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Do Monitors Come With HDMI Cables? (Dell & Other Brands)

Many people wonder, do monitors come with HDMI cables? When purchasing a monitor for your computer system, an HDMI cable is a must, and it's important to check whether the HDMI cable will be included or whether you will need to purchase it separately.

Most monitors come with included HDMI cables; however, not every monitor does, and it is dependent on both the model and brand. 

Most monitors do come with HDMI cables; however, not all monitors come with cables. An HDMI cable is a cable that works as a high definition multimedia interface. The HDMI cable is responsible for sending video signals, as well as allowing the monitor to play sound 

Without the HDMI cable, your monitor won’t be able to show any images or video from your computer hard drive. If your monitor doesn’t come with an HDMI cable, you will need to buy one so that you can connect it to your computer.  

Most Dell monitors do come with an HDMI cable. LG monitors, Samsung monitors, and HP monitors sometimes come with HDMI cables; however, many models do not. Check the specific model to determine whether or not an HDMI cable is included.  

Should you purchase an additional HDMI cable if your monitor comes with an included HDMI cable? This is a personal preference, but it never hurts to have an additional HDMI cable at home. If you cannot be sure that your monitor is coming with an HDMI cable, then you can add one to your shopping cart at the same time that you are purchasing your monitor.  

HDMI cables are inexpensive and cost between $6 to $15. Having an extra HDMI cable can help if something happens to the original (easy replacement). However, the main reason for purchasing an additional HDML cable is length.  

Most monitors come with short HDMI cables. These can be frustrating if you are creating a home computer set-up where the computer is on the floor, and the monitor is located on a standing desk or several inches above the desk.

We recommend measuring the space between where your computer will be and where your new monitor will be to ensure that you purchase an HDMI cable that works well in that space.  

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What Comes With A Computer Monitor? (Types Of Cables) 

A computer monitor comes with several cables: power cable, data cable, DisplayPort cable (sometimes), and an HDMI cable (sometimes). The power cable is what allows your monitor to turn "on" and needs to be plugged into a standard wall outlet.

The power cables sold with most monitors are on the shorter side, and many people will purchase longer power cables in order to to create a better home computer set-up. A data cable is used to connect to the Internet.  

Typically an ethernet cable is used, but coaxial cable can also be used. These cables are important because, without them, the monitor will not function properly. The DisplayPort cable is similar to an HDMI cable. Both cables provide audio and video signals. Not all monitors come with a DisplayPort.  

There are many pros and cons to using DisplayPort vs. HDMI. The important piece to pay attention to when purchasing either an HDMI cable or DisplayPort cable is the max transmission rate and the data rate. For gaming, most often, a DisplayPort cable will be the better option.  

However, for movies and computer use, an HDMI cable can be the better option, particularly if you can get an HDMI 2.1 cable rather than an HDMI 2.0 cable. (HDMI 2.1 is better than DP 1.4 and DP 1.4 is better than HDMI 2.0).

For the standard computer user, these details won't matter, and there are professional gamers who prefer HDMI to DisplayPort. As long as the transmission rate and data range are high, you can use either one for gaming.  

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Do Gaming Monitors Come With HDMI Cables? 

Gaming monitors tend to be sold as standard computer monitors, which means that some models do come with HDMI cables and some do not. As mentioned above, some gamers prefer to use a DisplayPort cable while others prefer to use an HDMI cable.

Both cables can work well for gaming and depend on the specific monitor, computer, and the specific HDMI or DisplayPort cable.  

The best HDMI cable for gaming is the ultra-high-speed HDMI cable, also known as HDMI 2.1. These cables have a high max transmission rate and data rate, which means that high-quality images and video are shared quickly, efficiently, and accurately. If a monitor is being marketed specifically as a gaming monitor, it will often include an HDMI cable.  

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Computer Monitors With HDMI Cables FAQs 

Are there monitors that have no HDMI ports? 

Yes, some monitors do not have HDMI ports, but that is because they have a VGA input typically. Usually, you will need a cable with a VGA input and an HDMI output for these monitors. Each monitor will have details on the port type on the label, packaging, or online description.  

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How long are HDMI cables that come with monitors?  

Most HDMI cables that come with monitors are on the shorter side, approximately 2 to 3 feet. However, HDMI cables can come in sizes ranging from 6 feet to 10 feet and up to 25 feet. In addition, there are specialty companies that make HDMI cables that reach even farther at 50 feet or 100 feet.

The length of HDMI cable that works best for your set-up will be dependent on how far away you would like the monitor to be from your computer system. Measure this before purchasing an HDMI cable for the best fit.  

Where is HDMI port on the computer located? 

Most HDMI ports are located on the back of the computer. There tends to be a space on the back of the machine with several ports, and the HDMI port is one of those ports.  

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Most monitors do come with included HDMI cables; however, not all monitors come with HDMI cables. To be safe, check the monitor description to see if an HDMI cable is included.

Also, consider whether or not the included HMDI cable will be long enough to comfortably fit your space between monitor and computer. You may benefit from purchasing an additional, longer HDMI cable.