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Is A 60hz Monitor Good For Gaming? (Refresh Rate Guide)

When considering upgrading your gaming setup, it is hard to know which kind of monitor is right. It can be tough to know what to look for and what features matter. Is a 60 Hz monitor good for gaming? Find out in this handy guide. 

Is a 60 Hz monitor good for PC gaming? First, we need to break down some facts. A monitors refresh rate, measured in Hz, refers to the number of times your screen refreshes the display per second. In this case, a 60 Hz monitor refreshes the display 60 times per second. This is not the same as frames per second or fps, but the two are connected.  

For example, if your gaming hardware can run 120 fps in a game, but you own a 60 Hz monitor, you will only see 60 frames per second because the monitor only refreshes that many times. If your hardware can only produce 30 fps, however, you will only see 30 fps because of your hardware’s limitations. In general, the one that has the lower number is what you will see on screen. 

There are a variety of refresh rates to consider with modern monitors. However, in general, we would suggest that they are best for the following: 

60 Hz works best for casual gamers who prefer adventure, indie, or strategy games. If you are a fan of Minecraft, Undertale, or Animal Crossing, this refresh rate will serve you well. 60 Hz monitors do not need to be supported by insane hardware and will run simple, slower games perfectly. 

75 Hz monitors are a good option for novice gamers who prefer playing shooters and racing games. This higher refresh rate could make the difference when facing an opponent, but more experienced players will feel some stutter; newer players will not, making it a viable option for them. 

144 Hz monitors will display your gameplay smoothly and with minimal screen tear. This is something that means more to professional players and those who primarily play games like Fortnite or Call of Duty.

Anything higher than this is mostly reserved for e-sports athletes and will not feel like much of a difference to most gamers. Unless you want to become a competitive gamer, stick to 60-144 Hz gaming monitors. 

There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether a 60 Hz monitor is right for you, including your gaming habits, budget, and setup. 60 Hz monitors used to be considered the gold standard for gaming and are still widely used and available.

Most last-gen consoles run at 60 FPS max. However, higher refresh rates can give a smoother gaming experience and reduce blur with the right hardware to support it. Regardless, 60 Hz monitors provide an excellent gaming experience for slower, narrative-driven, or single-player games that do not need high-speed action and precision.  

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Pros & Cons Of Using A 60 Hz Monitor For Gaming 

There are plenty of reasons for you to potentially choose a 60 Hz monitor. These are typically cheaper and more widely available than their higher counterparts. They are also suitable for a wide range of games and work well with cheaper or less powerful gaming hardware.

You can also find many 60 Hz curved monitors with 4K or HDR resolutions, meaning that you do not necessarily sacrifice visual quality when considering budget monitors.  

On the other hand, gamers who love to play high-paced precision-heavy games will benefit most from higher refresh rates. Plus, if you have the hardware to run higher fps, it can be a waste to limit yourself to lower options.  

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What Type Of Gamer Should Get A 60 Hz Monitor? 

Overall, we would suggest that most gamers benefit from 60 Hz monitors. If you are someone looking to play indie games or narrative games like visual novels, you will be more than happy with a cheap 60 Hz monitor for gaming. Casual and novice fans or those with a limited budget can build a decent setup without worrying about high price points. 

Shooter fans who want to upgrade should investigate getting a 144 Hz monitor for smoother, faster reactions and minimal screen tear. 75 Hz monitors are fine, but at that point, it would be better to invest that little bit more money into a more durable monitor. 

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Frequently Asked 60 Hz Monitor Questions 

What is the best 60 Hz gaming monitor? 

In short, the best 60 Hz monitor for gaming is the one that suits your playstyle and budget. Consider your hardware capabilities and gaming habits to determine what is right for you, along with what is affordable. 

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Is there a difference between a gaming monitor and a regular one? 

A key difference between the two is that gaming monitors have a lower input lag than standard ones. Monitors designed for video games are typically more expensive as they have a higher refresh rate alongside other features such as g-sync and VRR, which work to reduce screen tear. Gaming monitors also have a gamer-oriented design that normal ones do not. 


Is a 60 Hz monitor ok for gaming? For most people, yes. When answering this question on your own, consider your gaming habits, budget, and goals to determine whether a 60 Hz monitor upgrade is right for you.