Best 32 Inch 4K Monitors for Pixel & Screen Space

4K resolution is the new norm these days. Almost everyone considering to purchase a new monitor is looking forward to a 4K display.

4K display, as you may already have learned, offers a resolution of 3840×2160. This about 8 million pixels.

A conventional Full HD monitor offers 1920×1080 resolution or about 2 million pixels. Therefore, 4K display has 4 times as many pixels as an FHD monitor.

The benefit of this is obvious, 4K makes visuals sharper especially on larger screen sizes. It also allows you to fit more windows side by side comfortably. As such, 4K enhances the multitasking experience.

However, to truly realize the difference 4k makes, you need a fairly large monitor.

In this article, we will look at the best 32 Inch 4k Monitors

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SAMSUNG 32 inch UJ59 4k monitor...




HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, Display Port

AMD FreeSync

AOC U3277PWQU 32' 4K UHD 3840x2160 Monitor,...



2 x 3W

Display Port 1.2, HDMI 2.0, VGA, DVI, USB Hub

Ergonomic Stand, sRGB Coverage, VESA

BenQ EW3270U 32 inch 4K Monitor | With...



2 x 2W

HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.4, USB-C

AMD FreeSync, DCI-P3 Coverage, VESA, USB-C, HDR

BenQ PD3200U 32' 4K UHD Professional Designer...



2 x 5W

2 x HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2, mDP 1.2, USB Hub, Card Reader

Ergonomic Stand, sRGB and REC. 709 Coverage, KVM Switch, VESA

ASUS PA329Q 32' 4K/UHD 3840x2160 IPS HDMI Eye...



2 x 3W

4 x HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2, mDP 1.2, USB Hub, Card Reader

Ergonomic Stand, Adobe RGB, sRGB, REC. 709, DCI-P3 coverage, 14 Bit LUT, Delta E < 2, VESA

Buyers Frequently Asked Questions

Why 32 Inch is the Perfect Size for 4K monitors?

You will notice that 32 inch is the staple size for 4K monitors in the market and for all the good reasons.

It is understood that 24 inch monitors are perfect for FHD resolution where as 27 inch monitors are great for QHD.

This is because the resolution and the size go hand in hand. In other words, if you choose to go for a 4K display on a mere 24 inch monitor, you won’t feel a huge difference.

However, with 32 inch, the difference 4K resolution makes becomes quite apparent.

Similarly, a mere FHD on a 32 inch monitor will not promote the depth in images or the sharpness. A 4k resolution most certainly will.

pixel density


Professionals who work on creative designs or photographs need a high pixel per inch (PPI, commonly known as DPI) rating. A high pixel density allows a better gradient capture and tonal variation in the visuals.

Similarly, a high pixel density for gamers means vivid details and a beautiful gaming experience.

The key takeaway here is to follow this unwritten rule for optimal visuals when looking for a certain screen size with regards to resolution.

  • 24 Inch or lower = FHD
  • 27 Inch = QHD
  • 32 Inch or Greater = 4K

List of Best 32 Inch 4K Monitors

We have selected the following as the most capable 32 Inch 4K monitors. We have selected the following from various price ranges. Some are budget friendly, others are industry grade high end displays.

  1. 1
    Samsung U32J590 – Budget 32 Inch 4K monitor
  2. 2
    AOC U3277PWQU – Affordable Display with VESA Mounting
  3. 3
    BenQ EW3270U – Mid Range All Rounder
  4. 4
    BenQ PD3200U – Professional Monitor
  5. 5
    ASUS PA329Q – High End Professional Monitor

Short Reviews

1. Samsung U32J590 – Budget 32 Inch 4K Monitor

On Sale Today
SAMSUNG 32 inch UJ59 4k monitor...
  • 32 inch 4K GAMING MONITOR provides stunning...
  • Widescreen monitor provides the enhanced...
  • Minimize eye strain during long working hours...
  • AMD FREESYNC synchronizes the refresh rate of...

If you are looking for an affordable option for a 32 inch 4k monitor, then this is one of the best in the market.

This a monitor that you can use for gaming consoles that support 4k such as Xbox One X or for myriad of other tasks that involve multitasking.

For starters, the monitors features the VA panel. VA Panels are less superior to IPS panels in terms of color reproduction, but they offer superior static contrast ratio of 3000:1 vs 1000:1 on the rest of the panels. Plus a VA panel monitor is cheaper than their IPS counter parts.

Furthermore, it offers a 10 bit color depth that allows it to have 1.07 Billion colors. Compare this to the conventional monitors that only offer 16.7 million colors.

More colors not only make the visuals vivid, they also make the monitor suitable for professional levels of work.

Furthermore, this monitor offers AMD FreeSync that helps in eliminating the screen stutter and screen tear issues when gaming.

All in all if you are looking for a budget option, then this the best 32 inch 4k monitor.

2. AOC U3277PWQU – Affordable Display with VESA Mounting

AOC U3277PWQU 32" 4K UHD 3840x2160 Monitor,...
  • 32" (31.5" viewable) VA display, 300 cd/m2...
  • 3840x2160 (4K) resolution, 50M:1 Dynamic...
  • Connectivity- VGA, DVI, HDMI-MHL, Display...
  • Wall Mountable, Speakers, Line In/Earphone...

This is yet another affordable (relatively speaking) 4k monitor with a 32 inch display. It is slightly more expensive than the Samsung LU32J590UQNXZA above but offers some additional features.

As far as the performance is concerned, this monitor is the same as the Samsung monitor above. It has the same VA panel with 10 bit color depth as well as the same 4 ms response time.

However, what separates this monitor is the inclusion of other useful features like VESA mounting as well as 3 Watt speakers.

VESA mounting is essential if you are looking forward to making a multiple monitor setup. VESA mounting allows you to easily mount the monitors on dedicated display arms.

Furthermore, it also offers a USB hub with 2xUSB 2.0 and 2 x USB 3.0 – along with other video ports.

Lastly, this monitor offers an ergonomic stand. An ergonomic stand, aka height adjustable stand, is very rare for 32 inch monitors especially at this price range.

Therefore, if you need a robust, yet affordable option, then this is the best 32 inch 4k monitor.

3. BenQ EW3270U – Mid Range All Rounder

BenQ EW3270U 32 inch 4K Monitor | With...
  • High resolution: 31. 5-Inch LED 4K UHD...
  • Hdr support: HDR increases the dynamic range...
  • Brightness Intelligence Plus technology:...
  • Eye-care technology: low Blue light and...

Next up we have the jack of all trades. This monitor blends the perfect combination of versatility as well as value for money.

Consider this as an affordable 4k monitor for beginners designers/editors.

While it does not have high end features like the BenQ PD3200U below, it does have enough to satisfy the color enthusiast in you. Plus if you are tight on budget, you can certainly consider this.

Firstly, it has the same VA panel10 bit color depth and 4 ms response time as we have seen on the monitors above. However, it also covers 95% of the DCI-P3 color space as well as offers the much coveted HDR functionality.

DCI-P3 is a color space used by the American Film industry. Therefore, if you are into video editing then this is a great option. Furthermore, with the HDR you can enhance the native color space and the contrast ratio of the monitor. This is something that will appeal greatly to the photographers.

Besides that, it also includes the AMD FreeSync feature to satisfy the gamer in you.

In addition to that, it is also packed with some extra goodies to make your experience better overall. It offers one of the best BenQ eye care technologies such as brightness intelligence plus.

With this, the monitor senses the ambient light and adjusts the brightness and temperature accordingly. In addition to that, it is also equipped with flicker free and low blue light features.

Finally, the monitor is also equipped with a USB-C for video interfacing. Note that this is not a Thunderbolt 3 port hence it cannot be used for power supply.

All in all, if you are looking for a versatile and an all rounder option, then this is the best 32 inch 4k monitor.

4. BenQ PD3200U – Professional Monitor

BenQ PD3200U 32" 4K UHD Professional Designer...
  • Exclusive AQCOLOR technology covers a wide...
  • View files side-by-side with DualView. Easily...
  • Ergonomic features allows you to customize...
  • Keyboard video mouse (KVM) switch allows...

This is a professional monitor so it naturally costs way more than the previously reviewed pieces.

While this isn’t the top of of the line professional monitor, it is still very highly regarded.

For starters, instead of a VA panel as we saw in the 4k monitors earlier, this monitor features the IPS panel. IPS panels offer superior color reproduction as well as color uniformity across the screen.

As such, when it comes to professional photography, designing, editing, IPS panels are the way to go.

Furthermore, it offers a 10 bit color depth with about 1.07 billion colors. Besides the high amount of color, the monitor also covers various industry standard color spaces such as sRGB as well as REC.709. If you are into digital media designing, both of these color spaces are crucial.

On top of that, BenQ PD3200U comes equipped with various modes such as CAD/CAM mode which enhances the line and contours of the shape. This makes drawings schematics easier. It also offers animation and darkroom mode for added functionality in various scenarios.

Besides that, it also has myriad of other features like KVM switch for controlling two different PCs from a single keyboard, a Hotkey Puck that makes switching between modes easier and also an ergonomic stand.

All in all, if you are a content creator looking for an option suitable for digital media creation, then this is the best 32 inch 4k monitor.

5. ASUS PA329Q – High End Professional Monitor

ASUS PA329Q 32" 4K/UHD 3840x2160 IPS HDMI Eye...
  • 32-Inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution...
  • 100% rec. 709 & 99. 5% Adobe RGB true Color...
  • ASUS ProArt calibration technology with...
  • Compatible with major hardware calibrators...

This monitor is the creme de la creme of the professional monitors (in our opinion).

It is an expensive piece but if you are making a living out of your work then this will not disappoint you.

A monitor like this offers the best colors along with perfect color uniformity across the screen.

This 4k 32 inch monitor offers a superior IPS panel along with 10 bit native color depth with a 14 bit LUT. Essentially, this monitor can show about 4 Trillion colors as supposed to 1.07 billions color that we saw in the monitor earlier. A number like that is incomprehensible but if you are a perfectionist, you need all the color you can get.

On top of that, this monitor covers most industry standard color spaces including sRGB, REC. 709DCI-P3 as well as the much coveted Adobe RGB color space.

If you are into print media business such as designing billboards or magazines, you need a monitor that covers the Adobe RGB color space.

Moreover, this monitor offers all the goodies such as robust connectivity options, an ergonomic stand and compatibility with major color calibrators such as X-Rite i1.

Of course this 4K monitor isn’t designed for average demographics. Only a very specific type of people including color enthusiasts and professionals would find this display a feasible investment.

The features mentioned here are far beyond the need of an average Joe.

All in all, for professionals seeking industry grade monitor, this is the best 32 inch 4k monitor.

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Here we looked at the best 32 inch 4k monitors. We looked at displays that are affordable as well as options that are feasible only for the professionals.

You do need to understand here that running games or software at 4K is more taxing on the hardware than FHD or QHD resolution.

Therefore, when choosing a monitor here, make sure your computer has the capacity to operate the intended software or game at such high resolution smoothly.

As far as the options go, we really loved the Samsung LU32J590UQNXZA for its price point. We believe that it is one of the most fairly priced 32 inch 4k monitor.

Besides that, we also loved the BenQ EW3270U. We believe that it tends to cover most bases. It caters to gamers as well as designers. So for a mid range monitor, it is well deserving of a spot here.

Lastly, as far as the professional color enhancing features go, we found ASUS PA329Q to stand out the most in terms of an overall value.