel, Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
Connections: HDMI 2, HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort, Headphone Jack
Response Time: 4 ms


Here we looked at the best trading monitors. However, in the end, as is the case with almost anything, the best monitor for day trading for you is the one closest to your budget.

Generally, the larger the screen, the more comfortably you can view the charts. Similarly, the higher the resolution the higher the number of charts you can fit side by side.

It goes without saying that larger screen and higher resolution costs more.

Most day traders tend to create multiple monitor setup. In that case, you should choose a thin bezel monitor. You can even go for multiple budget monitors in this regard.