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Daisy Chaining Monitors (Can It Be Done? + How To Guide)

These days, laptops are seemingly getting lighter and thinner, and the number of available ports is lower than before. If you are searching for a solution that combines various monitors or laptops via one video port, you will find a way to connect all the monitors through a single connection.  

You can directly connect monitors to increase your screen space using daisy chains. Through this, you will remove the hassle of cables tangling, and you can easily keep everything organized.  

This guide is here to help understand what daisy chain monitors are and their benefits. 

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Benefits Of Daisy Chaining Monitors 

One benefit of daisy-chaining your monitors is you do not have to worry about multiple cables plugged into your computer, making it easier to maintain a spacious and clean workspace.  

Many people can concentrate much better due to a clear work area, and if you are among those individuals, you will definitely boost your productivity.  

Having multiple monitors attached makes doing in-depth tasks easier. You can research or reference on one display while typing on another, and it is excellent if you are: 

  • Entering data 
  • Working on expansive creative applications 
  • Conducting research 
  • Video conferencing 

Daisy chaining is not only limited to connecting various monitors. You can daisy chain dual monitors via Thunderbolt connectors and link your external hard drive and other devices on a similar chain. 

This small detail benefits most for creative professionals since they can use a daisy chain to connect monitors via RAID-optimized hard drives linked to a single and straightforward configuration.  

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How Many Monitors Can You Daisy Chain? 

How many monitors you can daisy chain is entirely dependent on your GPU. Most can handle at least three daisy-chained monitors. In comparison, other processing units can handle up to six.  

Though you must remember that there is limited pixel data you can transfer via DisplayPort bus, you will have to lower your resolution with every display connected in a daisy chain. If you are thinking of daisy chaining greater than two monitors, you might not be able to run all of them at their optimal resolution.  

It would be best to keep in mind that you do not have to lower the resolution on every monitor. For example, you can run the first monitor on a higher resolution, the second on a relatively medium one, and the third on a lower resolution.  

Ensure that you set up the highest resolution monitor, like the one you will employ to do detailed visual work or video streaming. If you have only got two daisy-chained monitors, you will be able to run both at a higher resolution.  

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How To Daisy Chain Monitors (Step By Step Guide) 

If you’re wondering, ‘can I daisy chain monitors,’ the simple answer is yes. You will just need to get specific equipment, such as: 

  • Two or more displays that have DisplayPort 1.2 ports at minimum. Monitors that will act as a link should have both output and input ports 
  • DisplayPort cables (preferably recent generations, even though 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 are also interchangeable) 

Instead of DisplayPort cables, you can also use USB-C cables, though you cannot daisy chain 2 monitors with HDMI cables. 

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If you want to know how to daisy chain USB c monitors, you should note that only Windows supports daisy-chaining through USB-C. For a macOS, you must have a Thunderbolt3 cable to daisy chain. If you use a USB-C in MacOS for daisy chains, it will cause mirrored displays.  

Here is how you can daisy chain DisplayPort monitors: 

  1. 1
    Verify that the GPU you have must support DisplayPort v1.2 MST. If you do not have it, download the driver for it 
  2. 2
    Plug all the monitors into a power source and ensure all the power cables are connected securely 
  3. 3
    Use DisplayPort cable to connect the computer to ‘DisplayPort In’ in the first monitor 
  4. 4
    Then use the DisplayPort cable to connect your ‘DisplayPort Out’ on the first monitor to ‘DisplayPort In’ on the second monitor. 
  5. 5
    To daisy chain more monitors to your system, follow the same sequence: employ DisplayPort cable to connect the DisplayPort Out on your second monitor to DisplayPort In on the third monitor and onwards. 
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Popular Monitor Models For Daisy Chaining 

Finding a good monitor for daisy-chaining can be challenging for an average user. The primary feature you must look out for is that the monitor must have an option for DisplayPort Out. An example is Dell DisplayPort daisy chain monitors. 

The problem is that most manufacturers rarely focus on providing specific information on whether the monitor comes with DisplayPort ‘Out’ or if it supports a daisy chain.  

Many users think about whether they can connect different monitor models via a daisy chain. The simple answer is yes. But can you connect a MacBook to a display port with a different model monitor?  

Even though a MacBook can help you work from home, you might need a bigger screen when working from the office. MacBook Pro daisy chain monitors can be connected to your Dell external monitor to increase the display size, so you do not have to spend excess money on a separate workstation.  

Based on your monitor hardware and MacBook, you may need a video adapter cable to connect both devices.  

Frequently Asked Daisy Chaining Monitor Questions 

Does daisy-chaining monitors affect performance? 

Excluding your typical five-megapixel monitors, daisy-chaining your monitors does not affect the refresh rate, even on high-performance. It means that the images are always displayed clearly as they are connected directly to the PC. 

Is there an HDMI splitter for dual monitors? 

HDMI splitters take HDMI video output from a device, such as Roku, and split them into two separate video and audio streams. Subsequently, you can send video from a single source to two individual monitors.  

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Can you daisy chain thunderbolt 2 and 3? 

Just like the Thunderbolt 2 technology, you can also daisy chain Thunderbolt 3 up to seven devices, including your PC. You can easily daisy chain 5 LaCie d2 Thunderbolt 3 enclosures on a similar display line. 

Can you run two monitors off 1 HDMI port? 

Sometimes the problem arises that you only have a single HDMI port on a computer, especially on a laptop, but you require two ports to connect two external monitors. In cases such as these, you can employ a ‘display splitter’ or ‘switch splitter’ to get two ports for HDMI.  

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Display ports are decreasing in new laptop models due to their thinner and more convenient sizes. Thankfully, the solution is present in daisy chains that can adapt to different monitor models and perform various functions.