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11 Vs 14 Inch Laptops (What’s The Difference Between Them?)

Gone are the days when small laptops, also called notebooks, offer less powerful specs than regular-sized ones.

Now, some of these cute laptops can even allow you to run heavy programs without affecting the computer's overall performance.

This is also why it isn't easy to choose which size you should get.  

But fret not! In this article, we will discuss the difference between an 11 vs. 14-inch laptop and which is best to use for specific tasks so you can easily choose one for your needs.  

If you're always on the go and don't enjoy bringing around large and heavy computers, 11-inch laptops can be a good option.

Before, these laptops often equated to slow computers that could only do simple tasks. But this isn't the case anymore.

While there are still some laptops that may look like a toy and perform like one, others are powerful enough to cater to some heavy-duty tasks.  

11 Inch Microsoft Laptop

But people who prefer this laptop often just choose it because of its compact and portable size, and not so much about its performance.

Also, some argue that the screen is too small, which can sometimes hamper their productivity.

But many 11-inch laptops are 2-in-1 computers, which allows you to use them as a tablet. So, if it doubles as a tablet, it makes sense for it to have a smaller screen for better use.  

In a nutshell, 11-inch laptops are mainly targeted at people who need compact and lightweight computers.

So, if you don't mind working on a small screen and don't really need a powerful computer, this size is definitely best for you.  

  • Portable and easy to travel with.  
  • Some can be turned into tablets.  
  • A good choice for kids.  
  • Lightweight. 
  • Limited options for specs. 
  • Some are not powerful. 

14-Inch Laptops (Why Is It A Good Laptop Size?) 

Are you looking for a mid-sized laptop? If so, a 14-inch laptop is an ideal choice.

This may just be an inch smaller than a 15-inch laptop, but it is better when it comes to overall design since standard keyboard sizes fit better here, leaving fewer dead spaces.

At the same time, the decrease in screen size doesn't affect the specs it can house, so you can find 14-inch laptops that are powerful enough to run programs that require more computing power.  

Using a 14-Inch Laptop

In addition, this laptop size is also more portable and compact than 15-inch laptops, which makes them perfect for people who travel but require powerful computers for their daily tasks.

You can also find a variety of 14-inch laptop options, making it easy to find the right specs that can handle your computing needs.  

So, if you need a laptop that's a little smaller than a 15-inch laptop but not as small as a 13-inch laptop, this is a perfect size.

You also have a lot to choose from, so you're not going to settle for whatever you can find.  

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  • Variety of options available.  
  • Compact and easy to carry. 
  • Can handle CPU-intensive tasks. 
  • Some have dedicated GPUs. 
  • Some are heavy. 

11 Vs. 14 Inch Laptop: Which Should You Choose? 

Portability & Ease To Carry 

Both 11 and 14-inch laptops are perfect choices when it comes to compactness and portability.

Moreover, with all the technological advancements available, you can even find some of these laptop sizes weighing below 1 kg. 

Isn't that good news? However, this may also mean they lack the specs you need to run heavy programs because the weight may be a trade-off.

But if portability is higher than performance on your list, it's not going to be a problem.  

But obviously, the winner between the two is the 11-inch laptops. Most of them are lightweight and easy to carry. Some may even feel like you're not carrying a laptop at all.  


Both laptops vary in price, but you can expect 11-inch laptops to be more affordable than 14-inch ones.

This is because 14-inch laptops often have more powerful specs than 11-inch ones, which adds more to their price tag.

You can also find 2-in-one computers, whether 11-inch or 14-inch, as more expensive than those that are just laptops.

So, if you're on a budget and don't need powerful specs for your computer, an 11-inch is a better option.  


When it comes to specifications, you can expect some 14-inch laptops to have high-end components.

Since they're closer to the standard laptop size, manufacturers can house powerful parts such as dedicated GPUs and fast processors.

Their size also allows them to have bigger batteries and better storage.  

On the other hand, 11-inch laptops may lack variety in specs.

Even though technological advancements have allowed manufacturers to give some smaller-sized laptops good components, they're still not enough to provide them with the opportunity to include powerful parts such as GPUs or bigger batteries.

However, you can still see some that have good processors. Hopefully, we can see better specs on smaller laptops in the coming years.  

For Gaming 

Many computer games require powerful specs to get the most out of the experience. This means that for gaming you need to have a fast CPU, a dedicated GPU, and fast RAM. 

Thankfully, you can find 14-inch gaming laptops that will allow you to have the best gameplay.

These laptops let you run the most popular gaming titles with ease, and some can even provide you with longer battery life for an optimal experience.  

Unfortunately, there are limited 11-inch gaming laptops options available. And those that you can find are often made for just low to medium gaming.

So, demanding games like GTA V won't be played in this laptop size. However, if the games you play don't require you to have powerful specs, 11-inch laptops can surely handle them.  

For Video & Photo Editing 

Video and photo editing software are usually heavy programs that require powerful specs.

Although some can run on low-end components, it may be challenging for the user to be productive on those devices.

At the same time, you need a bigger screen to see all the minute details of the video or photo you're editing, and a small screen can be a hindrance.  

With this in mind, you need something powerful to give a better display. That's why 14 or more inch laptops are better suited for photo editing than 11-inch laptops. 

But some may argue that it still isn't enough, and it's always best to get a desktop with a bigger monitor instead.

But if you're always on the go and need something to work on whenever you travel, 14-inch laptops may be a good option.  

For Graphic Design 

Like video and photo editing, graphic design programs are also demanding.

While there are web-based graphic design apps that don't need much computing power, most professional designers rely on computer design programs, which require them to have good GPU and CPU. You'll also need an excellent display to create better output.  

So, 14-inch laptops are better choices than 11-inch ones.

Not only that, they have a bigger screen, and some also house powerful components that allow you to run heavy programs with ease.

But if you're a designer who works with web-based design apps, 11-inch laptops can be a good option since they don't require much computing power.  

For Office Work 

Unlike designing and editing, most office tasks don't require much computing power, like typing and researching. That's why both 11-inch and 14-inch laptops are great options if you just need a laptop for running word processing programs.  

But if you travel a lot with your laptop, an 11-inch laptop is a better choice because of its portability and compactness.

A 14-inch laptop can also be portable, but some people can find its size a bit bigger when you carry it around with you.  

But if you don't need to bring your computer elsewhere, a 14-inch should be enough.

It has more screen space and better specs, so if you do other tasks such as gaming in your downtime, you don't need to switch devices.  

Two Silver Laptops

For School/Students 

The best laptop for students depends on what kind of school work they have.

If they only need a computer for research and other paperwork, both 11-inch and 14-inch laptops are good choices.

They are both compact and lightweight, which can be easily carried anywhere they go.  

But if you need something more convenient to use, a 2-in 1 11-inch laptop may be better.

Since it doubles as a tablet, you can easily take notes during classes (if your school allows devices), and it's also more portable to carry.  

However, if you work with heavy programs, a 14-inch laptop is more ideal since it can house better components.

So, before deciding which laptop to buy, list down all the tasks you do for school and check which laptop is more suitable for them.  

For Children 

If you're looking for the most suitable laptop for your kids, an 11-inch laptop is something that you should consider over a 14-inch laptop.

Apart from being smaller and suited for their size, it's also more affordable and won't break your bank.

There's also a 2-in-1 11-inch laptop better for children since keyboards can be more challenging for them to use.

Lastly, they also don't need something that has powerful specs, and as long as they can play games on them, they can enjoy the device.  

For Your Eyes

Are you looking for a laptop that's easy on your eyes? Both 11-inch and 14-inch laptops are good choices, especially when viewed at the correct distance.

However, some people say that 11-inch laptops can strain your eyes because of how small the screen is. But you can always adjust the size of your display to suit your eye needs.  

Frequently Asked 11 Vs 14 Inch Laptop Questions 

Is 11 inches too small for a laptop? 

It depends on how you plan to use it. If you're looking for a laptop for traveling, this isn't too small for a laptop.

But if you are going to use it for photo or video editing, 11 inch, and even 13 inch laptops are probably too small 

Is 14 inches too big for a laptop? 

No, it isn't. This is considered a mid-sized laptop as the standard laptop size is 15-inch.  

Is a 14-inch laptop good enough for CAD, analysis, and programming? 

Screen size doesn't matter for CAD, analysis, and programming. What's important is that it has a powerful CPU and GPU to allow you to run your programs.  


Remember, there are many factors you need to consider before choosing the most suitable size of a laptop.

So, list down all the things you want to get from your computer and check this article to see which one answers your needs.

Hopefully, this guide can help you decide between an 11-inch vs. 14-inch laptop easier!