5 Best BenQ Gaming Monitors in 2019 | Tournament Grade Displays

BenQ gaming monitors really need no introduction. You must have heard plenty of gamers talk about their monitors. You may have also seen them being featured in gaming tournaments.

Therefore, choosing a BenQ monitor for professional gaming needs is completely understandable. They offer a lot more substance for their price range that caters specifically to the gamers’ needs.

You must note that BenQ gaming monitors are now known by their special brand name: Zowie.

All in all, whether you are a casual pc gamer, a console gamer, or a professional player, we have selected here some of the best BenQgaming monitors that will surely appeal to you.

Comparison Table of Top BenQ Gaming Monitors

ModelSizeResolutionPanelRefresh RateResponse TimeColorsAdaptive SyncPrice
BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P24FHDTN144Hz1ms8 bit, 350 nitsNo Check Price
BenQ EL2870U284KTN60Hz1ms10 bit, 300 nits, 97% sRGBAMD FreeSync Check Price
BenQ ZOWIE XL254024.5FHDTN240Hz1ms8 bit, 400 nitsNvidia G Sync Check Price
BenQ EX2780Q27 QHDIPS144Hz5ms10 bit, 350 nits, 95% DCI-P3, DisplayHDR 400AMD FreeSync Check Price
BenQ EX3501R35 (curved)UW-QHD (3440x1440)VA100Hz4ms8 bit, 300 nits, 100% sRGB, 85% DCI-P3, HDR10AMD FreeSync Check Price

List of Best BenQ Gaming Monitors in 2019

We have selected the following Benq monitors from various price categories. Each should appeal to a different set of people

  1. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P – 24 inch – Recommended All Rounder Benq Gaming Monitor
  2. BenQ EL2870U – 28 inch – Affordable 4K Gaming Monitor
  3. BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 – 24.5 Inch – Tournament Grade Monitor
  4. BenQ EX2780Q – 27 inch – Robust IPS Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate
  5. BenQ EX3501R – 34 inch – For the Enthusiasts

1. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P – 24 inch – Recommended All Rounder Benq Gaming Monitor

Best BenQ Gaming MonitorsIf you are a casual gamer and you have an average budget for a gaming monitor, then this our most recommended option from BenQ.

Not only does it offer excellent set of features, it offers them at a highly lucrative price tag.

For starters, this is a 24 inch monitor. This is a decent size for most PC gamers who like to sit up close to their rig. Console gamers who like to play from a distance may find the screen size small.

Furthermore, like most of the competitive gaming monitors, this features a TN panel. TN panels are generally cheaper than IPS panels. They do not offer the same color reproduction, but they do have the fastest response times.

As such, this monitor boasts a response time of 1 ms. On top of that, it has a refresh rate of 144Hz. Both of these features are highly coveted by gamers.

A high refresh rate means you would be able to enjoy much smoother motions. Of course, you will need a fairly powerful gaming rig capable of pumping out 144 frames per second to use this monitor to its fullest.

Other than that, the monitor features a nominal 8 bit color depth with the capacity to produce 16.7 million colors. However, surprisingly, the brightness on this monitor is extraordinary.

Most monitors of this price category boast a brightness of a mere 250 nits. This has a brightness of 350 nitswhich is a premium feature found on high end displays.

When you combine a high brightness with the Black eQualizer technology, you can expect some quality visuals from this monitors.

Connectivity wise, it offers a DisplayPort, DVI-D and an HDMI port. It also features a fully ergonomic stand that is capable of tilting, rotating, pivoting as well as of height adjustment.

It does have a few drawbacks though. The FHD resolution isn’t ideal for gamers these days. Most gamers want QHD or even 4K resolution for sharper visuals.

Furthermore, it lacks the HDR feature that enhances the color space of the monitor for beautiful gaming visuals.

Moreover, this monitor lacks any adaptive sync feature. Therefore, it neither includes AMD Freesync nor the Nvidia G Sync. As such, you may occasionally suffer from the screen tearing and screen stuttering issues caused by refresh rate and frame rate de-synchronization.

Finally, it suffers from very thick bezels. Therefore, this is certainly not an ideal piece for a multiple monitor setup.

All in all, if you are looking for an affordable option, then this the best BenQ gaming monitor in the market.

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2. BenQ EL2870U – 28 inch – Affordable 4K Gaming Monitor

BenQ EL2870UBenQ EL2870U is a monitor with a highly versatile use. You can basically consider this as a budget 4k monitor. We all know that 4k resolution is the new norm as most consoles and PCs strive to achieve this.

As such, this monitor is not only excellent for PC gamers, but also for console gamers who own PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X. Both of these console are designed to support 4k resolution gaming.

The screen has a size of 28 inch. This makes sense because a smaller monitor would beat the purpose of having a 4k resolution. You can also get a 32 inch variant of the same monitor if your budget allows.

As far as the panel is concerned, this also offers a TN panel like the monitor above. Therefore, while it does have a fast 1 ms response time, compared to IPS panels, it doesn’t have the capacity to produce as vibrant colors.

Speaking of which, the TN panel here is not an ordinary one. Ordinary TN panels have a color depth of 8 bit. This panels has a 10 bit color depth which is capable of producing 1.07 billion colors.

Along with a large pallet of colors, it also has HDR10. Most games these days have the option to support HDR. This feature can drastically enhance the colors by improving the contrast ratio and the color gamut of the monitor.

The only thing that may discourage professional gamers from investing in this monitor is that it only boasts a 60 Hz refresh rate. Competitive gamers generally tend to go for 144 Hz or higher.

Besides that, it does offer AMD FreeySync as well as other features like built in speakers, and VESA mounting. The monitor features 2 x HDMI 2.0 ports as well as a single DP 1.4 port.

Overall, for 4k gamers from both PC and console demographers who are looking for an affordable option, this is the best BenQ gaming monitor in our opinion.

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3. BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 – 24.5 Inch – Tournament Grade Monitor

BenQ ZOWIE XL2540Next up, we have a tournament grade gaming monitor from BenQ. The first thing that strikes you when you see this monitor is the Shields on both sides.

These shields block the gamers view from any outside distraction thus helping them to solely focus on the game itself. Therefore, this feature alone should highlight the fact that this monitor is intended for pro gamers.

Along with the shields, another tournament grade feature it offers is the whopping 240Hz refresh rate.

While 144Hz refresh rate is high enough, 240Hz can result in some significant motion blur reduction and motion smoothness. This can give you a competitive edge over your opponent.

It should be noted, however, that for an average gamer the difference between 144 Hz to 240 Hz is not as huge as the difference between 60Hz to 144Hz. However, for Pros, the difference can be significant for their overall performance.

Besides that, this is a 24.5 inch monitor with Full HD resolution. It boasts a TN panel with 1 ms response time and the famous Black eQualizer technology.

Another highly distinctive feature it offers is the ultra high 400 nits brightness. A high brightness along with Black eQualizer can help you identity your enemies in the darker regions more easily. In fast paced gaming, this can be of serious help.

To add to the gaming convenience, BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 also features a fully ergonomic stand, along with an S-Switch control puck on which you can set multiple gaming profiles.

The monitors also includes VESA mounting, DisplayPort, DVI-D and an HDMI port.

The only drawback is that this a rather expensive display. For a casual gamer, this monitor can certainly be an overkill for mere FHD resolution.

However, if you are a pro gamer and take your gaming seriously, then this is the best BenQ gaming monitor.

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4. BenQ EX2780Q – 27 inch – Robust IPS Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate

BenQ EX2780QBenQ EX2780Q is a gaming monitor for those who are not lightening fast competitive gamers, but for those who like to collect premium components for their ultimate gaming rig.

As such, this is an expensive monitor but for all the right reasons.

For starters it boasts a 27 inch QHD resolution. QHD, for most gamers, is just the right size for 27 inch monitors (4k makes sense on 32 inch). On top that, the monitor is plain gorgeous. It has very slim bezels and beautifully crafted form.

The central defining feature of this monitor, however, is that it features an IPS panel that too with 144 Hz refresh rate.

IPS panels with 144Hz refresh rate is quite a rare luxury to have on monitors.

The colors on IPS panels are unlike any other. TN or even the VA panels can not match up to the vivid and vibrant details offered by the IPS panels. This panels allows for greater color enhancing featured to be incorporated into the monitor.

As such, this monitor offers not just 10 bit of color depth with 1.07 billion colors to show, it is also calibrated to show 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

DCI-P3 was originally used to define the colors of a digital movie projection device, however, it is now becoming a standard for defining the quality of the color produced by a device.

Along with that, a highly lucrative proprietary feature it offers is the HDRi technology. HDR is in itself a feature that expands the color space of the monitors.

BenQ has combined the HDR feature with their famous Brightness Intelligence Plus technology. This technology senses the ambient light and thus adjusts the warmth and the brightness of the screen accordingly.

By combining both together as HDRi, BenQ has given a higher control on color.

Unfortunatley, while IPS panels do offer unmatched colors, they suffer from the slowest response time of the three panel types. As such, it offers 5ms response time.

This may not be bad at all for casual gamers, but for competitive gamers this can cause them to loose some competitiv edge.

Furthermore, BenQ EX2780Q features plenty of premium sweet features for gamers like 5 key navigator for ease of use, Type C port for interfacing with newer devices, as well as AMD FreeSync.

To top this all up, this monitor has some of the best built in speakers for a gaming monitors. It offers a 2.1 stereo system with 2x2W speakers and a 5W subwoofer.

The only glaring drawback with this monitor, of course, is its very high price tag. You can literally make a triple display monitor setup for the same price should you choose the cheaper BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P.

All in all, if you are a gaming enthuisasts who wants to add a premium device to his/her gaming rig, then this the best BenQ gaming monitor in our opinion.

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5. BenQ EX3501R – 34 inch – For the Enthusiasts

BenQ EX3501RLike the BenQ EX2780Q above, this is also another monitor for the enthusiasts who want to create a premium gaming rig.

This an ultrawide gaming monitor with a 34 inch screen and a UW-QHD or QHD+ resolution of 3440×1440. The extrawide resolution not only allows you to see a greater area when gaming, it can also help you a lot with multitasking when doing work.

On top of that, the screen on this monitor is also curved at an 1800R curvature. A curverd screen is a beauty to behold. But besides the looks, a curved screen can greatly enhance the immersion factor.

Of course, we can only imagine what a multiple monitor setup with this curved display would look like.

Speaking of which, this monitor has fairly slim bezels thanks to it boasting the VA panel.

VA panels are in between the TN and the IPS panels in terms of performance. Unlike the TN, they have much more vibrant colors and allow for thin bezels on the screen.

However, compared to the IPS panels, they are inferior in terms of color reproduction but superior in terms of response time.

As such, this monitor has a decent response time of 4ms. Again, this isn’t competitive grade respone time but for casual gamers it is excellent.

The refresh rate on this montior is 100Hz. A 100Hz refresh rate can till be a huge improvement over the conventional 60Hz refresh rate, even though it is inferior to the gamer-centric 144Hz refresh rate.

Game enhancing features include AMD Freesync for improving the screen tearing and screen stuttering issues and the HDR10 technology for expanded color space.

It also offers a large array of connectivity including USB Type C for delivering data and QHD video singals, HDMI, Display Port and USB 3.1.

Like all high grade BenQ monitors, this also features the Brigthness Intelligence Plus technology for adjusting the colors and brightness of the screen depending on the ambient light in the room.

The stand on this monitor allows you to adjust the height as well as allows it to tilt.

You must note that while this monitor sounds awesome, not only is it expensive, but you would also need a fairly powerful computer to support it to its fullest. QHD+ resolution on 100 frame per second requires a pretty powerful gaming computer.

In the end, if you want a beautifully crafted gaming monitor with an ultrawide form factor and a curved screen, then we recommend this as the best BenQ gaming monitor.

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Final Words

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that BenQ gaming monitors have some of the best deals in the market.

One of their most attractive aspect is that they have just the right amount of features at the right price point.

Their mainstream gaming monitors only offer the most functional specs. That way you don’t end up paying extra for something that you would not use at all.

Sure there are expensive BenQ monitors that charge a premium for high end features, but they are separate from the mainstream affordable gaming monitors and cater only to enthusiasts with a large budget.

The point to note is that the best BenQ gaming monitors can be found in multiple ranges that caters to a wide demographics of gamers.

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