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How To Get Sound From A Monitor Without Speakers (6 Ways)

If you don’t have a TV, the best way to play your console is through your computer’s monitor. However, many modern monitors don’t have built-in speakers anymore.

This means that you need an external speaker to enjoy playing your games. Fortunately, there are several ways you can try to enable your monitor to produce sound even if it doesn’t have built-in speakers.  

In this article, we will discuss how to get sound from a monitor without speakers and turn it into a TV alternative.  

Before we begin discussing how you can get sound from a monitor without speakers, you need to determine if your monitor has built-in speakers or not.  

To do this, you need to use it with your computer first and make sure that it has an updated sound driver. If your computer doesn’t have any, you won’t be able to play any sound on your monitor, even if it has internal speakers.

Next, go to the sound settings of your computer and click the drop-down menu under the "choose your output device" option. If you can see the brand and model of your monitor on the list, your monitor has a built-in speaker.  

Otherwise, follow the ways below to learn how to get sound from a monitor without speakers.  

1. Use HDMI Audio Extractor 

The first method that you can do to get a sound from your monitor is by using an HDMI audio extractor. But this will only work for speakers with a 3.5 mm jack support since you’ll be needing an auxiliary cable to get the sound from the audio extractor.  

HDMI ports or connections are known to support both audio and video outputs, so by using an HDMI audio extractor, you can separate the audio and video, allowing you to play them on different devices instead of just one. Basically, the video goes through your monitor, and the sound is directed to your speakers or headphones.  

This is perfect for console gamers who don’t have a TV yet but want to play using their computer monitor. This can also save you money instead of purchasing a new TV. Follow the steps below to enable audio output using your HDMI connection on your computer.  

  • To use your monitor to output sound on your PC using an HDMI audio extractor, you need to have an updated sound driver installed on your computer.  
  • Then, connect your audio extractor to your monitor. After that, connect the HDMI cord and the auxiliary cable to the extractor and restart your computer.  
  • Lastly, check if it’s working by playing a sound or video on your computer.  

You can also use this on your console. Just connect the HDMI output to your console instead of your computer and plug it in the audio extractor in the monitor. Then, connect your speakers to the extractor, and you are all set.  

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2. Use 3.5MM Output On The Monitor 

Another way to get sound from your monitor is through the 3.5mm output on it. Many monitor brands have these audio connection jacks dedicated to output audio. However, some brands still don’t have this output, so you need to check if yours has one.  

Once you’ve determined that you have output on your monitor, you do not have to worry about other ways to establish an audio connection. This is also the most accessible method since many headphones and speakers have 3.5mm input and use an auxiliary cable--the cable you need for 3.5mm output.  

Another thing you need to note with this method is that some monitors have two 3.5mm outputs: one for headphones and one for speakers. If this is what you have, be sure to use the correct device for each output to ensure a quality sound output with no distortion or losses. If it only has one output, you can use any device on it, even your home theaters and other speakers.  

Here’s how you can use 3.5mm output to get sound from your monitor:  

  • Check if you have an aux cable. If you don’t have one, purchase one from a local store. You can also check your speaker box or headphones packaging if there’s an aux cable available.  
  • Next, connect the cables to your monitor and your speaker or headset. You can use whichever end for both devices. There’s no particular way to connect the cable.  
  • If you're using your computer, change the output on the sound setting to ensure it will be directed to your speakers.  
  • For consoles, there’s no need to change the settings. Just play normally as you would, and your sound will be okay. 

3. Use Optical Out Connection 

Do you want a higher-quality audio output? If so, an optical out connection is the best method to extract sound from a monitor. In fact, this is the most preferred way of games, especially console players, since this connection can transmit better audio quality than other cables because it doesn’t have to go through an analog conversion process.  

However, we generally don’t recommend this method because your monitor is made for one thing: to output video only. But, if this is your only choice, you can go ahead and do it.

But an ideal setup for consoles is to output your video to the monitor and audio from the console to the speakers instead of through your monitor.  

Nevertheless, here’s how you can use an optical out connection to get sound from your monitor:  

  • Connect the optical cable to your monitor. Make sure that your monitor has one.  
  • Then, the other end of the cable should be connected to an optical-enabled device. If you have a larger surround sound system, you can connect the cable to a receiver. This is perfect for gamers looking for a more immersive gaming experience.  
  • Lastly, connect your headphones or speakers to the optical-enabled device and enjoy! 

4. Use Composite Cables 

If you are a console player, you’re probably aware of the standard AV multi-port cable that can output both audio and video. Even if you’re not playing consoles, you’ve probably encountered this connection once in your life. Also called an RCA connector, this connection comes with three or more cables, usually yellow and white.  

This is an excellent way to get sound from a monitor. However, it can only deliver standard definition audio and video. This means that you won’t have the best visual and sound experience while playing. But it can be a temporary setup until you can create your ideal gaming environment.  

Consoles like PS4 and lower models have a standard AV multi-port from composite cables. Unfortunately, modern consoles like PS5 won’t have RCA output, so be sure that you’re using an older model console, or this method won’t work.  

Like the 3.5mm output, this method is also easy to do. All you need to do is connect the cables to the console and connect the speakers using the left and right (L/R) audio channels.

If you have a modern speaker that uses a 3.5mm jack, you will need a 3.5mm male to RCA female adapter to use this connection. For headphones with a 3.5mm jack, you need a coupler for this method to work.  

5. Use Component Or RGB Cables 

Component cables or RGB cables are usually confused with composite cables. While you can use them for both connections, RGB cables can output high-definition video and sound, unlike RCA cables.  

If you have these cables lying around at home, here’s how you can output sound on monitors with no built-in speakers:  

  • Connect the RGB cables to your AV multi-out console. 
  • Then, connect your speakers using the L/R channels. If this type of speaker isn’t available, you need to use an adapter as well. 
  • For speakers with a 3.5mm jack, you’ll need a 3.5mm male to RCA female adapter, and headphones with a 3.5mm jack will need a stereo coupler.  
  • Lastly, change the console’s audio settings so that it will output audio to the correct audio input correctors. Once done, you can now enjoy your games using your monitor.  

6. Use Wireless Speakers 

Thanks to technological advancements, speakers can now function wirelessly through Bluetooth technology. If you have a Bluetooth speaker lying around, you can use it to output audio from your monitor.

However, your computer should have Bluetooth. If it doesn't have one, you need to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter. With this adapter, you don't need to purchase Bluetooth-enabled devices.  

If you have everything ready, here’s how you can connect your computer to a wireless speaker:  

  • Open the Bluetooth on your device and speaker. Make sure that your speaker’s Bluetooth is discoverable and ready to pair.  
  • Next, open your computer and go to Start Settings > Devices  >Bluetooth & other devices > Add Bluetooth or other device > Bluetooth 
  • Then, choose the device from the list, follow the on-screen instructions, and press Done. 
  • Your device should connect automatically, and you're all good.  
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How Do I Get My Xbox One & PS4 To Play Sound Through Monitor? 

The different methods mentioned above should allow you to play sound from your Xbox One and PS4 when connected to the monitor. However, the most recommended way is through an HDMI connection.  

But HDMI connections can only output video, especially on monitors that don’t have built-in speakers. To get sound out of the monitor, you need to have an HDMI extractor, or you can connect your speaker through an auxiliary or 3.5mm cable. This way, you can get high-definition video and high-quality audio output.

You can also try other methods such as composite and component cables. However, this may require extra cables that you don’t have at home. 

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Getting Sound From A Monitor Without Speakers FAQs 

Do all gaming monitors have speakers? 

Yes, most modern gaming monitors have built-in speakers. This means that you don’t need external speakers to play music while playing your favorite games. However, the audio output may not be as good as other speakers. So, if you want better audio, use external speakers instead.  

Do all monitors have an audio jack? 

No, not all monitors have an audio jack. While it’s rare to see monitors without a 3.5mm jack, they are still available in the market. So before purchasing a monitor, be sure to check if it has one if that’s what you need.

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Do you connect speakers to a PC or the monitor? 

It is best to connect your speakers to your PC rather than the monitor. Most of the time, connecting them to your computer outputs better quality than those coming from your monitor.  

How do I connect my monitor speakers without aux? 

If your monitor doesn’t have an aux, you can use an HDMI audio extractor. A wireless speaker is also an excellent way to get audio from your monitor if you don’t have an auxiliary cable or output.  


If your monitor doesn’t have a built-in speaker, don’t stress. The methods above can help you get sound from your monitor quickly. You just need to make sure you have the right cables, and you can use your monitor as a TV alternative for playing your favorite console.

However, some of the methods don’t provide high-quality audio and video outputs, so be sure to choose the best one for your situation.