How To Use A Tracking Number? (Detailed Guide)

If you are wondering how to use a tracking number given to you or how to locate it, we will help you out.

What is a Tracking Number?

A tracking ID is a unique identification number that is provided to you by a shipping/courier service when you ship an item with them.

Basically, you can use this Tracking ID in order to locate where your parcel is at a given time within its entire shipping period.

You can find out the Tracking Number of your parcel in many ways

  • Check out the receipt of your transaction with the shipping company.
  • Check out the printed Airway Bill that is handed to you.
  • Many courier services ask phone your cell phone number and email address when shipping the item, check your SMS or Email.
UPS tracking ID

Sample UPS tracking ID

How to Use a Tracking Number?

You can use the tracking number provided to you in two ways

1. Call the Courier Service Helpline

When you call a courier service helpline, they will ask for your parcel tracking number in order to help you locate it.

When you tell them the tracking ID, they will be able to tell you the exact status of it as well. Common status include, departed, in transition, at the warehouse, out for delivery, arrived etc.

2. Use the Online Tracking Service

Almost all major courier companies allow you to track your parcel online using the tracking ID.

Go to the website of the carrier. In the field where it says type tracking number, enter the number for your parcel and click the button next to it.

Once the tracking service has located your parcel, it will update the page with its status, location as well as map (not all carriers show a map).

Here is the link to some of the famous courier services where you can use a tracking number to track your parcel.

Similarly almost all local and international courier companies allow you use a provided tracking number on their website to locate your shipment.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What to Do If You Cannot Find your Tracking Number

If you registered your email address or your phone number when sending the parcel, the courier company would be able to identify all your recent tracking IDs using your cell phone number or email address.

Call the helpline of the courier service that you used, they will be able to search out your tracking ID by asking you the details.

They can even use your name for further identification. However, the name alone is never used since someone else can also share your exact name.

How to Use a Tracking Number if You Don’t Know The Carrier?

If you have the tracking number in hand, but you have no idea which shipping company was used, well then you have certainly found yourself in a pickle!

How to use a tracking number if you don’t know the carrier in the first place? Well, there are a few apps that can help you solve this issue.

parcels app
1. Use “Parcels” App

Parcels is an app that you can download on both Google Android Phone/Tablets as well as iPhone and iPad.

You can use this app to track the location of your parcel without knowing the courier. In fact, this will even tell you what courier service that was used.

2. Use “Parcels” Website

Similar to the app, you can also use the Parcels website to find out the name of the shipping company.

3. Use “Aftership” App

This is similar to the Parcels App. You can use this to find out which courier service your tracking number belongs to.

Package is Missing

We all understand the frustration a delayed shipment causes.

If you parcel has been delayed, it would be wise to first locate the whereabouts or the status of your package using the tracking number.

If your parcel’s status reads something alone the lines of “in-transit“, then its better to wait a day or two.

If your parcel’s status hasn’t changed even after waiting, you must get in touch with the courier using their customer service helpline.

Is Tracking Number Free?

Yes, tracking numbers are free.

When you ship your item with a carrier, they provide you with the tracking number for free.

Consider the tracking facility as part of the service that you pay for when you use the carrier.

Can A Tracking Number be Used Twice?

You can use the tracking number as many times as you want. There is no limit.