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Dell vs HP – Which Brand Is Better And Why? (Laptop Guide)

Laptops have become an integral part of the lives of the modern human race. These portable computers allow us to access our greatest invention, the superhighway of information that is the Internet. They allow us to connect with each other, watch content, relax and complete tasks for work. 

In this article, we will pit Dell and HP, two of the biggest names in the laptop game, against each other across a number of different factors and features.  




Build Quality 


Hardware & Components 


Tech Performance 








Battery Life 


Customer Support 


Lowest Price 


Dell Laptops Overview 

Dell has become immensely successful due to their high attention to build quality, parts, excellent customer service, and premium laptops that score the highest in the executive market. Their XPS range of flagship executive notebooks come with extraordinary capabilities and look absolutely stunning. 

This trickles down; when you buy a Dell laptop, you know you will be buying a laptop from a brand that knows its stuff. They may not be the most stylish, but they always come with lots of high-quality parts, and the build quality is always superb. 

Pros & Cons of Dell Laptops 

What We Like 
  • Executive excellence
  • High quality builds 
  • High-quality parts 
  •  Excellent customer service 
What We Don’t Like 
  • Expensive to buy 
  • Expensive to repair
silver and black dell laptop

HP Laptops Overview 

HP has also been in the tech game for a long time and has established itself as one of the major players in laptop innovation. HP laptops usually have a lower price tag than their Dell counterparts and are popular with students. 

This doesn't mean they are any less capable; in fact, many of their laptops are just as powerful and use the same high-quality internal parts, but the build quality is often a little lower, and the finish isn't quite as polished.

This allows them to bring the cost down and offer powerful little laptops in average quality packages. 

Pros & Cons of HP Laptops 

What We Like 
  • Great innovation 
  • Powerful parts 
  • Lower price tag 
  • Great customer service 
What We Don’t Like 
  •  Build quality feels cheaper than a Dell 
  • Expensive to repair
  • Lower overall in head to head performance
white hp laptop

Dell Vs HP Laptops - All The Important Features Compared

Design & Construction (Build Quality) 

In terms of the build quality, Dell reigns supreme. Their laptops usually feel really well designed and crafted. Their XPS range is one of the best investments you can make in terms of future-proofing yourself. 

HP builds great laptops, but sometimes the build quality slips a little bit. The parts inside are still excellent, but they lack that polished finish that you usually find in a Dell. This does, however, allow them to bring down the price. 

Winner: Dell 

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Hardware & Components

In terms of the hardware and components used by both brands, neither brand comes out on top. Both brands have a range of laptops that utilize different parts from different brands, you might find the 10th generation i7 in one of the XPS range but a 9th gen i5 in a more budget-friendly model. 

Most HP laptops seem to offer slightly higher performance per dollar spent for the money, albeit at the cost of build quality. 

Winner: HP 

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Tech Performance

Dell does an excellent job of utilizing parts that have a great synergy together. This allows for a high level of tech performance. Often laptops suffer from bottlenecking problems, especially when you stick a higher-powered processor or GPU into them without the right supporting components.

Dell always gives a good level of RAM and makes sure that neither their GPUs nor CPUs are too overpowering. This means you don’t waste money on processor power that you aren't utilizing. 

With HP, we regularly test laptops that utilize too strong a processor or GPU without high enough levels of RAM or heat support. This means that they throttle easily. 

If you are looking for a laptop that is going to offer a better guarantee of strong tech performance, we would stick to a high-end Dell laptop. 

Winner: Dell 

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Dell laptops may be a little pricier than most, but they are reliable laptops made to last. The hinges, finish, and chassis of their laptops will last a lot longer than most of the competition. You can probably get away with dropping your laptop once or twice, too, especially with their higher grade XPS laptops. 

HP, on the other hand, utilizes a very plastic-heavy approach. This means that the cases used by their laptops are often on the brittle side, and if you drop your laptop, you will most likely break a hinge or chip some plastic off your laptop. 

Asides from dropping your laptop, the plastic approach means that HP keeps the weight of its laptops lower than that of any Dell in the same category. If you want your laptop to be ultraportable, you might want to stick to HP. 

Winner: Dell for Longevity, HP for Portability


With a huge range of laptops fighting for supremacy from both brands, the quality of your display is always going to depend on how much you want to spend or how much battery you are willing to sacrifice. 

If you want to keep the price lower and get a better display, you will be able to do so at the cost of battery drain speed. This will be less important if you leave your laptop plugged in most of the time. 

If you want to get good battery life as well as a good display, you are going to need to look at spending a little bit more.

This is where Dell takes the lead. Their XPS range has some of the most gorgeous displays we have ever seen, paired with excellent performance; this makes them a powerful tool for designers and creators. 

Winner: Dell 


HP has always had a great approach to laptop innovation. Take their HP Elite Dragonfly Max, for example. This is one of the world's most innovative convertible laptops. It comes armed with a 5MP webcam for collaboration and meetings and utilizes advancements in AI to boost performance when necessary. 

You also have innovative designs like the Elite Folio, which is a combination of laptop, tablet, and notepad. This allows for a really versatile tactile feel that is pretty new on the scene. 

Dell is also very innovative. At CES 2021, the same show that announced the HP Elite Dragonfly Max, Dell took a different approach. 

Dell has refreshed their laptop range, offering new technology such as 5G powered laptops with deep learning AI that gets smarter the longer you use it. 

Dell is the better choice for gaming too. Their gaming range, Alienware, has next-generation RTX 30 GPUs and 12 phase GPU voltage regulation. You can choose up to 4TB of ultra-fast m.2 SSD and a fully managed cooling system with enhanced vapor flow technology known a Cryo-Tech. 

Winner: Dell 

Battery Life 

In most categories, you will see a slightly higher battery life in the laptops that come from HP. This is because Dell usually has higher powered or more demanding hardware on-board. 

Most higher-end Dell laptops have a high-end display which makes them pretty terrible in terms of battery life unless you want to turn the brightness down. 

HP does a much better job of balancing performance and battery life while keeping the cost down. Their laptops have excellent battery life, especially their budget laptop range. An HP battery will also have a long battery life expectancy compared to the majority of Dell Models. 

Winner: HP 

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Customer Support 

HP and Dell have excellent customer support and offer great warranties and access to help. If you are buying a laptop for business purposes, you might want to consider getting a Dell.

This is because Dell’s customer support offers 24-hour pick-up and drop-off on certain models, which means you will not be left hanging out to dry if your laptop dies during an important project. 

Winner: Dell 


In a head-to-head, in most situations, you are going to pay more for a Dell laptop than that of a rival model. This is because Dell has an approach that focuses on build quality and performance over price. This means their laptops are usually better investments but bigger investments. 

HP laptops are usually cheaper and will offer you more bang for your buck if you don't mind sacrificing durability and build quality.  

Winner: HP 

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Which Is Better Between The HP Envy 13 And The Dell XPS 13? 

The Dell XPS 13 is better in almost every way except for the price being higher. If you have the budget, the XPS 13 offers better performance and build quality as well as one of the best displays on the market. 

Which Is Better Between The Dell Latitude And HP Elitebook? 

The latitude wins in performance, but display, innovation, battery life, and price all go to the Elitebook, which is one of the versatile machines out there.      

Is Dell Owned By HP? 

No, HP or Hewlett Packard is a separate company.

Is Dell Or HP Better If You Want To Buy A Gaming Laptop?

Dell. Their Alienware range of gaming laptops includes some of the best gaming laptops in the world. HP makes laptops that are okay for light gaming, and their HP Omen series are a good showing from the HP brand, but when you compare Alienware vs HP Omen, the Alienware laptops come out on top. 

For Monitors, Which Of The Laptop Brands Is The Winner?  

If you are looking for monitors that are good for work, Dell has just announced their new range at CES. These monitors are designed with team meetings in mind. HP also has some great monitors, though; both companies are pretty on par with each other here. 

For Desktop Computers, Which Brand Is The Winner? 

Again, both brands make excellent desktops with nearly identical parts. Dell has a slightly better build quality, and their desktops are better for the workplace, but HP desktops tend to come with a lower price tag. 

What Are The Most Popular Laptop Models For Each Brand? 

Dell has their famous XPS range, including the XPS 13 and XPS 15. They also have a trendy gaming range called Alienware. HP has the HP Spectre x360 and the HP Elitebook as flagship models. Other popular models are the HP Pavilion and HP Pavilion x360. 

Which Is Better, HP Spectre x360 Vs Dell XPS 13? 

The Dell XPS 13 is the better laptop in every way.


When comparing brands like this, the decision is ultimately going to depend upon your specific needs. Dell won a higher number of categories and is much better for business users and gamers. The downside is that the price is always pretty high. 

HP is a great choice if you want more performance for less cost and don't mind if your laptop feels a little less polished. 

Both brands are tech giants for a reason. So no matter what you choose, you know you are picking a brand with excellent support and innovation behind it.