My Laptop Charger Broke How Can I Charge It? (5 Easy Ways)

The simplest answer to the question: My laptop charger broke how can I charge it? is that YOU Can’t. We recommend that you get a replacement. That would be the least riskier option as well as the cheapest option.

However, it also depends upon your laptop model and brand. So if you insist on trying on an alternative, read on.

Here we will look at some of the ways that you can charge your laptop without an adapter.

My Laptop Charger Broke How Can I Charge It
5 Practical Ways

Note that these ways are practical but not the cheapest option. They will WORK but will also cost you a bit.

1. Open Up The Battery Packs

This is perhaps one of the most intuitive ways and also the first thing that may come to your mind.

However, this is also the most dangerous method.

We do not recommend that you open up the batteries or perform any repair work without proper knowledge of electronics and safety protocols.

It should be noted here that for MOST laptops, getting a new charger would be CHEAPER and SAFER than opening up the battery packs and then investing in a charger.

Most batteries of the detachable type use the 18650 batteries. Technically, they are all rechargeable. You can charge them with fairly cheap chargers like the one below.

18650 battery charger

Charging the batteries found in laptop battery pack is not as simple as taking charging your normal AA batteries.

You first have to dismantle the battery pack. You then need to un-solder the batteries. Then you need to solder them back into the correct position after charging them.

Let alone the fact that if you make any mistake, you could essentially damage the laptop battery pack forever.

On top of that, batteries are volatile. Tempering with them is dangerous without expert knowledge.

With all things considered, it is safer to get another charger for your laptop instead of going this route.

2. Use a Spare Charger
laptop charger pins

If your siblings have laptops or if you work in an office with many colleagues using laptops, they may be able to help you out by lending you their charger.

There are three things to consider when you insert a non native charger into your laptop.

  • It has the same PIN/PORT
  • The Voltage Rating should be the same
  • The Current Rating should be the same

Note the current and voltage rating of your laptop. You can find it on your broken charger. If you have lost your charger, then try looking for it underneath your laptop or find your laptop’s technical manual.

If all things check out, you can use a non native charger borrowed from someone else.

It is imperative that you have checked out the voltage and current rating before inserting non native chargers even if it has a compatible Pin/Port.

A higher supplied current or voltage can potentially damage your internal hardware in a jiffy beyond repairs.

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3. Use External Battery Charger

If you have a laptop with detachable battery, you can essentially invest in an external battery charger.

These are chargers that basically hook up to the battery while it is detached, allowing you to charge a laptop battery without a laptop.

How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without a Laptop

Before making an investment on this device, you must ensure that your laptop battery has the compatible pin with the external charger.

Plus, you should only consider this if you have broken your original charger beyond repairs and you cannot find a replacement. If you CAN find a replacement, then I would not recommend looking in to this product.

This product also has limitation with internal batteries. Most latest laptops, especially the slim ones, come with internal and non-detachable batteries. If that is the case, then this product will not work.

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4. Do You have USB Type C Ultrabook? You Are In Luck!

If you have one of those latest laptop that power through USB Type C ports like the latest Macbooks, then you are in luck.

You do not need their dedicated chargers. You can charge them via portable chargers and even your phone. This is also handy if you need to charge your laptop in the car

Here you can see this in action.

All you need is the right cable for transferring power.

Obviously, this method will not work for larger and bulkier laptops that demand a very high power.

The smartphone being used in the video above is an exaggeration. The point here is that you can charge these laptops with any portable power bank.

5. Solar Charger
solar charger with pins

If you are looking for an innovative way to charge your laptop without a charger, then you can look into solar chargers.

Now these chargers are PRETTY expensive.

Solar Chargers come in varying kits. Depending upon the power requirement of your laptop, the solar charger can have small or a large array.

The larger the array, the more expensive it would naturally be.

60W Solar Charger you cost about $150 dollars. If you have laptop that consumes less power, you can go for cheaper kits.

These chargers do have several benefits.

For starters, they come with many different pins that support ports from different brands. Therefore, they can be used to charge other laptops as well.

Furthermore, they can be used to charge tablets, cell phones, power banks etc.

Since these charger have a DC output, you do not need an adapter at all. Just hook it up directly with the cable provided.

The downsides are also pretty obvious: They are expensive. Why invest in these when you can find a replacement charger at a fraction of the cost?

On top of that, these chargers are not only less efficient on cloudy days but at night, they are practically useless.


If you came here with the question: My Laptop Charger Broke How Can I Charge It? Then I hope you have found what you are looking for.

If you do not find any of these ways to your liking, then I would recommend sticking to the path of least resistance which is to invest in a replacement.

Get a replacement charger or get your broken charger repaired. Chances are that the damage to your charger will be minimal.