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Is A 32 Inch Monitor Too Big? (Guide For Gaming & Work)

Who doesn’t like a big screen, right? Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, TV, or computer, everyone wants to have a bigger display so they can have a more immersive experience. But is it really advantageous to have a bigger screen, particularly with your PC that you use every day for work or games? How would you know which size is suitable for your day-to-day computer tasks? 

To help narrow down your choices, we will discuss 32-inch monitors and their benefits. Some people think the screen size is too overwhelming. But is 32-inch monitor too big or not? Let’s find out! 

When you see a 32-inch monitor, it’s natural to think that it's quite big to work and play on. At first glance, you might even feel that it's a TV instead of a computer screen. 32-inch monitors are indeed on the larger side, but some people, particularly gamers and those who work with photos, videos, and design, prefer it this way.  

This monitor size provides a better viewing experience allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the graphics they’re working on. For example, if you edit photos, you want to see all the minute details of the images, and bigger screens can help you with that. At the same time, if you view your content at 4K resolution, you’re likely to enjoy it on bigger screens.  

However, what works for other people doesn’t necessarily work for you. So before you run to the store to buy a 32-inch monitor or dismiss the thought of buying it, you need to understand your needs and consider several factors.  

First, think of the resolution you want or need. If you’re content with 1080 or 1440 pixels content, a 32-inch monitor would be a waste. A 24-inch or 27-inch screen would suffice for this type of resolution. However, 4K displays, as mentioned, would be best in a 32-inch monitor.  

Next, consider how your gaming or work setup. Will it be your only monitor? If so, how close will you sit in front of it? 32-inch monitors may look good physically for your setup, but the extra viewing distance might cause eye and neck strain, which may do more harm in the long run. You need to have a larger desk to accommodate such a large screen.  

The last thing you need to consider is your processor. Can it handle the display you want to achieve? Remember, excellent graphics require powerful processors. If you don’t have a high-end CPU, it’s better to choose a smaller screen.  

Once you’ve considered all these factors, you can now decide whether a 32-inch monitor is too big for you or not.  

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Benefits Of A 32 Inch Monitor 

Excellent Resolution 

Most of the time, the bigger the screen, the higher the resolution it provides. This is one thing that you should know, especially if you are passionate about the image quality your computer can give. 

Although some smaller-sized screens can offer the same resolution, 32-inch monitors usually can display a higher number of pixels than smaller sizes. Not only can you have a wider view, but this screen size can assure you get the best resolution you want for your content or games.  

If your monitor can display more pixels, images will be sharper, allowing you to view whatever you’re playing or working in a clearer setting. Have you ever had your eyes checked by an optometrist? If so, you‘ve experienced trying on different lenses to find the best vision for you.  

Monitors are pretty similar to these lenses. They allow you to view images on your computer clearer. So, if your computer has a wider screen, the more pixels you can see.  

Immersive Experience 

Are you a creative person who works with images, videos, and graphics all day? Or are you a gamer who enjoys good visual effects? If you’re someone who needs to see an image in the finest detail, a 32-inch monitor is an excellent option. Because it provides maximum resolution, you can expect to be immersed in the image or video you’re viewing.  

In addition to the advantages this monitor size can give to your work and play, 32-inch screens are also great for entertainment and relaxation. With this type of display, you can have a more immersive experience when watching your favorite series or film. You can also view social media content in a different light and have a deeply engaging internet and computer experience, in general.  

Wider Screen Space 

Do you constantly find yourself switching tabs every few minutes? If so, you know how it affects focus and productivity, especially if you work with a lot of apps. Additionally, it consumes time, and setting up your screen can be annoying.  

However, if you have a bigger screen, you set up your screen more efficiently. For example, you can open two windows at the same time without needing to scroll more to see other content. You can also create a better routine that can increase your focus and productivity at work.  

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What Is The Best Size Monitor For Gaming? 

If you’re looking for the best monitor size for gaming, you shouldn’t get anything smaller than a 24-inch monitor with a 1080 pixels resolution. The pixel density or the number of pixels in a 24-inch monitor is enough to produce a Full-HD resolution that can provide decent image details. Anything smaller than 24-inch can hamper your overall gaming experience.  

However, some will be tempted to go a little bigger and go for a 27-inch screen with a 1080 pixels display since it has a larger surface area and will only cost you a few bucks more than the 24-inch monitor. But, a 27-inch screen is actually too big for a 1080 pixels resolution, resulting in a distorted and pixelated display.  

If you sit a little further from the screen, this distortion won’t be as noticeable, which can be acceptable for some players. However, once you read or type something, the pixelation can be bothersome. 

Many gamers would agree that playing on a 30-inch screen or higher can be straining. This means that 32-inch is too big for gaming, especially if you spend many hours gaming. For competitive FPS gaming, many gamers enjoy using 24-inch monitors since they allow them to play without moving their eyes and neck so much.  

What Is The Best Size Monitor For Work? 

When it comes to working, the best size monitor depends on the kind of tasks you do. If you only do office tasks and don't require precise image details, a 24-inch monitor is an excellent option. It's also one of the most affordable ones, so you won’t need to shed out a lot of money.  

However, many professionals who want better screen space prefer a 27-inch screen. It’s just a little more expensive than 24-inch monitors and offers a good display. But if you work with complicated graphics and IT-related tasks, 30-inch monitors provide more functionality to your work.  

Getting a 32-inch monitors vs a 27-inch one is ideal for those who require seeing images in great detail. But they can be impractical for everyday office work as they’re expensive. Additionally, if you go wide for simple office tasks, you may find it difficult to display different media in their native resolutions, which can result in stretched images.  

With these in mind, when it comes to 24 vs 27 vs 32 inch monitors, we recommend buying something between 24 to 27 inches, since they can cover most things office workers need. If you go bigger, be sure to maximize its use, or you might end up just wasting your money on it. Remember, always consider your daily tasks before you purchase a monitor.  

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Frequently Asked 32-Inch Monitor Questions 

Is 32 inches too big for 1080p? 

Yes, a 32-inch monitor is too big for a 1080 pixel resolution. If you want a 32-inch screen, a 4K display is better, so you can truly enjoy the monitor. But if you want a 1080 pixels display, a smaller monitor like 24-inch or 27-inch is better.  

Is 32-inch monitor too big for 1440p gaming? 

There are many 32-inch 1440p monitors available, and this monitor size is not too big for this resolution. However, many users think that a 32-inch monitor is too big for gaming since they have to move their eyes and neck a lot.  

Is 32-inch monitor too small for 4K? 

It’s not too small. A 32-inch monitor is just the right size for 4K curved displays, allowing you to enjoy your content better.  

What is the price range of 32 Inch monitors? 

A 32-inch monitor starts at $190 and can go as high as $700, depending on the brand and manufacturer.  


So, is 32-inch monitor too big? Well, there's no definitive answer for this, and the right size for you will always depend on how you plan to use your monitor. If you plan on buying this monitor, make sure to choose the right resolution so you won’t end up wasting the features it offers.