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Lenovo Vs HP: Which Brand Is Better & Why? (2023 Guide)

Two household names who are creating amazing hardware at the minute are Lenovo and HP. Their designs are committed to making cutting-edge computing accessible to the masses. But which is better?  

As usual with these things, there is no clear-cut winner across all the categories. That's why we've put together this in-depth analysis and guide of HP vs. Lenovo so that you can make the most informed purchase possible. 

Lenovo Laptops Overview 

The global tech behemoth that is the Lenovo Group was founded in Hong Kong by a group of 10 computer engineers from the Institute of Computing Technology, backed by the Chinese government.

Starting out with initial funding of just $30,000, they have gone on to global domination, with nearly 30% market share in terms of the world's computers. 

Lenovo had one purpose as a growing company: to become the world's greatest technology company. So far, they seem to be doing an incredible job. 

Lenovo is one of the most prominent players in several of the more populated categories. They dominate the budget-friendly ranges, and their workstations are the only ones we think hold a candle to brands like Dell, who are focused on bringing out the most advanced executive models. 

In more recent years, they have branched out into new markets, like the gaming industry. With their approach to quality and value, their laptops offer gamers the chance to use the most up-to-date hardware for a lower cost. This is helping them to become one of the most popular names in modern gaming. 

Pros & Cons Of Lenovo Laptops 

What We Like 
  • Brilliant Value for Money 
  • Incredible Workstation Range 
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Huge Market Share Means Lots of Community Support 
What We Don’t Like 
  • Cheaper Build Quality 
  • Lack of Performance-Based Innovation (Cooling Tech etc.) 
  • Difficult Customer Service  

HP Laptops Overview 

HP, or Hewlett-Packard, had a different start to many tech companies. To begin with, their only successful product was an audio oscillator. However, their first big success happened when Walt Disney took an interest in their product.

Soon Disney studios were using Hewlett and Packard's audio oscillator to test audio equipment for their groundbreaking Fantasia released in 1940. 

It wasn’t until 1966 that they really branched out into the world of computing. Their opening model was the HP 2116A and was a computer designed to control their manufacturing line.

In 1969, they released a timesharing computer system. Then, between 1970 and 1980, they really took off, releasing a range of computing equipment, large, powerful science machines, and a massive range of PCs and peripherals. 

Since then, they have gone from strength to strength, creating vast ranges of successful laptops, computers, and peripheral ranges that have taken the world by storm. HP is a household brand, and they do well at adding new innovations to laptops at the lower end of the price range. 

silver hp laptop

Pros & Cons of HP Laptops 

What We Like 
  • Good Customer Services 
  • Great Approach to Innovation 
  • Strong Performance and Build Quality 
  • Partnered with Great Sound System Companies 
What We Don’t Like 
  • Sometimes Lower Performance than Price tag Suggests
  • Lots of Bloatware Installed as Standard 

Lenovo Vs HP - Important Features Compared  

1. Design & Construction (Build Quality)

The first thing we are going to look at is build quality. Both brands are kings at creating affordable laptops packed full of tech; however, Lenovo tends to forgo their build quality a little in order to keep prices low and performance high. 

This means that while they are extremely capable laptops, they may not have the same level of build quality as other brands at the budget level.

However, when it comes to their higher-end workstations, this changes completely. The Thinkpad and Ideapad ranges are both military standard tested, ensuring they are put together well enough to withstand almost anything. 

Across the board, though, HP has a huge level of care and attention to detail. As a result, all of HP laptops feel well designed and are built to last. This is just one of the reasons why HP is so popular amongst students and parents alike. 

Winner: HP 

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2. Hardware & Components 

When it comes to the quality of the components used, both brands are pretty equal. With the newest models, you will most likely be getting the exact same components from the same brand from the latest generation.  

We have found the Lenovo takes the lead here slightly, but that is only because the price tag attached to their laptops is marginally lower, even when they use the same components as their competitors. 

Winner: Lenovo 

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3. Tech Performance

In terms of technical performance, HP offers better attention to detail in terms of cooling technology and build quality. This means that they can push their hardware harder than Lenovo can when they are both fitted with near-identical parts. 

If you are looking for a laptop that you can overclock, you will want to get an HP. They have much better cooling systems and will withstand the added strain a lot more than a Lenovo. 

One place where Lenovo does have the edge in terms of technical performance is in their incredible range of gaming laptops. These laptops come with insatiable power and innovation that you simply don't get in rival brands at the same price. 

Winner: HP 

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4. Durability 

If you are a little bit clumsy, have a history of dropping your laptop, or use it in harsh environments, you will want to pick the brand with the best durability.

If you are looking at the lower end of the budget range, HP is the winner here. Their laptops are perfect for students, can handle a few drops, and should last years before wear and tear require you to replace your model. 

If you are looking at the higher end, at the workstation ranges, then Lenovo is simply unbeatable. Their military standard testing accounts for humidity, mold, heat, cold, vibration, shock, and even fungus. This means that their tougher laptops really are the toughest there are.   

Winner: Lenovo 

5. Display 

Both brands utilize similar display panels up and down their laptop ranges. This makes it hard to choose a brand as a winner in terms of display quality. At the higher end, in their content creator range, HP uses dazzling 4K and 8K panels that are breathtaking. These do come at the cost of heavy power drain, however, making them more of a desktop replacement than a laptop. 

At the lower end, Lenovo has a slight advantage, with their panels tending to be slightly crisper and better in differing light conditions compared to their HP counterparts. 

Winner: HP 

6. Innovation 

In the fast-paced, lightning-quick world of computing technology, you need to be at the top of your game in terms of innovation to remain a top contender.

Both Lenovo and HP are aware of this, and their laptop ranges come packed to the brim with their best innovation. The teams in charge of the research and development at both companies are constantly working to gain an edge over the competition. 

Lenovo focuses on bringing the cost of high performance down and making it more affordable. Their budget ranges are more powerful than their rivals; their gaming range allows for AAA+ graphics on laptops with price tags that are hundreds of dollars cheaper, and their workstation range allows for supercomputing in an affordable military tested package. 

HP has put more of a focus on giving their laptops interesting features that make your lives better or easier. For example, they have partnerships with high-end audio speaker companies to ensure that your laptop speakers are crystal clear and bassy, and their Omen VR backpack is a groundbreaking approach to wireless VR gaming. 

Winner: Lenovo 

7. Battery Life 

Battery life is pretty subjective. To some of you, long battery life will be monumentally important. So much so that you are willing to sacrifice power and screen quality for more extended periods untethered.

If this sounds like you, you will be better of choosing an HP laptop, and they tend to have less power and a slightly dimmer screen. This will allow you to squeeze a longer battery life from your rig. 

If you would rather have more power and performance and are less bothered about being away from a power socket, you should consider getting a Lenovo. They may not be as good in terms of battery life, but you get more of the other important things. 

Winner: HP 

8. Customer Support 

Unfortunately, the size of the Lenovo Group brand is so vast that it is hard for them to offer stellar customer support to every region of the world that they cover. In some countries, it is difficult to get in touch with them directly, and even if you can, you could be looking at long waiting times and difficult to navigate call centers.

On the other hand, HP has an excellent level of customer service, with their helplines running smoothly and their customer support team easy to get in touch with and quick to help; they are the superior brand in terms of customer support. 

Winner: HP 

9. Price 

If you take all of the laptops across all of the different target market ranges, the price tags are lower across the board if you pick a Lenovo. Lenovo knows what they are doing, and by offering laptops that perform better for less money, they have monopolized the budget-friendly market.  

More recently, we are seeing a takeover in the gaming market too. The gaming branch of Lenovo, called Legion, is selling vast numbers of their affordable gaming rigs. This is because they offer an entry into the high-end world of gaming at a more mid-range price. 

This isn’t to say that HP does not offer well-priced laptops; because they do, they just can’t compete with the value for money that you get when you purchase a Lenovo. 

Winner: Lenovo 

10. Business Laptops 

Lenovo’s Thinkpad range of workstations is iconic. Plain-looking hunks of plastic that hide an almost unlimited capability. The strength of this range lies in the customizability. You could order one with a high-end GTX GPU and 64GB RAM, allowing you to play high-end games out of the office.

You could order one with a 4TB SSD to enable you to store vast amounts of photos and videos for editing. The Thinkpad range is made for you to do with it what you will, and for this reason, Lenovo is the king of the best business laptops across the world. 

Winner: Lenovo 

11. Gaming Laptops 

When it comes to having a footprint in the gaming world, for a long time, HP would have been the winner here. Their Omen range offer mid range alternatives to the expensive Alienware models.

In the last five years, however, we have seen the emergence of a new gaming giant, Lenovo's brand, Legion.  

The Legion range of laptops comes with a price tag unheard of before in the high-end gaming laptop market. Their 7i 17-inch model comes with the latest RTX ray-tracing cards, m.2 SSD capabilities, and 32GB DDR4 ballistic ram, all for under $2000, making it unbeatable in terms of dollar per performance. 

If you have always wanted a high-end gaming machine but have never been able to swallow the price tag, the Legion range from Lenovo will not let you down. 

Winner: Lenovo 

12. Budget Laptops 

Lenovo has always been excellent in the budget-friendly range of laptops. This is how they became the giants they are today; this is the market they cornered first. 

Lenovo is simply unbeatable at the lower price range, and if you want a laptop that can handle modern computing for the lowest possible cost, you will be looking at a Lenovo model. 

Winner: Lenovo 

13. Chromebooks 

Lenovo was pretty late to the Chromebook party, which shows their lack of models and innovation in this area. In comparison, there are lots of good HP Chromebooks that take full advantage of the Chrome OS to allow for blistering browsing speeds and a streamlined design well suited to the modern world. 

The X360 convertible is just one example of how HP has managed to innovate to the fullest. With B&O speakers and a 2 in 1 360 hinge design, it is one of the most versatile Chromebooks available.

Winner: HP 

14. Versatility  

Both of these brands have their fingers in many pies, so to speak. As a result, you will find their models in almost every range, from budget to high-end, gaming to Chromebooks, workstations, and everything in between. 

With their vast market share, we think Lenovo is one of the most versatile brands on the planet. They are excellent at research and development, and when they move into a new area, they mean business. You simply have to look at what they are doing with their Legion range of laptops to see that.

Winner: Lenovo 

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black lenovo laptop

Head-To-Head Model Comparisons 

We regularly get asked which model is better than which model by our readers. Here are some of the most common matchups we have been asked about in terms of these two brands. 

HP Spectre x360 vs Lenovo Yoga c940 

This is an exceptionally tough matchup, and when we ran the benchmarks, they actually resulted in a tie. The Spectre scored higher in terms of design and battery life, but the Yoga was slightly more powerful and had a better display. 

HP Envy x360 vs Lenovo Yoga c740 

The HP Envy has better performance but costs more. The Yoga has a better display, better ports, and better storage, and it also comes in a little cheaper. The only problem with the Yoga is a lack of Wi-Fi6. 

Lenovo flex 5 vs HP envy x360 

The HP Envy is going to give you better performance and has a light portable design, but the Flex model from Lenovo has unbeatable battery life and a modest amount of performance; the UHD IPS panel is also brighter and looks better in low light situations. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What About other brands like Dell and Acer?

Dell makes business laptops that are more polished than Lenovo’s excellent workstation range, but they come with price tags to match. For the extra dollars, you might not get much more performance, but you do get a lot more style with Dell vs Lenovo.

Acer is also a great choice, with Acer laptops offering similar value and offerings to HP. Acer does have an excellent gaming range called Predator which could be appealing to the gamers reading this article. 

Should I pick an HP or Lenovo Monitor? 

Both brands make excellent monitors. The best option will be dependent upon what you can afford and what sales are currently on. Keep your eyes on websites like Amazon and the brand websites themselves. 


With laptops becoming an integral part of the lives of most of the population across the world, it has never been more important to be clued up on what brands are best at what. Knowing this will allow you to spend your money in the right place and get a laptop that is best suited to your needs. 

We hope that after reading this article, you have that knowledge, and making that decision will be easier when it comes to it.