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How To Connect PS4 To Monitor (With & Without HDMI)

Gaming consoles are virtually everywhere - they provide home entertainment for us along with Netflix or Disney Plus, and give us the latest in our gaming lives. They’re useable on newer TVs and even some older ones, but if you were to connect it to your monitor, would it work?  

There may be several reasons to do this - maybe you wish to stream it or are just without a TV for any reason. This guide will explore how to connect PS4 to monitor and the different ways you can do it.  

There are several reasons to connect your PS4 to a monitor - your TV could be broken, or you’re simply away from it. A lot of gamers who stream are opting to connect their consoles to computers for a more seamless experience for their viewers.  

Believe it or not, there are some benefits to doing it.  

  • Portability: 
    If you’re the kind of person who moves around a lot, you may find it better to use a monitor, or even use your laptop as a monitor for your PS4, rather than lugging around a big TV.
  • Smaller Spaces: 
    Living in smaller spaces can limit how much you can put in one room. A monitor gives you access to a PC and your PS4 in one, thereby saving some space for other things you need!
  • Streaming: 
    As mentioned, Twitch streamers will connect their consoles to their PCs or monitors in order to provide real-time gaming for their viewers. Using a capture card can be complicated, but connecting your console directly to your PC eliminates that problem

So, if you need to connect your PS4 to monitors, we can help with that! There are different methods involved, and can this be done with or without an HDMI cable.  

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Different Ways To Connect PS4 To Monitor (How-To Guide) 

HDMI Connection 

If you're using a laptop, the steps are a bit different. This method will focus on a stand-alone monitor and an HDMI cable which is usually included with purchase.

  1. 1
    Turn OFF your PS4 and monitor. You shouldn't disconnect HDMI cables while power runs through devices.
  2. 2
    Take your HDMI cable and connect one end to the port of the PS4. This is located in the back near the power cable.
  3. 3
    Connect the other end of your HDMI cable to the backport of the monitor. 
  4. 4
    Switch on both your PS4 and PC monitor. If the monitor doesn’t detect it, then you should check the connection. Your cable may also be old and damaged and will need replacing. 
  5. 5
    Make sure to go into your PS4 settings and adjust the resolution to match the monitor's ability.

And you’re ready to go! It’s as simple as plug-and-play. 

hdmi adapter

Is It Possible With A VGA Port? 

In fact, it is! There are HDMI to VGA cables around at reasonable prices, but you can also buy a converter cable for both to be connected into one.  

With an HDMI to VGA Cableit's as simple as the steps above. Plug in the VGA end to the monitor, making sure it's firmly in place. Then plug the HDMI end into the PS4, and you should be good to go! 

For a VGA Converteryou will need to follow these steps: 

  1. 1
    Switch OFF both your monitor and PS4. 
  2. 2
     Connect the HDMI cable to the VGA converter before you plug the VGA end into the monitor.  
  3. 3
    Once connected, plug the VGA end into your monitor, pushing it fully into place. Connect the HDMI end into the PS4. 
  4. 4
    Switch on both your PS4 and PC monitor. If the monitor doesn’t detect it, then you should check the connection. Your cable may also be old and damaged and will need replacing. 
  5. 5
    Switch on the monitor and PS4, and you should be good to go! 

PS4s have never been so accessible, and now you’re able to play your favorite game even on old monitors! Some monitors require you to manually activate the VGA port, so make sure your monitor does not need this.  

What About A DVI Converter? 

Yes! HDMI and DVI both use digital signals to the monitor, so you shouldn't run into any quality issues. However, DVI doesn't support sound output, so you will need to invest in a soundbar or some speakers to hook up to the PS4 as well. 

It works the same as above - with an HDMI to DVI cable, plug the HDMI end into the PS4, and then plug the DVI end into your monitor. With an HDMI to DVI converter, you need to plug in the HDMI end into the converter first. 

Once finished, switch on your PS4 and select the right output on the monitor. Finally, test the sound with the external device, and you should be good to go! 

Do HDMI Composite Converters Work? 

This method is a little different but will work just as well if you don't plan on getting external audio output.  

You will need an HDMI to Composite converter, an HDMI cable, and a Composite cable. This method is slightly different.  

  1. 1
    Connect your HDMI to the PS4 and the composite converter.  
  2. 2
    Plug the USB power cable into the converter. Then connect the composite cable into the monitor and converter. 
  3. 3
    Select composite output on your monitor and switch on the PS4. You should have a clear picture if it was set up correctly.  

Composite cables are outdated and may not be available on newer monitors. It may have been replaced with the newer component version. Double check it is a composite cable you wish to use, as it won’t provide a clear, colorful picture on the screen.  

PS4 Remote Play? 

If you don’t want to purchase cables, you can opt for the PS Remote Play app direct from the PlayStation website.  

This method comes with restrictions, though. You can't use the Share Play, Share Screen, or Broadcast functions. In addition, you can't play music from Spotify, and some games do not support Remote Play.  

  1. 1
    Make sure your PS4 has Remote Play enabled. Do this by going into Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings and check the Enable Remote Play box. Make sure you’re doing it from your primary PS4, as well.

You also need to allow Remote Play to switch on your PS4 while in Rest Mode. Do this by navigating to Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available In Rest Mode and enable Stay Connected To The Internet and Enable Turning On PS4 From Network 

  1. 2
    Make sure you have an up-to-date version of the PS Remote Play app on your PC/Laptop. You need to connect your DualShock 4 to the PC with Bluetooth or Micro USB. 
  2. 3
    Launch the Remote Play app, and sign in with the same PlayStation Network account as your PS4. The app will then search for your PS4 and connect the devices. 

Once connected, the console will remotely work onto your laptop or PC through an internet connection, giving you the power to play anytime, anywhere!  

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Connecting PS4 To Monitor FAQs 

Why does my PS4 have no sound when connected to a monitor? 

If you’re using a DVI or Composite converter, either the audio cable is faulty or not connected, or the method doesn’t support audio. You will need to either plug in USB headphones to PS4 or a soundbar/speakers to get the audio working. An analog mic to PC might work but can mess with digital to analog audio conversion. 

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How do you fix a PS4 to VGA monitor that has no signal? 

You may require an HDMI to VGA converter with a power source, as they may not be able to simply read the signals by themselves. In addition, the converter needs to be active in order to transmit the picture from one end to the other. If you do have an active cable and still no signal, the cable may be faulty.  

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Can you use a gaming monitor for PS5? 

Yes! Using an HDMI 2.1 cable in the monitor allows you full 4K Resolution on your games. A 2.0 cable will also provide a clear image but won't give you the full 4K experience.

Be aware, PS5 won't support VGA/Composite/DVI conversion with a full, clear display. You may run into problems with the advanced imagery of the PS5, and should only use HDMI.  

Can you play PS4 on a curved monitor? 

Most curved monitors have a much higher resolution in comparison to standard flat monitors. The standard resolution for high-end, ultrawide monitors is 2560x1080 or 3440x1440 pixels, which PS4 doesn't support. 

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For whatever reason you need to, connecting your PS4 to monitors has never been easier. The conversion process can be a little tricky, but it enables you smoother gameplay and simpler settings once done right.  

Give yourself a cleaner stream or save some space by hooking up your PS4 to a monitor. Give yourself the power to game the way you want.