6 Best Monitors For Eye Strain (Reviewed & Compared In 2022)

If you have realized that staring at a computer screen for prolonged hours is putting a strain on your eyes, then you have come to the right place.

Here we will try to find the best computer monitor for eye strain that caters to your needs.

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We believe that BenQ’s Brightness Intelligence Technology that senses the ambient light condition and adjusts the temperature and brightness of the screen accordingly is excellent for eye strain.

This combined with the low blue light filter and flicker free technology, we believe BenQ GW2480 and BenQ GW2280 truly stand out as the best affordable, yet robust, options for eye care.

Besides that, we also like the ViewSonic VP2468 since it provides professional level features with eye care technologies at a fairly reasonable price tag.

Finally, if your budget allows, you can check out a WQHD option i.e ASUS Designo MZ27AQ that has stunning looks, high resolution, and some of the loudest built in speakers in the market.





Panel Type

Eye Care Tech


Check Price

BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor | 1080P |...


1920 x 1080


Flicker Free, Low Blue Light, Ambient Light Sensor


ASUS Designo 27” 1440P Monitor (MZ27AQ) -...


2560 x 1440


TUV certified Flicker Free, Ultra Low Blue Light

HDMI x 2, DisplayPort 1.2

ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD 24 Inch 1080p...


1920 x 1080


Flicker Free, Low Blue Light


ViewSonic VP2468 24-Inch Premium IPS 1080p...


1920 x 1080


Flicker Free, Low Blue Light

DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort Out, HDMI 1.4 (x2), and USB 3.0 (Type A,B)

ASUS VP28UQG 28' 4K/UHD 3840x2160 1ms DP HDMI...


4K, 3840 x 2160


Flicker Free, Ultra Low Blue Light

2 x HDMI v2.0, Display 1.2

BenQ GW2280 Eye Care 22 Inch 1080P Slim Bezel...


1920 x 1080


TUV certified Flicker Free, Ultra Low Blue Light, Brightness Intelligence Technology


Disclaimer: Please note that we are neither doctors, nor are we experts in Eye Care Technology. If you suffer from chronic or acute eye issues, you must consult with your doctor.

List Of The Best Monitors For Eye Strain

These are the most famous monitors in this category.

  1. 1
    BenQ (GW2480) IPS Monitor – 24 Inch – Recommended with Eye Care Tech
  2. 2
    ASUS Designo MX27AQ Eye Care Monitor – 27 Inch – Best Looking High Performance
  3. 3
    ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD Widescreen Monitor – 24 Inch Frameless
  4. 4
    ViewSonic VP2468 1080p Monitor – 24 Inch – Color Calibration
  5. 5
    Asus VP28UQG Eye Care Monitor – 28 Inch – Professional Gaming
  6. 6
    BenQ GW2280 - 22 Inch - Slim Bezel Monitor Affordable

Which Brands Are Most Famous?

BenQ tends to be the most worthy brand when it comes to eye care technology. They have been advertising eye care as one of their primary features for the monitors. They were pioneers in Low Blue Light, Flicker Free, and ambient light sensors on their monitors.

Asus is also highly respected. Most of their award winning monitors come with eye care technologies by default.

Lastly, you will often hear ViewSonic being mentioned in relation to eye care.

This does not mean that the rest of brands like Dell, HP, LG, Samsung or AOC do not boast these features. Unfortunately, their monitors are not known primarily for eye care.

6 Best Computer Monitors For Eye Strain Reviewed

Here we will look at some of the best computer monitors for eye strain by famous eye care brands like BenQ, Asus and ViewSonic.

1. BenQ (GW2480) 24 Inch IPS Monitor

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BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor | 1080P |...
  • 24 inch full HD 1080P IPS panel: 23. 8”...
  • Wide viewing angle: 178° wide viewing angle...
  • Edge to edge slim bezel design: Ultra-slim...
  • Patented Eye-Care for extended use:...

This is one of the most affordable monitor in the market with the most comprehensive list of eye care technologies.

BenQ specifically markets it products with Eye Care Technology. This is the only brand that actively looks after the fact that your eyes are protected.

It is for this reason that their monitors are the best in the category.

Not only does it offer low blue light filter and flicker free technology, it also offers ambient light sensor.

This basically senses the ambient light in your surrounding environment and then adjusts the brightness and warmth of the screen accordingly.

Since looking at the bright screen in a dimly lit area can seriously harm your eyes, this feature is essential especially for those chronically suffering from eye fatigue.

Other than that, this monitor looks absolutely stunning. With its thin bezels and IPS panel offering rich colors, this monitor is ideal for everyday home use as well as for office. IPS panels have much better colors as well as uniformity compared to VA or TN panel monitors.

All in all, for pure eye care at a budget, this could well be the best computer monitor for eye strain. We highly recommend this.

BenQ (GW2480)

Essentials: IPS, 1920 x 1080, 24″
Eye Care: Flicker Free, Low Blue Light, Ambient Light Sensor
Connections: D-Sub, HDMI, DP
Speakers: Yes

2. ASUS Designo MZ27AQ Designo 27” Eye Care Monitor

ASUS Designo 27” 1440P Monitor (MZ27AQ) -...
  • 27” WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS monitor with a...
  • Stereo 6W speakers with 5W subwoofer for 2. 1...
  • Ultra-slim frameless design and...
  • ASUS Eye Care technology with TUV...

For sheer elegance nothing beats the Asus Designo series of monitors. ASUS Designo monitors were one of the first to set a new bar for how the monitors should look like.

If you think that many monitors nowadays are good looking, ASUS Designo series has a critical role in that. For that reason, it has won several awards as well.

Along with offering the essential eye care features, this monitor offers the slimmest bezels, a good range of connectivity options and a WQHD resolution.

ASUS features its TUV certified eye care technology in this monitor just as it does in almost all displays including the their travel monitor for laptop.

This monitor is perhaps the most desired piece for those who have a keen sense of aesthetics. If you seek the best computer monitor for eye strain that you can be proud off, then consider this. But, note that this isn’t the cheapest monitors around.

As a huge monitor, this monitor also offers some of the loudest built in speakers a long with a 5 Watts Subwoofer.

ASUS Designo MX27AQ

Essential: 27″. 2560×1440 WQHD, AH-IPS, Frameless
Eye Care Technology: TUV certified Flicker Free, Ultra Low Blue Light
Speakers: 2 x 6 Watts + 5 Watts Mini Subwoofer
Connections: HDMI x 2, DisplayPort 1.2, Headphone Jack

3. ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD Frameless Widescreen IPS Monitor

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ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD 24 Inch 1080p...
  • FORM & FUNCTION: With ultra-slim bezels...
  • AMAZING AT ANY ANGLE: A SuperClear IPS panel...

Here we have an award winning and one of the most loved budget monitor by ViewSonic. Note that this monitor is available in various sizes ranging from 22 inches all the way to 32 inch.

As far as the eye care is concerned, this monitor offers Flicker Free and Low Blue Light Filter technologies.

It lacks the ambient light sensor, however, if you can manage the brightness of the screen yourself depending upon the ambient light of your room, like most people generally do, then you should have no issues considering this piece.

Looks wise, this is one of the most appealing monitor. It has some of the slimmest bezels from three sides and its base is pleasing to eyes. Unfortunately, it is not adjustable. Other than slight tilt, there is nothing more that this stand can offer.

Other than that, this monitor is a complete package. It offers all sorts of ports including VGA, HDMI and DP. As such you should have no issues interfacing with older and newer devices.

This monitor also offers fairly decent built in speakers. While most monitors of this price category offer 2 watts speakers at best, this monitors offers marginally better speakers with 3 watts.

All in all, not only is this a gorgeous monitor, it is among the best computer monitor for eye strain due to its affordability.

ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD

Essentials: 1920 x 1080, 24″, IPS,
Eye Care: Flicker Free, Low Blue Light
Connections: VGA, HDMI, DP
Speakers: 2×3 watts

4. ViewSonic VP2468 Professional 24 inch 1080p Monitor 

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ViewSonic VP2468 24-Inch Premium IPS 1080p...
  • PREMIUM MONITOR: Full HD (1920x1080p)...
  • AMAZING AT ANY ANGLE: A four-sided ultra-thin...
  • HARDWARE CALIBRATION: Quick and easy...

This is a professional monitor that offers a plethora of high end features that designers and editors will find exciting.

If you are a designer or editor suffering from eye fatigue, then this is a great monitor to have.

As a professional designer/editor, you must spend a lot of time looking at the screen. In such cases eye fatigue is quite normal.

However, you should note that despite being a professional monitor, this doesn’t have price point that would put a serious dent in your wallet. It is fairly priced and is perhaps the cheapest 24 inch monitor that is capable of professional level of work.

In order to tackle the eye fatigue issues, this monitor offers Flicker Free and Low Blue Light Filter. Since these are passive technologies, you wouldn’t really actively feel them.

As far as the core features are concerned, this display offers Full HD resolution on an IPS panel with a very high color fidelity. It offers 100% sRGB coverage, 14 Bit 3D LUT and comes factory calibrated. Thus it checks all the boxes of a high performance display.

All in all, as far as the color detail is concerned, this the cheapest and best compute monitor for eye strain.

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ViewSonic VP2468

Essential: 24″, IPS, 1920 x 1080, 14-Bit 3D LUT, 4.39 trillion, Delta E < 2 (Factory Calibrated),colors,
Connections: DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort Out, HDMI 1.4 (x2), and USB 3.0 (Type A,B)
Ergonomic Stand

5. Asus VP28UQG 28" Monitor

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ASUS VP28UQG 28" 4K/UHD 3840x2160 1ms DP HDMI...
  • 28 inches 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160) with 1ms...
  • ASUS Eye Care technology lowers blue light...
  • 5 Way OSD joystick delivers intuitive monitor...
  • Compliance and Standards EAC logo, Energy...

We are now entering the realm of rather expensive monitors. This is a 28 inch gaming monitor that features 4K resolution, 1 ms response time, and AMD FreeSync technology.

All of these features are centered around gaming. Gamers want 1 ms response time because it reduces the unwanted ghosting effect.

They want AMD Freesync because that reduces screen tearing and screen stuttering issues that happen when frame rate and refresh rate de synchronize. Lastly, they want 4K on a large display because of the expansive view and sharpness that it offers.

Needless to mention that this display comes equipped with Asus Eye Care technology including Low Blue Filter and Flicker Free technology.

Therefore, if you want to play for long hours while making sure that your eyes are protected, this monitor is good to go for.

Although, it is a bit lacking in terms of design and adjustability options, it has the perfect value for a 4K monitor.

For a high end gamer with a concern for eyes, this is among the best computer monitor eye strain.

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Asus VP28UQG

Essential: 4K, 3840 x 2160, 28 Inch, 1 ms Response Time, AMD FreeSync, 5-way OSD Joystick
Eye Care Technology: Flicker Free, Ultra Low Blue Light
Connections: 2 x HDMI v2.0, Display 1.2, Headphone Jack

6. BenQ GW2280 Eye Care Slim Bezel Monitor

BenQ GW2280 Eye Care 22 Inch 1080P Slim Bezel...
  • Engineered for home office and leisure: 22”...
  • Wide viewing angle: 178° H/V wide viewing...
  • Edge to edge slim bezel design: minimize...
  • Relieve eye-strain through self-adjusting...

24 inch can be rather large for many setups out there. Although it is the most recommended size for a wide variety of scenarios, some of us may prefer 22 inch especially for those who have small desk space.

This monitor, like the BenQ (GW2480) mentioned above, has a comprehensive set of features dedicated to the eyes.

While it offers the Low Blue Light Filter as well as Flicker Free technology like most monitors do, what separates this is the BenQ proprietary Brightness Intelligence Technology.

This technology has several functions. Firstly, it detects overly bright scenes on a picture or a movie and reduces their intensity.

Secondly, it detects the ambient light in your environment and adjusts the brightness/warmth accordingly. Therefore, BenQ B.I.Tech. is one of the best active technologies available on monitors for eye care.

Other than that, this monitor offers VA panel. VA panels offer three times as much static contrast ratio as compared to IPS or TN panels. Therefore, the darker areas are deeper and brighter areas are well distinguishable. It is also essential for eye care since your eyes are not exposed to needless back light bleeding.

As far as the affordability, this is the best computer monitor for eye strain.

BenQ GW2280

Essential: 22″, 1920×1080, VA, Frameless
Eye Care Technology: TUV certified Flicker Free, Ultra Low Blue Light, Brightness Intelligence Technology
Speakers: 2 x 1 Watts
Connections: HDMI x 2, VGA, Headphone Jack, Audio In

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Before you make the purchase, it is important to understand whether a monitor can potentially damage your eyes or not.

Once that is established, you also need to understand how certain monitors incorporate specific technologies to protect your eyes.

Can Looking at Monitor Damage Your Eyes?

According to research , there isn’t any particular data that suggests that staring at display devices can cause PERMANENT damage. So that is a good news.

However, please note that it is not our intention to provide medical advice. We are neither doctors nor experts in eye care technology. Therefore, every thing we say here should be taken with a pinch of salt. We do encourage you make your own research and conduct due diligence.

With that said, it is a well known fact that display devices CAN cause irritating conditions for your eyes. Our eyes are not naturally designed to stare at something for so long. Until biological evolution/adaptation fixes that aspect of ours, we have to protect our eyes ourselves actively for now.

The biggest culprits and symptoms are dry eyes, headache, fatigue, blurred vision and other orthopedic issues like neck and shoulder strain.

How Do Certain Monitors Help Protect Your Eyes?

The best computer monitors for eye strain incorporate protective technologies. These technologies include, but are not limited to, Flicker Free feature, Low Blue Light filter, Ambiance Light Sensor and Higher Refresh Rate.

The best thing about the monitors that incorporate these technologies (except for higher refresh rates) is that they cost almost the same as their non eye care counterparts.

Let us look at these technologies to understand them a bit more.

Flicker Free
Flicker Free

This has to do with how certain monitors control their backlight.

In theory, in order to control the brightness of the monitors, the backlight tends to turn on and off in a fraction of seconds.

The lower the brightness, the more it turns on and off. With full brightness, the backlights stays turned on.

The on and off phenomenon of the displays is known as flicker. This flicker adds strain to your eyes over long time. Flicker Free monitors tend to fix this issue substantially.

Low Blue Light

So this is science 101, but we all know that visible light is made up of several differently colored and differently sized light wavelengths. So we have infrared on one end of the Visible spectrum and Blue Light on the other. Beyond blue we have the damaging ultraviolet lights.

It turns out that of all the lights that enter our eyes, Blue light is the most destructive to the eyes as it carries the most energy. Therefore, as the name implies, Low Blue Light filters in a monitor tend to remove/filter this light wavelength.

Ambiance Light Sensor

Again, as the name suggests, a select few monitors – especially from BenQ – tend to feature this technology that changes the brightness and warmth of the screen depending on the ambiance light.

We all know that if you look at a bright display in scarcely lit room, it will put more strain on your. Therefore, this technology takes the work of adjusting the brightness by yourself.

Higher Refresh Rates

You must note here that this should be a secondary feature that you should be looking for. This is because higher refresh rates monitors are much more expensive.

Conventional monitors have 60 Hz refresh rates. Some newer monitors are beginning to feature 75 Hz refresh rates at a budget. Expensive and gaming grade monitors tend to feature 120-144 Hz refresh rates.

In theory, higher refresh rates function much like the flickering of the backlight. A higher refresh rate means smoother motions and less flickers. This feature is not primarily advertised for eye care functionality. Instead, it is rather known more as a high end gaming feature desired by gamers.


At the end of the day, if you spend a lot of time staring at your screen, you want to make sure that you have a monitor that will protect you from eye strain and headaches. All of the models on this list are great options, but if you're still undecided, let us recommend going with the 24 inch BenQ IPS Monitor. BenQ's Eye Care Technology can't be beaten. Your eyes will thank you!