3 Best 4k Curved Gaming Monitors in 2019

Your gaming setup isn’t entirely complete if you haven’t bought yourself a 4k gaming monitor yet. 4K basically gives you extraordinary resolution which translates to smoother and crisper image quality.

Along with 4K, curved display is also a hot new trend especially among the enthusiasts. A curved display has several benefits. Not only does it look gorgeous, it increases the gaming immersion.

Plus, if you plan to get multiple curved screen placed side by side, you can literally build yourself a panoramic gaming cockpit.

Therefore, in this article, we will have a look at a few very rare gems i.e the best 4k curved gaming monitors.

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Comparison Table of Top 4K Curved Gaming Monitors

ModelSizePanel TypeResponse TimeCurvatureColor EnhancingAdaptive SyncPrice
MSI OPTIX MAG321CURV32"VA4ms1500R10 bit, 1.07 billion color, 103% sRGB, 78% DCI-P3, HDR ReadyYes Check Price
Philips 328E1CA32"VA4ms1500R10 bit, 1.07 billion, 122% sRGB, Delta E < 2Yes Check Price
Samsung U32R59032"VA4ms1500R10 bit, 1.07 billion, 100% sRGBYes Check Price

What to Expect in this list?

For starters, you must note that as of 2019, there aren’t many monitors with a 4k curved display in the market.

However, given the current trend, the number of displays with these specifications in on the rise. Therefore, we can be quite optimistic about the fact that 4k curved gaming monitors are here to stay.

Secondly, all of the 4k curved gaming monitors available right now have a 32 inch screen.

This is actually quite optimal since a bigger screen would be too cumbersome and a smaller screen with 4K resolution is not the best bang for your buck.

Thirdly, all the monitors offer excellent 10 bit color depth panels. These monitors have 1.07 billion colors as supposed to conventional monitors with 8 bit depth or 16.7 million colors only.

As such, these monitors can be used for professional work like designing and photography as well.

Fourthly, all of the displays have adaptive sync feature like AMD FreeSync. This improves the screen tearing and screen stuttering issues that are caused due to frame rate and refresh rate mismatch.

List of Best 4k Curved Gaming Monitors in 2019

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t plenty monitors that meet this criteria. However, the one that do truly are amazing pieces both in terms of performance as well as value.

Here are they below:

  1. MSI OPTIX MAG321CURV – Recommended 4k Curved Gaming Monitor
  2. Philips 328E1CA – Affordable 4K Curved Monitor for Color Perfection
  3. Samsung U32R590 – Award Winning 4K Display

1. MSI OPTIX MAG321CURV – Recommended 4k Curved Gaming Monitor

Best 4k Curved Gaming MonitorsThis is perhaps the only true gaming monitor with a curved 4k display. In other words, this has been made with gamers in mind.

As such it has plenty of features that should appeal to gamers.

For starters, this has a very gamer centric from factor and design. From its dark color to its sharply edged stand, this can truly complement a gaming rig.

You must note that the stand is fully ergonomic therefore, it can tilt, swivel, rotate and allows height adjustment.

On top of that, it also features RGB illumination lights on the backside to improve the gaming ambiance.

Other than that, like all of the monitors here, it features a VA panel. In terms of performance, it is somewhere in between IPS and TN panels. In other words, it has decent color and improved response times as well.

One of the most lucrative features it offers for gamers is its very low input lag. This is exceptional for competitive gamers.

Moreover, it also offers HDR400. HDR basically enhances the contrast ratio and brightness of the screen making the white and dark spots more pronounced. The HDR400 isn’t outstanding, but it can still create an impressive difference when gaming.

Furthermore, the monitor offers a high color depth with 1.07 billion colors and also covers 100% of the sRGB color space. Therefore, content creators can also use it.

Finally, it offers plenty of features that can enhance your gaming experience like AMD FreeSync, Gaming OSD app, Type C Port, and Night Vision that improves the dark areas.

Unfortunately, if you are a competitive gamer, it does have two relative drawbacks. Firstly, it does not have the 1ms ultra fast response time. Instead it has the nominal 4ms response time. Secondly, it only features 60 Hz refresh rate.

Connectivity options include DP, USB Type C, 2 x HDMI and a USB Hub. It is also VESA compliant.

All in all, for gamers specifically we believe that this is certainly one of the best 4k curved gaming monitors since it features very gamer-centric features.

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2. Philips 328E1CA – Affordable 4K Curved Monitor for Color Perfection

Philips 328E1CAPhilips is a curved 4k monitor that is a color enthusiasts dream.

The defining feature of this display is that it not only offers 10 bit color depth, but it has been calibrated to show 120% of sRGB color space. On top of that its calibration has a Delta E < 2. A Delta E < 2 means a very high color accuracy.

Besides that, this is also a highly affordable option. Therefore, if you are short budget then this should appeal to you.

As far as the core features are concerned, it has almost the same features as the MSI OPTIX MAG321CURV above.

It also features a VA panel along with 4 ms response time.

One important feature you must note here is that while it does not have the AMD FreeSync or the NVIDIA G-Sync, it does offer its own proprietary adaptive sync technology from reducing the stuttering and tearing issues.

The display offers a DP and 2 x HDMI 2.0. It also offers built in speakers – albeit they are quite weak, and it is also VESA compliant.

Compared to the MSI OPTIX MAG321CURV above, this is a bit simplistic. It does not have an ergonomic stand, does not feature USB Type C, and it does not have any breathing RGB lights on the back.

Basically, this is a monitor for those who value colors. Therefore, if you perform designing work or photo editing jobs, then this monitor will serve.

That it not to say that this isn’t suitable for gaming. In fact, as mentioned earlier, the core features are almost the same as the monitor above.

Overall, if you are a gamer who is also a designer or a photographers, then this is one of the best 4k curved gaming monitors for you.

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3. Samsung U32R590 – Award Winning 4K Display

Samsung U32R590If you want a monitor that can easily be the center of attraction for your space, then this is one of the best 4k curved gaming monitors.

Not only has this won Amazon’s Choice award with highly favorable customer reviews, it has also received the CES 2019 innovation award.

The fact that it has a fabric textured backside should tell you that this a monitor made with premium craftsmanship. It has some of the slimmest bezels on monitors.

Slim bezels are not just good looking, but also central for a multiple monitor setup.

This monitor also harbors a VA panel with 4 ms response time. It has 10 bit color depth with 1.07 billion colors as well.

Finally, it offers the AMD FreeSync feature for synchronizing your refresh rate and frame rates.

One unique feature it offers is the Picture-in-Picture mode. This lets you connect two different sources at the same time and view them both at once side by side.

The PIP also comes with Picture-By-Picture feature. This allows you to adjust the size of each individual video source.

PIP and PBP can greatly enhance your work and multitasking experience.

For gamers, the monitor also includes a gamer mode that enhancs the contrast of different areas.

Unfortunately, this monitor has two glaring issues. Firstly it does not offer VESA mounting holes. Therefore, you cannot mount this on a wall or on a dedicated monitor arm. Secondly, it does not have an ergonomic stand.

In the end, if you value elegance and efficiency in work, then this is among the best 4k curved gaming monitors in 2019.

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Final Words

The number of best 4k curved gaming monitors is low, however, the available displays certainly do have an amazing value.

A large 32 inch monitor is an expensive display in itself. If you combine that with 4k resolution and a curved form factor, then you will realize that the monitors above certainly do have a reasonable price tag.

Besides that, they are also a beauty to behold.

Unfortunately though, they do have some issues.

Firstly, a 32 inch monitors has a large footprint so you will need to design your space accordingly.

Secondly, these monitors only feature a maximum of 60 Hz refresh rate. This is what all the conventional monitors offer. Non-curved-4k Gaming monitors, on the other hand, generally tend to offer a much higher refresh rate like 120 or 144Hz. Unfortunately, none here offer that.

We can hope that as the number of 4k curved display increases, the more coveted features like 144hz refresh rate will become available.

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