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How To Take Care Of Gaming Laptop (10 Maintenance Tips)

Gaming laptops are complex devices that shouldn’t be compared with regular laptops. These laptops are made specifically for gaming and designed using intricate technologies that many people aren’t aware of.  

If you own one, taking care of it should always be your priority to ensure its optimal performance. However, most owners treat their gaming laptops as how they would treat a regular one, which can be detrimental to your laptop’s health.  

If you don’t know the differences between a regular vs gaming laptop and how to take care of it, this guide is for you. We will show you various maintenance tips to keep your laptop in optimal condition.  

Unlike regular laptops, gaming laptops are specifically designed to keep up with the specs required by the latest and most popular PC games. Here are some of the advantages these laptops have to offer for gamers and game enthusiasts:  

  • Portability  
    Historically, gaming and laptops don’t usually go hand in hand. If you want to play computer games, you need to have a bulky computer set up to meet the specification requirements of the game you want to play. Gaming laptops revolutionized computer gaming by putting every gaming need into one small portable device that you can carry wherever you go.  
  • Powerful Specs  
    Compared to regular laptops, gaming laptops boast powerful specifications that allow them to keep with the latest games. Some gaming laptops can even provide better gaming results that can surpass consoles such as Xbox Series X and PS5.  
  • Variety Of Choices  
    Many would argue that desktop computers offer choices than gaming laptops as it allows you to customize and choose each component. However, deciding which part to get for every component can be exhausting. With gaming laptops, everything you need is in one device, giving you the option to choose from different price points, specs, designs, and materials.  
  • Impressive Gaming Experience  
    As its name implies, gaming laptops are made explicitly for gaming, which is why they can deliver advanced graphics and smoother gameplay with faster load times. In addition, they are designed to provide an immersive and impressive gaming experience no other laptops can provide.  
  • Flexibility In Usage  
    Gaming laptop components are powerful and durable, providing users the best performance they can find in laptops. This means that their parts can handle GPU/CPU intensive tasks, including video editing, programming, and even 3D modeling, making them suitable for various tasks.  
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Why Should You Clean Your Laptop? (Inside & Out) 

Cleaning your laptop doesn’t only involve dusting and wiping the screen. You also need to ensure that its components inside and outside are clean to ensure maximum performance. From cleaning your hard drive to updating your system, here’s how you can do it: 

Cleaning Your Hardware 

Every few days or so, make sure to wipe your screen, empty the crumbs out of your keyboard, and clean out the ports of your computer. This can help reduce the risk of breaking, protecting your computer and data in it. 

However, to thoroughly clean your laptop, you must bring it to a computer repair shop at least once a year. The technician will use a DataVac to blow out dust, dirt, and debris off of your computer, preserving your expensive device.  

Cleaning Your Software 

Cleaning the software of your computer can help protect its system and your precious data. To do this, you can use antivirus software to ensure that no malicious actors can penetrate your system.

At the same time, you need to regularly update your operating system to ensure that any bugs are fixed. Here are other ways that can keep your software clean:  

  • Remove any programs you don’t use 
  • Regularly back up your files 
  • Perform maintenance tasks to ensure your device can save files without corrupting them 
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How To Take Care Of Gaming Laptop (10 Easy Maintenance Tips) 

1. Keep Your Laptop Ventilated 

Proper ventilation is crucial in keeping your laptop parts safe. Whenever you use your laptop, make sure it is well-ventilated to help keep it cool. Overheating can damage your entire laptop, especially your motherboard. 

It could also slow down your device, affecting your gaming performance. So when using your computer, ensure that it is situated on a solid and plain surface that won’t cause unnecessary heating. You can also invest in cooling pads to ensure your laptop stays at the desired temperature.  

2. Use External Keyboard And Mouse When Gaming 

Gaming only requires you to press specific keys, and pressing them repetitively can damage your laptop’s built-in parts, such as the trackpad and keyboard.  Using an external keyboard and mouse can preserve its components.

Apart from that, it can improve your gaming performance, especially for first-person shooter games. If you accidentally wreck your external keyboard and mouse during an intense game, you can easily replace them compared to the built-in components. 

3. Install A Screen Protector And Regularly Clean The Screen 

Replacing a gaming laptop’s screen is expensive, which is why it is best to install a screen protector to keep it from scratches, smudges, and keyboard markings. Also, be sure to clean it regularly and only use the recommended cleaning materials that won’t harm your screen.  

4. Turn Off Your Software When Not In Use 

Just like any device, your gaming laptop requires some downtime. Shutting it down allows it to cool down so parts that are continuously at work, like the cooling fan, will have some rest.

At the same time, some updates require you to restart your computer to complete installation and can take effect once you turn your laptop on again. 

5. Delete Unnecessary Files 

The more you use your laptop, the more it accumulates files you don’t need. From temporary files generated by your computer to applications you don’t use, these unnecessary files can slow down your computer. Make sure to delete them and empty your recycle bin so you won’t quickly fill up your storage.  

6. Don’t Ditch The Anti-Virus 

Malware and viruses can cause serious problems to your laptop. These malicious programs can slow down your computer and can sometimes lead to overheating. In the worst scenarios, your computer can get hacked.

Using an antivirus and firewall is crucial nowadays. Luckily, Windows 10 comes with antivirus software known as Windows Defender, which protects your computer from spyware, malware, and other malicious apps. Keep this software up to date to have ongoing real-time protection from malicious threats.  

7. Perform Regular System, Software, And Driver Updates 

Updating your system and drivers is necessary to keep your laptop running smoothly. It can also fix bugs and glitches, as well as add new helpful features in some updates. Third-party software, or software that is not part of your OS, should also be updated when prompted.

On the other hand, Windows automatically updates most of your system software and drivers as a part of the Windows Update feature.  

8. Don’t Install Software From Unknown Sources 

Not all software is created equal; some contain malicious codes that could potentially put your computer at risk. So be vigilant and ensure that it comes from verified sources or the original website whenever you install the software. One good practice is to check its reviews before installation so you can easily weed out the good from the bad.  

9. Remove Bloatware 

New laptops can come with applications installed by manufacturers, such as adware tools that are unnecessary. Uninstalling bloatware can free up disk space and memory resources on your computer, improving its overall performance.  

10. Disable Unused Startup Programs 

Startup programs use many CPU and memory resources as they usually run automatic scans in the background. This can slow down your laptop and may cause overheating, especially when gaming or performing hardware-intensive tasks such as video editing.

That’s why you need to disable startup programs that you don’t use. To do this, open the task manager by pressing and holding Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys. Next, click the Startup tab and disable unnecessary apps by right-clicking on it and click Disable.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What can I clean my laptop with? 

You can clean your laptop using a 50:50 solution of water and alcohol, microfiber cloths, cotton swabs, and canned air.  Make sure the cloth is not too wet before you use it on your laptop.  

Should I clean my laptop every day? 

If you can, you can clean your laptop daily to ensure that it is free from dirt, dust, and grimes. However, if you can’t, make sure that you clean it at least once a week.  

How do I clean my computer's memory? 

One great practice to free up your computer’s memory is deleting unused programs. Alternatively, you can launch disk cleanup by typing “disk cleanup” on the search bar of your system to delete unnecessary files.  

Does resetting the laptop delete everything? 

Factory reset puts all your programs into their original state and removes any files that weren’t there when the computer was released from the factory. Unfortunately, this means that any files and programs that you have saved and installed will be deleted.  


If you don’t know how to take care of your gaming laptop, you can follow the tips mentioned above to maintain it so it will last longer. Remember, taking care of it mainly involves ensuring you properly handle your gaming laptop and address any hardware and software issues immediately.