Best 4k Curved Monitors: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

It may come as a surprise to you, but there aren’t a whole lot of 4k curved monitors out there.

In fact in our search, we only came across a single 4k monitor by Samsung i.e Samsung U32R590 that offers a curved display in the entire market for 16:9 Widescreen monitors – which was also quite surprising to us.

We will talk about this monitor below. Basically, its a fairly reasonably monitor and comes with pretty sweet features.

While it is neither a professional gaming nor a professional designing monitor, its versatile features makes it suitable for a wide range of demographics.

It’s a shame that other brands haven’t released curved variants of their 4k monitors. Perhaps in the future we will see the release of several 4k curved displays.

As such, as the time goes on, we will update this list of Best 4k Curved monitors in the future.

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Well, for several reasons actually. 4K or UHD resolution has become quite desirable these days with everyone from console gamers to designers seeking 3840×2160 resolution on their displays.

The benefit of 4K resolution is obvious. It delivers sharper visuals on larger sized screens and allows you to multitask easily thanks to the larger pixel real estate.

Plus 4K is future proof. All media will sooner or later all media will become 4k. And judging by the speed at which 4K is being adopted, that will certainly be sooner.

Besides that, most of the gamers and professionals want the color quality that 4K monitors offer. Almost all of the 4K monitors offer a minimum of a billion color (10 bit color depth). Compare this a to a mere 16.7 million colors on normal monitors.

So it makes sense to invest in 4K monitor, but why a curved one?

Just as the curved displays on normal FHD or QHD monitors improve the immersion factor, a curved screen on 4K also improves the visual experience by encouraging better visual immersion.

Plus, a curved display, with thin bezels, is very important if you are considering a multiple monitor setup. The larger the multiple monitor setup, the more benefit you will see from the curved displays.

On triple monitor or larger setups, the corners of the screen particularly get uncomfortable to look at if the screens a flat. If you have curved screen, they would make the corners so much more comfortable to see.

List of Best 4k Curved Monitors

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t much to this list currently. There is only a single monitor in the market that offers 4K with a curvature.

However, we will grow this list as there are sure to be more curved 4k monitors in the future.

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    Samsung U32R590 – 32 Inch – Curved 4K

4k Curved Monitors Reviewed

Let us look into this monitor a bit in depth

1. Samsung U32R590 – 32 Inch – Curved 4K

Samsung 32-Inch UR590C UHD 4K Curved Gaming...
  • 32-INCH 4K CURVED MONITOR with world’s most...
  • CES 2019 INNOVATION Award Winner

Its not a surprise why Samsung U32R590 has won the Amazon’s Choice award: It is the only monitor with a 4K curved display!

It literally has no competitors as of yet.

Besides, this monitor is a fairly well priced and feature rich option. In fact, it has almost the same price tag as an average flat 4k 32 inch monitor.

Therefore, seemingly, you are paying absolutely no premium for the curve

Like most 4k 32 inch monitors of this price category, this monitor features a VA panel instead of an IPS panel.

VA panels are cheaper, have a much higher static contrast ratio, but they do not offer the same color reproduction and fidelity as the IPS panels – 4K IPS monitors are generally very expensive and suitable for professional designers and creators

Furthermore, this monitor offers a 10 bit color depth with about 1 billion colors to show. Therefore, you can certainly use this a monitor for content creation or graphic designing.

Relatively speaking, even a VA 4K monitor is much more superior to a conventional FHD monitor (imagine an IPS 4K monitor)

While it offers a good overall display with beautiful external looks, it does suffer from a few drawbacks.

For starters, it does not offer VESA mounting. Therefore, if you were planning on mounting this monitor on a dedicated monitor arm, you will be disappointed.

Furthermore it lacks an ergonomic stand as well – not that it makes sense with a curved display. Lastly, when it comes to brightness, it is on the dimmer end of the spectrum. Where an average monitor has 300 nits brightness, this only manages to have 250 nits maximum.

All in all, this is the best 4K curved monitor in the market since it is the only one that currently meets the required specifications.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What if You Do Not Like the Samsung U32R590?

We understand that the options are quite limited for a 4K curved display.

Of course, only a single 4K monitor with a curved screen is fairly limiting. So what other options do you have if for some reasons you do not want to go for Samsung U32R590?

5K Monitors

Basically if you want a big 4k monitor with a curved screen, we recommend that you look in to 5K monitors instead. 

Now there are a whole bunch of 5K monitors with 49″ ultrawide displays out there from various brands. However, they are super expensive (Near $1,000 range). These monitors basically offer the screen size and specs of 2 x 27 inch high performance monitors.

They are loaded with some of the best specs out there including advanced color enhancing features, advanced ports such as Thunderbolt 3 and of courser a whopping 5120 x 1440 resolution.

QHD Curved Monitors

While Quad HD (QHD or 2560×1440) does not offer as much pixel real estate as 4K monitors, they are also a great alternative for the time being.

QHD curved monitors are quite readily available. They are available as both QHD on normal 16:9 widescreen monitors as well as WQHD and WQHD+ on Ultrawide 21:9 monitors.

If you are looking to build a professional setup with multiple curved displays, 2 x curved professional Ultrawide QHD “IPS” (NOT VA) monitors like the LG 34UC80-B would cost you way less than 2 x professional 4K “IPS” monitors.

What is the Difference Between 1500R and 1800R?


1500R and 1800R basically defines the curvature of the screen.

The lower the R rating, the more curved the screen is. Basically, the idea here is that the higher the curvature the more it would follow the natural curvature of the a human eye which is 1000R.

You must note that a lower R (higher curvature) does not mean a better experience. In fact, a mere 24 or 27 inch FHD monitor with a 1000R curvature would offer a fairly strange and perhaps a distasteful experience.

The most common and recommended curvature to go for is 1800R. It offers both comfort as well as a great cinematic experience.

A deeper curvature, like 1500R, makes more sense if you are serious about building a multiple monitor setup.

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Here we looked at the best 4k curved monitors. Currently, there isn’t much in this category. There is only a single Samsung U32R590 monitor that offers the desired specs.

In the near future perhaps that will change. 4K and curved are two features that both professional and gamers seek for a better immersion.

Therefore, while as far as 16:9 widescreen monitors are concerned Samsung U32R590 takes the cake. However, you do have other options to look into as well. You can check out 49 inch 5k Super Ultrawide monitors or also check out QHD displays.

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