How To Squad Stream On Twitch (What You Need To Know)

Streaming content on Twitch can be an excellent way to build a community of people who love what you do. Squad Streaming is Twitch’s way to enable a group of streamers to release the same content on the same screen.

Want to know how to Squad Stream on Twitch? We have everything you need to know down below. 

Launched in 2019, Squad Streaming is a way for up to four streamers to put out content as a group. This encourages streamers to make collaborative content and audiences to engage with creators that they may be unfamiliar with.  

Your squad, or friend group, have more content options with Squad Streaming than alone and can increase your channel exposure simultaneously. For audiences, you can see your favorite streamer interact with fresh faces, find new favorites, and watch more amazing streams. 

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What To Do Before Squad Streaming On Twitch 

The biggest thing to remember with Squad Streaming is that, currently, only Twitch partners can use this feature. Twitch has mentioned releasing this feature to affiliates in the future, but we have no official date. Once you have officially become a Twitch partner, you can start Squad Streaming. 

Another thing to do once you become a partner is to ensure that the people you want to collab with are either on your friends list or following you. Channels that do not meet those two requirements will not be able to join your Squad Stream. 

Once you are all set, simply follow our steps below to get started. 

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How To Squad Stream On Twitch (Step By Step Guide) 

Once you and your fellow creators are ready to start, nominate one person to follow these steps: 

1. Start The Call 

When Squad Streaming, you will need to start a call with the other creators on platforms like Discord to talk to each other.  

2. Go To Your Stream Manager Dashboard 

On your Twitch Channel’s Stream Manager dashboard, click on the Squad Stream widget in the Quick Actions panel. If it does not show up straight away, try clicking the plus icon on the Quick Actions panel; this will bring up all your QA actions, including Squad Streaming. 

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3. Add Your Friends 

Once in, click Add Channel and type in up to three other content creators. Only ones on your friends list and followers will show up, so bear that in mind. 

4. Send Your Invites 

Once all your squad is live or in their Starting Soon screens, send the invites. These will show up on a banner for the other three creators, and they just need to accept. 

5. Start Streaming 

Once you are all ready and accepted, click Start Squad Stream. This officially starts your Squad Stream and will show up as a banner on the content creators’ channels 

It is important to bear in mind that the Squad Streaming feature only works on the mobile app and browser; it is not natively available on the PS4 and Xbox.  

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How To Watch Squad Streams On Twitch 

To watch a Squad Stream, you just need to do the following: 

  • Select a channel that is in the Squad Stream 
  • Open their stream 
  • Click Squad Mode under the follow and subscribe buttons 
  • Toggle between streamers by clicking the avatars on the top left-hand side of the screen. 

It is vital to note that mobile viewers can only see three out of four streamer screens at the same time. Twitch has done this to ensure a quality and consistent experience for its users. When selecting Squad Mode, you will be asked to select which three to view on one screen. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can streamers communicate to each other while streaming? 

It is possible to talk to other streamers while in Squad Mode, but not through Twitch itself. You will need to use another platform like Discord to hear each other.  

Do you have to be a partner to be in the Squad Stream? 

Not necessarily – just follow the people you want to Squad Stream with or be on their friends list. Once done, accept the invitation, and you should be good to go. 

Is Twitch Squad Streaming monetized? 

For the primary streamer, all cheers, subs, and bits will go automatically to them. As a streamer, it is possible to rotate who the primary is in the widget itself. For viewers, you will need to go to each creator’s channel individually to sub, follow, or cheer. 

What can I do if I am not a partner? 

It is possible to bypass Twitch’s requirements by using third-party multi-streaming software. Some favorites among affiliates include MultiTwitch, KadgarLive, RareDrop, and Lightstream. As we cannot verify these options, research them thoroughly before using them. 

Can I Squad Stream on Xbox or PS4? 

It is not possible to Squad Stream through Xbox or PS4 in the Twitch app right now. However, using capture software like an Elgato to stream it through your PC could let you bypass the mobile and browser-only rule. 

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Squad Streaming is an excellent way for Twitch partners to make amazing collaborative gaming content and increase your channel exposure. For non-partnered channels, we look forward to seeing what you create once Squad Streaming becomes site-wide