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Is A 4k Laptop Display Worth It? (Pros & Cons Explained)

4K displays are one of the most raved about computer monitor resolutions. It offers better display details compared to other screen resolutions before. Since many manufacturers have produced 4K monitors throughout the years, many contents we see nowadays can be played on this display. There's no doubt that it makes your video experience more realistic.  

However, the difference between a 4K display and a 1080p display isn't distinct enough for users to notice, especially with smaller screens. So with this in mind, is a 4K laptop worth it? Let’s find out. 

4K laptops have been around for years, but many people are still debating whether it’s a good purchase or not. If you are thinking of getting one, below are some of the benefits you’ll get from this laptop:

More Detailed Gaming

Do you want a better gaming experience? If your laptop supports 4k, it can provide a more realistic gaming compared to other laptops. In addition, more games can now handle 4K displays, unlike when it was first released in 2014. 

However, having a computer with a 4K screen isn’t enough to give you an immersive experience. You also need to have powerful specs for your device to provide such details in your display. While it isn’t much distinct compared to playing Full HD (FHD), the sharper fine details still add to your experience.  


Apart from gaming, 4K laptops can make your everyday tasks look better, thanks to all the extra pixels that make your display sharper and your text and graphics smoother.

Most computer apps' interfaces can scale better now, so the increased resolution is much more enjoyable. When used on larger 4K screens, the high resolution provides more room for program user interfaces.

Premium Package 

Do you want a laptop with a powerful processor and GPU? Or you’re looking for one with a touchscreen that is also built for heavy tasks? Whatever your reasons are, buying a premium laptop often comes with a 4K display. Many manufacturers package 4K laptops as “premium” computers, so it’s no doubt that you’ll get a 4K display with expensive laptops.

For example, the ASUS UX550GE-XB71T Zenbook Pro comes with impressive specs, such as a touchscreen and powerful graphics card, but the price tag is pretty expensive; no wonder it’s one of the best “premium” laptops in the market.

asus zenbook pro duo

What Are 4K Laptops Good For? (Explained For Different Activities)

4K laptops are designed to provide users with the best performance they need. Apart from a great display, these laptops often come with powerful specs that are good for various uses. Here are them:  

For Gaming 

Many users love using a 4K display because of the high-quality resolution it offers. These screens are designed to provide the best video and image quality you can imagine. Because of this, 4K laptops are excellent for gaming, as they can provide users with an immersive and realistic gaming experience.

In addition to the display, these laptops also come with powerful specs that can run the most popular gaming titles. That’s why it’s no surprise that many gaming laptops use 4K resolution, and this is one of the reasons why they're so expensive.

For Work 

While most office tasks don’t require powerful specs, using a 4K laptop in your everyday work can be a life-changer. For one, it can produce sharper details of texts, images, and videos, making your day-to-day processes look better.

In addition, these laptops often have powerful processors that can handle demanding tasks that require a lot of computing power. If you don’t need a powerful computer, budget 4K laptops can also give you a better display paired with good enough components.

For Students 

4K laptops can be a little bit too much when it comes to pricing for students, but the display it offers can be advantageous primarily if they work with photos, graphics and videos a lot.

However, it can also be a great choice for students who love to watch high-quality videos. For those who are only using a laptop for research, it’s best to stick with affordable 4K laptops rather than expensive ones, especially since you won’t be needing the powerful specs.  

For Photo & Video Editing 

When it comes to photo and video editing, a 4K display can make these tasks easier. Thanks to the fine details this laptop can provide, editors can examine every fiber and detail of a high-resolution image.

However, you also need a computer that can support high pixel density to give your computer the capability to show more detail. When paired with powerful specs, a laptop with a 4K display can handle running heavy programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, smoother.  

For Graphic Design 

Details are important when designing graphics, and 4K laptops are all about giving you sharp images and graphics. This makes 4K laptops an ideal choice for graphic designers as they can provide them with the most detailed photos they can find.

In addition to details, the powerful specs of some 4K laptops will make it easier for designers to render 3D images and run CPU-intensive programs like AutoCAD.

macbook pro

So, Is a 4K Laptop Worth It?  

Yes, a 4k laptop can be worth it if you're purchasing one with a bigger screen rather than those with 13 inches or smaller. 

Designers and gamers can also benefit from this extra resolution, especially if they have a budget for it. The only real downside of this type of laptop is the expensive price tag that comes with it. 

However, deciding whether to buy a 4K laptop or not isn’t the most important part. The crucial question you need to ask yourself is what size of screen you want for your computer. If you’re looking for a portable laptop (13 inches or smaller), a 4K display isn’t essential.

But if you’re planning to buy a computer with a bigger screen, then a 4K laptop is worth the price. 

The main idea behind this is that the pixels per inch are much denser on a higher resolution, which is why the pixel density of smaller size displays can stay a decent number even with lower resolution.

This means that 13-inch laptops can have a 1080p display and provide you with a good amount of pixels, allowing you to receive satisfying images and videos without too much pixelation.

But laptops with a 15.6-inch display or higher, you may want to look for a higher resolution, and 4K is one of the best resolutions you can find in the market today. For example, laptops with 17-inches need more resolution to provide better details. That’s why 4K laptops are more worth it if you buy one that has a bigger display size.  

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black and silver 4k laptops

Essential 4K Laptop Specs Explained Further

4K laptops often have excellent components that make them powerful computers. Here are the specs that make them worth your while: 

4K Resolution 

The 4K resolution basically means that the screen can support up to 4000 pixels, which produces an exceptional display. This type of screen can allow you to view content on a wide angle vertically and horizontally.

The 4K display varies, but the most reliable and famous size is 3180 x 2160, also known as 4K UHD, often used in laptops and LEDs. This display is one of the important specs of 4K laptops, and without this, the 4K laptop will just be a laptop.

Screen Size 

As mentioned, the 4K display works well on bigger screens. If your laptop screen is around 13-inches or less, the 4K display isn't essential, given that the pixel density of a smaller display is less dense than bigger ones. This is why 4K laptops work well if they come in larger screens since they can fill more pixels on a per inch basis.

Screen Quality 

In addition to screen size, another crucial spec that makes 4K laptops worth is the quality of the screen. This makes the process reliable, smooth, and pleasing.

If the laptop can’t provide good screen quality, you’re just flushing your money down the drain. You also need to take into consideration the brightness, performance, color effects, display angles, and other factors of the screen.  

For example, checking the nits or the brightness in terms of the area can give you an idea of the quality of the screen. The higher the nits, the clearer and brighter the display would be. Laptops typically contain 210 to 310 nits. Those with 300 or more can provide outstanding performance that can manage other visual effects in your system.  


The 4K display in the laptop requires a lot of system functionality to operate correctly in the background. If you have a poor graphics card or processor, this feature is essentially useless.

That’s why the laptop must have a big memory with the correct RAM type, like NVIDIA or GeForce, to make the process more quick and efficient. Furthermore, the massive amount of pixels need huge processing power to make the display work properly.  

person using a 4k laptop

4K Laptop Display FAQs

Why are 4K laptops so expensive? 

To run a 4K display, you need to have powerful specs such as CPU and GPU. Otherwise, it’s pointless to have this kind of display. These components contribute to the overall value of the device.  

Does 4K drain laptop batteries? 

Yes, a 4K screen can drain your battery quickly. Producing more pixels requires more power, which drains the battery of your laptop.  

Can you run a 4K laptop at 1080p? 

Yes, you can lower your resolution size on your 4K laptop. However, you can’t make a 1080p display laptop run 4K resolution.  

How long do 4K laptops usually last? 

The lifespan of a laptop, 4K display or not, depends on how you maintain and use them. If you are careful, it can last for years without requiring repair.  


4K laptops are worth it, especially if you need something that requires a detailed display. However, if your work doesn't have much use with such screen sharpness, 4K laptops will just work the same as any other laptop. So before purchasing one, ask yourself where you will use it (and, of course, the screen size!), and that's how you can figure out if it’s worth it for you.